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Distorting Israel’s Wars
On the World

 By Jim Kirwan


Some parts of nature cannot be twisted beyond recognition

Just because warmongers

Have decided that they alone must own the planet.

James Morris 2min 05sec: “I think it’s just hypocritical with Benjamin Netanyahu pushing for harsher sanctions against Iran when ~ Iran is a signatory of the NPT treaty and Israel is not, with its 200 to 400 weapons that we know about from the brave Israeli… Vanunu that is still held in Israel under harsh conditions for like decades ­ and American media never talks about that either.

One thing also that you have to look at - is look at how Israel got its’ nuclear weapons. Nuclear smuggling which Netanyahu got, from what I’ve read, was associated within the US… Nuclear facilities in Pennsylvania. That’s how Israel developed its nuclear-facilities at Dimona…

What you really have to look at here is Iran has been sincere and diligent at trying to make peace talks with the nuclear program, at Geneva, which is upcoming. They are willing to not-enrich at the twenty percent level, which you need for nuclear weapons. And they’re willing to ‘enrich’ at five percent. They’re willing to also open up their facilities to U.N. inspection: We don’t see Israel willing to do that at Dimona.

The last US president that tried to curtail Israel with that was President John F. Kennedy and he was later assassinated. I think what you really have to look at here though, is the main agenda for Israel is not limiting the nuclear weapons that Iran has. Obviously we know there’s no credible evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapon. The main agenda here is regime-change.

And that’s going back to the strategy for Israel in the 1980’s, by Israeli Likudnik Odid Yanon which the neo-conservative upper-echelon of Israel have put into play for Iraq and Syria and Iran.

And the Saudi’s don’t even know this ­ they’re on the agenda of Odid Yanon as well. (4min 08 sec)”

4min 40sec: “What’s very concerning to me is you have the Transatlantic Institute which is the Israel-lobby for the European Union ­ and they’re putting a lot of pressure upon the European Union to pursue harsher sanctions. You’ve got the Conservative Friends of Israel and the Labor Friends of Israel which are the Israel-lobby in the UK which are pushing for that… So they’re putting a lot of pressure on the Tories there or the Coalition… and you also have Prime Minister Cameron. And you also have AIPAC the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in America along with the neo-conservatives pushing for harsher sanctions.

Let me close with this: That if Obama is reluctant and does not go along with harsher-sanctions: Israel could possibly initiate an attack upon Iran. And AIPAC, American Public Affairs Committee, the Israel lobby in America, already has the Israeli-occupied Senate, with a resolution that was written by AIPAC, to help defend Israel if they get into a war with Iran. You can go to my website, blog for more on this. It’s very concerning…” (1)

Israel has been playing the world since 1945, like a cheap guitar. They began by installing Holocaust memorials in countries around the world: Followed by Israel-friendly organizations and committees to quietly influence and later to take over the foreign policies of many nations. We see this criminal-activity in the European Union, Britain and the US most prominently.

What the world has failed to notice, until quite recently, is that these illegal Israeli organizations have taken over the Foreign Policies of nation-stats that have nothing to do with Israel; such as the USA. These artificial and financial cancers upon so many nations have become deadly parasites. If not removed this will quickly kill their host countries and turn national interests into slave-states controlled behind the scenes by that filthy disease calling itself Israel. In reality that unfinished place is just the illegally-occupied, permanently-tortured, captive state of Palestine.

Netanyahu is the perfect leader for these pathologically-criminal minds who seek to dominate the world. Some of their achievements to date include: Leading the world in stolen and illegally-sold human body-parts, international leadership in pornography and pedophilia, along with the global-sex-trade. They also just happen to lead the illegal-drug world from their stolen land in Palestine. Israel contributes ‘zip’ to the international community of nations, unless you count its stasis as a leader in Apartheid polices racial hatred and religious bias.

Psychologically Israel has introduced to the world an entirely unique stigma: Many Israeli’s believe that they and they alone are “the chosen people: But were they really chosen to lead the planet in rape, torture, extortion, blackmail and murder too? Israel owns America. We must create and implement a permanent DIVORCE

Amerikans have their “Amerikan Exceptionalism”, and that’s always worked well with Israel’s “Chosen People” concept.

What is slightly confusing is that since the principles of Zionism pre-date the “Discovery of America” -Did Israel copy the 400 year-long Amerikan-inspired war against our native-population ­ by torturing starving and slaughtering their captured Palestinians?

Or - Did we copy the Zionists when we declared “Manifest Destiny” in a variation on the biblical Israeli concept of “The Chosen People”?

We may never know…

What is clear is that the world will be much better off without any remaining shred of Israel ­ anywhere on this or any other planet.

If only we could just “Make it So”!

1) Netanyahu: Many countries waiting to get rid of sanctions against Iran

5min 57sec VIDEO




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