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The Depth Of Corruption Worldwide

By Jim Kirwan

Beneath the Global Society

Top officials say the White House is behind their terrorism of the population and new evidence from 911 coming up”

12min 58sec VIDEO

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Before Its News”

Putin Threatens to Bust U.S. “9/11 inside Job’ Conspiracy With Facts and Figures

Someone had to do this, and apparently Russia is stepping up to do what too many Americans have not chosen to investigate for themselves. There were many voices here, since 911 who tried, but they have continued to be collectively blocked, too often to be effective. Perhaps this time the full story will finally get the air-time that’s required for the global public to clearly understand what’s always been “at stake”!

The root of this evil depends upon the credibility of the evidence, in so many of the component parts of this story of blackmail, treason and international intrigue—but at last it can all be assembled from its component parts to show the world the truth behind one of the most obscene crimes against the public of the United States and the people of the world at large. Listen to the tapes and follow up with your own research if you want to know the truth behind this continuing cover-up.


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