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The Devil’s In The Detail - Part B

By Dr Joseph Chiappalone MD
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It

Previously I mentioned this is a terminating fragmentation that we are undergoing on this Earth, and in this Universe, which will result in the total destruction of the Physical Dimension.

Believe it or not, but 94% of this Universe has already been corrected. It no longer exists. Earth is in the last 6% scheduled for total destruction.

What we are witnessing is not a cyclical death, and rebirth of species, as some scientists contend. This is the Final Process for the Total Destruction of the Planet.

How do I know that? Well, for that matter, how do I know the exact number of those to perish and of those to be rescued and to continue their spiritual evolution elsewhere?

I know because I am intimately involved with the Team doing the Rescue Work, as well as allowing the Terminal Destruction of this Evil Empire.

As I mentioned in Part A, pain, suffering and misery are an inevitable part of our lot while the Process of fragmentation continues. The only way you can minimize this unavoidable suffering is to connect your lower mind to your Higher Mind, and the Light, within you.

This Connection to the Supra-Mental Plane is essential for all Viables, for all survivors of this Correction. It had been predicted to occur by such Avatars as Frederick Nietzsche and Shri Aurobindo. It does not matter that you do not know this detail or the fact that they are lives of the Consciousness that previously had manifested many times, including as Jesus of Nazareth. BTW, Higher Consciousness can and does manifest in multiple bodies simultaneously as required.

It is essential in this Endtime that you learn to control your emotions just as the Buddha advised us to do some 2500 years ago. He too was the Consciousness of Jesus in a previous incarnation. Now do you see the ridiculousness of religions feuding?

Emotional Exploitation in this evil System drains us of vital Energy which the Evil System uses to run its Empire and create further traps for Beings of Light. Not all beings in this Evil System are Beings of Light. In fact, the majority are evil as I have revealed many times before.

Indeed, today on Earth, the majority are beings of Darkness. Some 34% are Demonic entities who will perish, as will another 57% of the Human population who are failed robotic consciousnesses. That leaves approximately 9% of robotic beings who are classed as Viable.

There are a few thousand True Beings of Light left on the planet. The bulk of them were evacuated, as I revealed in a previous essay, in November 1999. Since that time, the planet has been going precipitously downhill in all parameters we can measure, apart from Evil!

The 9% of the human population classed as fit to continue their evolution have had attachments added to their consciousness which allows them to exist outside of this Evil Empire in which they were artificially created. You do not need to know such detail to remain viable.

As revealed in Ancient Gnostic Texts, we are all to know who is who in the Endtime. Thus, in conformity with this prophecy, we shall all develop our psychic abilities to such an extent that we shall know who is viable and who is non-viable, who is demonic, who is a viable robot, who is a failed robot, who is a True Being of Light, etc. etc.   

Prepare yourselves now for the discovery of who is who in your life will not be a pleasant experience at all. Some may find their spouse, their parent or parents, their children, their other loved ones, etc., may be failures, may be demonic, robotic etc.

Learn to detach from all things of the Evil Empire. All aspects of this Evil Universe have absolutely no place in our existence outside of it!

The suffering of those we considered as being our brothers and sisters, the exposure of the suffering of the Animals, of Nature, etc., will not be pleasant. Do not focus on the Evil Tragedy. See each unit as being liberated to go to a better existence where no Evil exists.

Rejoice in the putrid death of the Physical. Such death was inevitable anyway. Witness what happens as the evil ‘cardboard box’ imprisoning the sacred consciousness being ripped asunder by an inevitable fragmenting process in order to allow that which is most precise to escape Evil’s prison.

Be ever mindful of the fact that NOTHING OF VALUE WILL BE LOST in this Process of elimination of Evil from our lives. Know and recall the fact that Evil will be eliminated forever.

If you remember nothing of value is lost, you cannot be sad at the destruction of the Evil which caused a;; our pain, suffering and misery.

Thus, if you imagine billions, both human and animal, burned to death by Nuclear weapons, recall that the physical bodies (the Cardboard Boxes, as I like to call them) only are being eradicated. That which is within, the precious spirit, is being liberated to exist for Eternity in an Evil-free zone. And that is reason to rejoice.

If it happens that the consciousness within some of the Cardboard Boxes was not viable, then you may still rejoice for such a consciousness had no place in the True existence of Light Particles. It was part of the Darkness and it was meant to perish with the Darkness, for it was an enemy of Light, part of the apparatus that was attempting to destroy you, a Viable, and all Units of Light!

As I mentioned previously, some scientists are trying to allay the fear in people by describing the Fragmentation that is occurring as a cyclical event in the natural history of the planet. That is not so.

There is no Scientific Explanatory for what is happening to all levels of Consciousness on Earth and in this doomed Universe. The true explanation is metaphysical and spiritual.

What is occurring is explained by the Eschatological Doctrine of the Ancient Gnostic Wisdom.

From my book Making Sense of the Madness, Vol. 1: And so it was that many times the Sons of Light and the special creators sent representatives to arouse awareness in the True Beings. They reminded them of what had happened to this dimension and that a Rescue Mission was on the way. But because of the evil conditions that existed, their messages were pounced upon by those of evil and distorted so that their true meaning was eventually forgotten or buried. The Gnostic Ancient Wisdom contains the True Message. The representatives in our era of recorded history include such beings as Rama, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Manichaeus, Haidakhan Babaji, the real Sai Baba, etc..

It is only now with total destruction of evil everywhere on other levels, that finally the eradication of evil on this level can be performed. This will be achieved by the descent of a New Clearing Energy onto the planet. Clearing of all consciousnesses out of the planet is not an option. It is obligatory. "Where does that leave those who claim they can make their bodies last forever?", you may well ask. They are just deluded fools!

One day, my Celestial Twin, Haidakhan Babaji and I were walking in a Rainforest in far North Queensland. He had dropped the physical shell he used in the Himalayas in 1984 and presented as a walk-in in Australia to work with me. He stopped and said to me “When you see the Blue Star, our work here will be all but done, and we shall return Home!”

The Blue Star has been seen in the skies. Even American Indian tribes have been awaiting its appearance.

Babaji is known, by a few in the West, and by many in the Hindu Tradition, as Lord Shiva, the Destroyer of Worlds.

Copyright:   J Chiappalone, Doctor of Metaphysical Science
May 14, 2014


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