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Demystifying Recent History

By Jim Kirwan

We don’t have to go back any further than the last 100 years

To resurrect RESPONSIBILITY and FREE this nation!

But coming as this does, at such a late date,

This ‘feat’ will be more like completing

One of the Labors of Hercules,

If we can actually do it!

There’s a 2010 documentary called “Inside Job” which tells the whole ugly story of exactly how the entire government got behind the massive thefts which led to The Greatest Wealth Transfer in History and all of it is traceable to just a few of the original-traitors—who are still with us and still raping us for Trillions—and that’s just for starters.

Ronald Reagan kicked it all off when he began selling “GREED IS GOOD”, right alongside becoming the undisputed King of Corruption & Death Squads along with running illegal drugs & guns to bolster the coffers of black-ops and the PRIVATIZATION of EVERYTHING, in Jewmerica.

Clinton finished us off when he personally fast-tracked all the illegal Trade-Agreements that ended our jobs, our freedom and our way of life. But most of all it was his murder of Glass-Stiegel that ended all that was left of any actual RESPONSIBILITY in Amerika or Amerikan-business.

It turns out the same players that brought us the first BAIL-OUTS in 2008, are still around and still slashing American jobs, the entire American Stock Market and the International Banks that ultimately profit beyond anything the world could ever have dreamed up ­ before these traitors went to work inside their ever-shifting round-robin to kill us all. Nero has kept them all around, updated to this final round of rape, pillage and plunder right up to this moment: Despite their Billions sometimes Trillions, which are NEVER ENOUGH!

They have stolen all they have by outlawing


For so much “more” in their shadow-world

Of multi-national corporate businesses worldwide!

All this began when the Constitution was violated in 1913, that established the Federal Reserve Bank, (The private Rothschilds Global-Bank) one-hundred years ago this December 24th.

Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner, Summers and a whole host of Zionist in-fighters that have occupied positions from the FED to the Treasury to the White House ~ All of it is and was meant to slay any and all “responsibility” for any of the criminal schemes that were created to finish off this nation as their way to CELEBRATE the One-Hundredth ANNIVERSARY of their Original Crime. That was the creation of the Federal Reserve which was created to ILLEGALLY print US Money, at interest, which is what has totally imprisoned all of us.

The one-hundred and eight minute film: “Inside Job” interviews many of those who were pivotal in creating the scope and scale of this international crime. Most of them are basically nothing-creatures who have simply used and abused the entire system through global-markets to undercut the entire global financial world—and now they’ve almost finished what they set out to do.

Most of these creatures have private jets, one has a dozen planes. Most have luxury town-homes, mansions in foreign lands, along with every supposedly worth-while “investment” that any one of them might be able to buy. Oh! And during the bail-outs and the massive financial-failures these are the creatures that kept on getting fabulous bonuses for driving the companies they headed, right into the ground.

They lecture the rest of us for fabulous sums about how to do things in this pre-Apocalyptic world and laugh all the way to their private banks about our problems. They have even gone so far as to infect formal-Education and the larger society, with the idea, that the one thing to be avoided in all of business and in life is “REGULTATIONS of any kind!

Greed & Gluttony are the only real measures by which any business should ever be governed - because if regulations of anything are allowed to regulate any business: Then the astronomically-high, nearly immeasurable criminal-profits would no longer be possible to achieve? Before the crime of the creation of the FED, the old United States enjoyed the most profitable profits that we’ve ever had—before there were taxes or fake money.

So why would Americans want to go back to that time before TAXES, before TRAITORS ran this country, to a time when the people of this country thought for themselves and when government was just a caretaker, and not the self-declared POLICE-STATE we’ve become?

These Troglodytes need to be stripped of all their assets, under RICO, and all their off-shore “investments” need to be seized if we want to put an end to these evil-bastards.

It is clear, from watching the film, that these peons with egos the size of the Empire State actually believe they will be personally safe inside their towers of steel & glass or in their gated citadels of luxury—but it is also clear they have no idea how quickly it is already crumbling. The world as they know it is shutting down. What they have now could feed thousands of people for quite a few weeks, after the food and water for the rest of us disappears: Their supposedly safe-havens are being targeted and they will become tremendous magnets for the mobs that will not stop until there will be nothing left for anyone to eat or drink or seize…

To stop this now would be to end the threats of Netanyahu forever. It’s interesting that Israel has had real problems with their own supposed “history”. Their solution to that problem has been to “CANCEL HISTORY” and lie about everything that led up to their becoming the shitty-little-outlaw-state they are today. (1)

We” for our part in this masquerade have refused to KNOW what’s really been going on because too many of us still want to find ways to share in the loot from all this criminality, even at this late-hour!

USI is beyond DEAD-BROKE,

We are militarily, economically and socially dead meat

Just waiting for the Vultures to descend

Upon us!

Yet despite all that, this country carries on as if we can still do whatever we want to do—when the record of our history from just after WWII is nothing but an abomination of failures and total corruptions at every turn. It’s so bad that we have become nothing but a joke to the rest of the world, because we still claim our rights under “Manifest Destiny” and “American Exceptionalism” (Our version of Israel’s “Chosen People” fantasy) ­ nothing could be further from the truth… (2)

If this place refuses to act on their own behalf, then we shall deserve whatever might be coming next: But if we choose to stand and fight them then we could go after the still blatant-outlaws that brought us here: Then we’d have a country worth fighting to reclaim…

Burn down the Federal Reserve before the 24th of December. End this nightmare and then we can take back this country…

1) Israel Cancels History,

2) We’ve Already Won!





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