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Dispelling The Myths

By Jim Kirwan

There’s a huge myth in the United States that America is at war with street gangs, thugs and drug dealers which requires this kind of combat oriented firepower—supposedly to “Keep Americans Safe”.

To that end this government has purchased billions upon billions of rounds of hollow-point bullets, given to the private US armed force that is imposing martial law upon this nation one city at a time.

In addition to the ammunition the police are being armed, along with DHS, ICE, DEA and every other domestic agency as if there is a war in progress that “threatens” the life of every man woman and child in America. That’s a LIE!

The only real threat to every man, woman and child in America is coming directly from this government and all of its criminally employed mercenaries. The image above is from the illegally formed force being employed against the people of Ferguson Missouri, to put down an insurrection which this government continues to cause by shooting unarmed poor and black people in numbers, on a routine basis. There are also snipers, and fully armed street thugs, trained in Israel to be “Amerikan Police” as if this entire nation is filled with nothing but “Enemies of the State”!


There is no insurrection coming from street thugs, gangs, drug-dealers or government terrorists: There is only the totally out-of-control and fully armed mercenary forces that are hostile to every US citizen.

In the past fifteen years there have been exactly ZERO confrontations that took place between “outgunned law enforcement types” and out of control gangs of any type: Yet the military armaments continue to poor into police agencies all over the USA. The vast majority of murders that have taken place here came from the military weapons, most of them illegal, that are being used by government forces against the public—each and every day.

The truth is that there are areas in every major metropolitan city where the “cops” will not go today because they will be killed and they know it.

That’s why they don’t engage the people they say they’ve been armed to confront—it’s much easier to rape, torture and murder ordinary unarmed citizens ­ than it would be to do the job they say they have been trained for. And yet there has been none of the so-called “threats”, in evidence, anywhere in the nation that has seen any kind of confrontation which was ever answered by the so-called “police”!

The result of all these very public lies must be publicly answered NOW!

All those bullet-proof armored vests and gear will never protect these cowards that refuse to do their jobs of protecting the public: The tanks, drones, heavy machine guns, sniper rifles and the missiles are not needed to quell the public’s rights to question these barbarians, the same criminals who routinely brutalize and assault the public before killing far too many of us—with no consequences whatsoever for their out of control behavior. What the public needs is a literal army to protect us from the government’s hired mercenaries in every county, state or city in this country.

Since the government will never allow that, it will soon be up to the public to defend themselves with the over 500 million weapons that the people here still own.

The entire situation in Ferguson and elsewhere could have been “managed’ if the United States even had a Department of Justice anymore. But we don’t.

Eric Holder, the current AG has been selling guns to the same drug-dealers his department is supposed to find and apprehend. The traitor in the white house has committed high-treason on a daily basis because he and the congress and the US courts are actually working for Israel and against the people of the United States every day and in every way that matters around the world.

The consequence of the wholesale sell-out of this nation to the enemies of the United States is why we no longer have any laws to look to, regardless of the crimes committed against millions of Americans each and every year.

This government has armed the gangs, the drug-dealers, and the thugs in order to terrify the people of things that only this government could have done to us in every one of the fifty states simultaneously…

So either this government arrests and prosecutes, in open court, the piece of slime that killed Michael Brown, for murder and his department, or the public outrage around the nation will grow to an unmanageable level. It is not sufficient to try, or fail to try, the murderer in social media—that’s why we used to have “the courts”.

As for the trash that are wearing police uniforms today, it’s way past time for the public to go hunting for each and every one of them that have murdered members of the public without any charges ever filed against any of them over the past ten years.

There is no statute of limitations on murder!

Every one of them lives somewhere. They have to shop for groceries, buy gasoline and they occasionally must appear as civilians in the herd wherever it is that they are currently living. These creatures have made it their business to terrorize the public each and every day. Now it’s out turn to return the favor: Not just to the filthy cops but to the twisted judges that protect them and the sold-out politicians that created this situation as well as all those hyphenated Israeli’s that designed the entire nightmare which we’re now living in.

None of those creatures are bulletproof. None of them are above the natural laws of nature that require that what they’ve already done must now be paid for. And thanks to their continuing ferocity against the public, we cannot forget what they’ve done all too often, to all too many individuals: Just because they can!

The public has been way too slow to awaken, but that moment is getting nearer by the second. The day is almost here when the public will take back all that illegally handed out military hardware and all those US weapons of war - to the same people that want to enslave us: Once this war begins, all that gear and all that ammo will be taken from the mercenaries and then we’ll see who’s bulletproof and who’s not; when the streets and buildings in every city begin to resemble Lugansk in Ukraine or Gaza in Palestine—because that’s where this is all headed now, here in the once sacrosanct USA…

The entire world is awash with murder, beheadings, crucifixions, torture and murder on a wholesale basis now. All of that stems from the lawless nature of the world today—which was reintroduced by the United States when it became totally lawless back in December of 2000—and everything from that day to this has only deepened the spread of criminality around the globe.

Nothing can survive for very long when everything depends not on trust any longer, but on a steady and unvarying diet of lies, treachery, arrogance, deception and fear. That’s what the world has devolved into and that is why the public must go hunting for those who have kept the lies alive… here in this heart-of-darkness that once held such promise for the rest of the world to emulate.

If we expect to stop any of the nightmares worldwide, then it has to start by cleaning up the evil that is being bred right here, right now…

But we have to ‘act’ if anything is ever going to change!

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