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Displaced Persons


By Jim Kirwan


Refugees & Migrants of today are global DP’s

Fleeing from criminally created wars that have turned millions into globally Displaced Persons ­ they are not migrants or refugees,

They are clearly victims of privatized global slaughter.

If the media of the world would use real terminology then maybe we could all begin to put this problem into perspective?

The media worldwide is to blame

For their failure to call these continuing crimes what they are.

When ‘the world’ supposedly last went to war, there was no doubt as to what the people fleeing that war were all about, in every nation where that war had gone: Whereas today, none of these Regime Changes have been clarified for the literal WARS they all have been.

And the corrupted ‘global-media’ is directly responsible for the current crisis ­ worldwide.

After the Second World War ended, the surviving nations were all faced with rebuilding the damages and restructuring the places where whole societies had existed. In that process the ‘DP’s’ had to be dealt with and repatriated back into the nations they had been evicted from by the wars.

Yet none of the currently raging wars are acknowledged, as all of them have been illegal and barbarous actions that were taken in pursuit of the global-rape and plunder that continues amid the scorched-earth ruins of NATO and the UN, in support of Israel and US Inc. directives. This is what is meant by the term “Regime Change” and its goal is nothing less than the total-destruction of 95% of the current global population. That’s why nothing is being done to help any of the survivors, regardless of which war-torn hell they might be running from.

Europe is not-dealing with tens of thousands of ‘refugees’

While America is not-dealing with over 50 MILLION illegal immigrants

Yet the global-attacks on defenseless people continues…

In the United States the number of ‘illegal- immigrants’ has passed 50 million, yet neither ‘the middle-middle’ nor the filthy-rich have bothered to notice because, in what’s left of their brains, the situation will not affect them except in the positive of cheaper labor and in more dissention in the public, which will allow them to keep the status quo in place. Except that there will be consequences that will, in the end, begin to target those same groups that have encouraged this totally illegal invasion, for the last 35 years.

If NATO & USI were to spend the money they are devoting to their fake-war-games to threaten Russia, on services and facilities for the ‘displaced’ ­ then the situation might have enough breathing room to begin some workable policies: Except that the whole point of all these wars has never been to accomplish anything that would improve the human-condition: Indeed the whole point is the extermination of humanity, not the recovery of any of the victims of the same wars that NATO, the UN and USI have been waging against the planet.

All the hand-wringing and the phony ‘aid-organizations’ around the world are finally being seen for what they’ve always been ­ that massive international fraud that pretends to do anything about the murder of humanity from Ukraine and Bosnia all the way back through the Middle-East to Africa—which by the way will very soon include Amerikans in America, because hundreds of millions of Americans are about to be without homes or services themselves. This will be part of the global-collapse that will mark the end of all the colonial-empires and their pretense to their toothless global-power. It’s ‘toothless’ because they will never be able to achieve “Full Spectrum Dominance” no matter how many freedoms or rights they continue to try to steal.

Look at the global-record: Every Empire has gone down in flames, every tyrant has met his inevitable and bloody ending, and yet this particular tyranny actually believes that they and they alone will succeed where all of human history has recorded nothing but colossal failures in any part of the past that anyone might want to explore? So this fake-empire will soon be swallowed up by their own failures, just like all the rest have been, before them…

Today there’s ‘news’ that the global-media hasn’t bothered to tell the global-public about, because: Like Fukushima, the totality of this ‘news’ might bring far more harm to the planet than the fake-powers can deal with. It seems the Arctic Ice is disappearing, thanks largely to the commercial disregard for nature ­ worldwide.

Beginning about 8min into the video:

Over the last forty years the amount of ice covering the arctic region has dropped by a staggering 65%...”

This fact has finally made it into the global spotlight ­ despite the threat it poses for a great portion of the world’s low lying lands? The story is not about the ecological threat to the planet, it’s about the race that’s going on to use the now exposed arctic lands for new oil drilling among other things ­ which is what sponsored Obamanation to go to Alaska, to proclaim America’s interests, despite the fact that only Russia has the number of icebreakers needed to reach all the claims by a wide margin.

Meanwhile no one seems interested in the possible contamination flowing from Fukushima, into the possibly resource-rich sites over which the world is about to undergo yet another series of corporate battles that will no doubt leave the Arctic as another version of BP’s destruction of the Gulf of Mexico—because it’s clear, no corporation or oversight committee will actually monitor the obscenities that will be committed to steal the most ‘oil’ from this newly discovered ‘find”, until long after the next major disaster, but this time since it will be in the Arctic, that will finish off the planet.

Deepwater Horizon Capturing the Planet

On top of not needing the oil, as there is currently a global-glut that will no doubt continue because there is no demand, due to the fact that people are too broke to have the kind of needs which the artificial surpluses of oil were created to fill. Besides the Golden-Goose of actual commerce was murdered a few decades back and its replacement has done nothing but to make everything worse because the world will not talk about the reality of the wars or the crimes being committed universally now.

But the real threat in the Arctic now comes from the massive nuclear contamination which the world refuses to track; but which nonetheless is still pouring into the oceans from Japan, which will no doubt become part of those waters that will reach the newly exposed lands in the Arctic, on top of the potential for a major oil-spill that no oil company will ever pay to clean up…

In brief the world is about to become occupied by Displaced Persons from the world over, yet still the global-media refuses to even bring up that topic, now that it’s clear that none of the ‘wars’ over the last fifteen years, anywhere on this planet were ever “legal”.

As long as the people of the planet continue to tolerate these privatized outlaws, to do whatever they want ­ wherever they decide that they have a right to rape & plunder, then the condition of the earth will continue the current collapse.

It seems that because the media refuses to call this crisis what it is; the world remains powerless. Of course the reason that the term “DP” is never used is that it would point out that all these ‘wars’ are totally illegal because none of them were ever legally declared in the first place—and if that happened then those who launched these criminal acts might be charged with global-war-crimes against humanity ­ eventually!


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