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The Devil’s In The Detail - Part A

By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone MD
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It

Are you surprised by the adverse changes occurring in the world? Why should you be? I have told you this is a DEMONIC WORLD, run by Evil, with Evil, for Evil. If you are not evil, you are in danger of being a casualty in the Process of Exposure and Correction that is now occurring.

The Process of change is one of exposure of the Demonic System  of this Planet (and the entire Universe).

The exposure we are now witnessing, and which is causing us to suffer so much, is a necessary step to allow those not evil, and those of Evil, to see exactly what this level is ­ a stratum of Hell.
The exposure, of necessity, will lead to Terminal Fragmentation and Terminal Madness of the majority, as we are now witnessing.
Not one being will be allowed to escape the conclusion that things are bad and getting worse; that this System in which we live, in which some of us are trapped, is putrid and cannot, will not, continue.
The conclusion is that this vile system must be eliminated as quickly and as expeditiously as possible.
A major step for the Terminal Fragmentation of this Earth is the looming Nuclear War. I predicted such a war would occur in 2007. It did not. As we are in 7 year cycles, the chances are it will manifest this year. Events in Syria, Iran, Crimea and the Ukraine are leading towards this war.
What will happen if this Nuclear War does not precipitate this year?
We may have to wait as long as 2021 for conditions to come to fruition and precipitate the War.
I have explained elsewhere that the outer limit for existence of this World is 2035.
My Team and I have agreed that Earth will NOT be allowed to continue beyond 2035.
When Nuclear War does occur, it will be horrendous. One third to one half of the Earth’s human population will perish within a short time. Within 2 years, all humans will be physically dead. This period may extend to 2.5 to 3 years.
Thus if the Nuclear War starts this year, there is a very good chance Earth will be gone by November 2016 as I revealed in an earlier essay.
If the War is delayed until the next 7 year cycle, it will commence about 2021 and Earth’s end will be approximately in 2024.
If it does not eventuate in that cycle, there may be a delay to 2031 and the End will be somewhere in 2034-35.
This body I am using needs to be here for the Final Day for reasons which I will not disclose just yet. I am 70 years old. I cannot see this body lasting beyond 2035 when it will be 91.
The Terminal Madness I predicted long ago is inevitable for unprotected minds as more astute ones can now clearly see. The Madness will affect all levels of Consciousness, not just Human levels. Thus, the Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms will demonstrate such Madness. Rogue heavenly bodies which no longer obey what we thought were Laws of Physics are an example of such Madness.   
The Madness can only be escaped by having a valid contact with the Supra-Mental Plane. To have such a connection, the Consciousness concerned needs to be a viable one which can make a connection to the Numinous. Thus, as a logical result. non-Viables on every level of Consciousness will manifest INSANITY.
We are now witnessing such Madness in Governments around the World, in Judicial Systems which, as you will have noted, have become Injustice Systems, in Religions which are now manifesting overt Bigotry, in the Monetary Systems of Earth whose greed is destroying one and all, in the erratic Climate, in Animals, etc., etc.
I had previously revealed to you that Light would be withdrawn from this level. We are steeped in Darkness. Injustices and Iniquities are manifested without challenge. That is so all can see the true essence of this plane. That Essence is Evil
The Light has been actively withdrawn from this dimension so that Evil could not only clearly manifest without challenge, but also so that it could self-destruct without opposition.
This means that we, caught in this cauldron of Evil, will not only witness this Terminal Decay, but also suffer the consequences on the physical plane as it putrefies.
Thus it follows that SUFFERING is unavoidable. If one has understood the Process of Termination we are in, the suffering will be seen as an inevitable step of destroying the Prison we are in, so that we may be liberated.
Those who have this understanding will tolerate the inevitable suffering and focus on the outcome, which will be a glorious future in an evil0-free zone.
Those who have no such realization will languish in the Gloom and Doom of Morbid Fear. For them there will be no peace of mind. They indeed will envy the dead whom they think have escaped this Hell.
Now you see why my Message to awaken those who were to be awakened was, and is, so important. The Message is to PREPARE Viable for the Final Step in the Liberation Process. It facilitates connection to the Supra-Mental Plane. It is an essential step in Spiritual Survival.
The Process affecting this Plane, and all of us who are in it, is unstoppable. The doomed ones are programmed to self-destruct. They are finished. There is no way the Process that will destroy them can be stopped. This goes for Evil Aliens who hover around us also.
As I just wrote, Viables will suffer along with the doomed ones in the physical, for they will be affected by all the factors of deterioration, but having the insight of what it all means, Viables shall be able to project beyond the Physical Suffering, beyond the Mental Anguish and Insanity and focus on the Light at the End of the Tunnel.
Without such realizations, all beings will go insane. And that explains the explosive increase in Mental Illness: Psychoses, Demonic Possession and resultant exponential Suicides in this Endtime.
As the Fragmentation accelerates, do not be caught in the detail of the putrefaction. The devil is in the detail and you could become distracted. Remain focused on the general picture of what is occurring, why it is occurring and what the end result shall be.
I have explained elsewhere that some 650 million consciousnesses in human bodies have been classified as Viable. In other words, such a number, about 9% of the world’s population, is to continue its spiritual journey and evolution elsewhere once Earth and this Physical Universe are totally destroyed.
To many of us, surrounded as we are by more and more putrid Evil, the number seems excessive. Some days, one would think the number is 650, not 650 million!
The Suffering we have to bear is all an Illusion. We shall not remember any of it once we are out of this dimension. Do not focus on it. Focus instead on the Beauty, Joy and Peace you find in your head, supplied to you by your Connection to the Numinous. Those who do not have that Connection can only focus on their terminating suffering.
Learn to make that Inner Connection, regardless of your external circumstances. Make that connection to your Higher Self, to your Light Within, to your pathway to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is possible. It is essential if you are going to maintain your sanity.
The Connection will minimize your pain, sorrow and misery and dispel DESPAIR which you will see engulfing the failures.
At this stage of proceedings, there is no help in the external. My words and energy may assist you in making your Connection, but realize that apart from that, there is no Light out there. All you need is within you. My words, books, energy, are merely means of awakening that which is in you. If there is no Light within you, you are not a Viable. It is as simple as that.
As we all witness the deterioration, we are witnessing the Modus Operandi of Evil. We are left in no doubt that Evil has been the MO of our existence for a long, long time. It had been hidden from us by the fact that we had been Programmed, Polluted and Indoctrinated by the Illusion of Evil’s Virtual Reality. But now, that Evil entrapping Illusion is broken once and for all.
Every consciousness in this filthy imprisoning system which was created by Evil (known as the Celestial Error) must wilfully acknowledge that things cannot go on this way, that there is a need to stop this Madness and that True Justice must rule.
True Justice WILL rule.
That assertion is what terrifies the evil miscreants most of all!!
Copyright:   J Chiappalone, Doctor of Metaphysical Science
May 13, 2014


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