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By Jim Kirwan


Again & Again & Again


This is the side of “USSA” that is continuously being shown to the world. This is the view that has absolutely NO STANDING legally, morally or justifiably anywhere on the planet today. The duplicitous fact is what is at the core of the 'suddenly credible challenge' by Russia to everything the fake-West is claiming that they stand and have stood for ­ since they appointed themselves to lead the world.

After the end of WWII, the UN and their parrots set up the International Courts, supposedly to prevent the outbreak of a third world war. To that end the nations of the world 'signed-on' to the “authority” of their new Global Courts, so that the world could be run on a legal basis that would prevent the kind of lawless criminal controls which led to WWI & WWII.

The US and Israel however refused to sign on

to this global-system to resolve global disputes,

because they feared what would happen to their troops,

that have always acted illegally, since 1945:

Which is what has led this planet

to the brink of extinction.

The direct consequence of the 'lies' buried in “international law” is the direct cause of everything that has brought us to this obvious “Total Lack of Legal Standing” which USI & Israel are still trying to pretend they are immune to.

When any nation is 'attacked' ­ by either Israel or USI, the first consideration for any such action was supposed to be the legally-applicable status of the nation being attacked as well as the reasoning of the nation conducting the invasion.

The outcome of those questions was supposed to furnish the world with proof of the legitimacy of any attack, or sanction, that was ever imposed upon another state ­ but as we witnessed in the SANCTIONS that were demanded on Russia, the world does not follow international laws of any kind...

Proofs” are legally required for any attack to be “legal”.

It is not enough for the attacking nation to disapprove of the leadership

of another sovereign nation,

Evidence must exist and be clearly proven to the world,

Before any such attack can be carried out:

Yet neither Israel nor the U.S. Has ever bothered to provide

Any such information before they loose their

Dogs of War against anyone they choose to criminally slaughter.

Go back to Korea, Vietnam, Panama, and Chile, and everything that came after those crimes: Such as Kosovo or the entire quagmire brought to the world by GHW Bush and finished off horribly by Clinton. And be sure to keep a check on what the UN was doing all that time, especially under Clinton's multiple invasions of Haiti, and the multiple deportation's of Haiti's elected leader.

The 'little-blue-helmets' have always brought major global crime to every place they've 'occupied', in addition to raping, pillaging and murdering the people they were sent in to “protect”. The global outlaw “nations” have not explained any of their outlaw behavior: While at the same time no official action by any of the so-called “international-courts” has done anything to interrupt this global crime spree that is being led by USI & Israel.

No proofs were offered for the Attack on Afghanistan after 911, nor for the totally illegal attack on Iraq in 2003.

Conveniently none of the acts which preceded the Bush Jr. second attack on Iraq were ever mentioned: Such as the fact that Rumsfeld was the go-between with Saddam when he purchased WMD's for use against Iran, in the 7 years war in which the US was using Saddam to fight for us. That was not part of the other two illegal wars we had already launched against Iran that never attacked the United States. The third attack by the cowardly US was a war of massive-SANCTIONS that was designed to crush the people of Iran, in order to force a people-led “Regime Change” that did not happen.

So when the US decided to crush Iraq, Bush Senior mouse-trapped Saddam into attacking the fake-state of Kuwait, to give himself the excuse to attack Saddam, his former puppet leader and ally in Iraq. Again there was no evidence of any crime large enough to give Bush Sr. permission to attack Iraq, GWH simply had to silence Saddam, as the other end of his narcotics and gun running that he'd already silenced when he invaded Panama, murdered four and half thousand civilians, by burning them alive, in order to walk away with Noriega: All that remained of the GWH Bush crimes was known by Saddam, which is why Sadam had to go ­ proofs didn't matter, as usual and the deathly-blind American public did not even object. But “the Wimp” failed to get his target, so Junior got the job, in 2003.

Bush Senior was the former head of the CIA ­ yet no one objected to this creature becoming president, so that he could cover-up all his own filth when he was both VP and later as the head of CIA. And anything he missed was then destroyed by Bush Junior when he took over the Tarnished House illegally, as he had been appointed to do by the U.S. Supreme Court on 12-12-2000.

As a mater of fact no one has ever tried to explain why this nation has not dragged the entire Bush Clan into Court for TREASON, so that we could end this reign of Terror forever, by cutting off the heads of the creatures that have been running this place for over the last hundred years?

But to continue with the lies that produced all the Deja-Vu in the first place, we need only look at the Color-Revolutions created illegally by Soros in tandem with the New World Order, to get to their final chapter in the global-destruction of the Middle-East and the Muslim world in particular.

USI and the US taxpayers paid for all the destruction of state after state, under the bullet-riddled umbrella of “making the current world “safe for Freedom & Democracy”.

The lies that were told to initiate “the Arab-Spring”, made Wilson's “Keeping the World Safe for Freedom & Democracy” pale by comparison: Wilson was the same lizard-creature who, along with his corrupt congress let the Rothschilds' steal the US Treasury and gave us the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 ­ so history does repeat itself whenever we fail to end the global-criminality where it actually lives. Congratulations Amerika, at least you've been consistent over the102 years of homage to the Khazarian Mafia.

After the farce of the Color-Revolutions ended with new US puppets all round, everything in the global-criminal world began to get serious again. That time it was Gaddifi in Libya who “had to go”. Again absolutely zero proof of the charges made by his political enemies, just a global-drum-beat built solely on protracted lies and hatred of the man who was standing against the tyranny and the bullying of the USI & Israel: None of which was of course mentioned while the Illegal West & Israel concocted their “No Fly Zones” to enable the slaughter of the Libyan Air Force to defend their nation. After that globally visible-slaughter and the looting of Libya, the global-thugs and genocide-prone murderers began to feast their twisted visions on Syria to complete their totally illegal scorched earth policies throughout the Muslim world, by ending yet another secular state, (incidentally Iraq too was a secular state, under Saddam, not a Muslim state).

The illegal war on Syria's been going on for almost five years now, and it would've already been completed if Russia hadn't done what she did by coming to the aide of the people of Syria, to prevent the absolute destruction of than ancient nation in the Middle East...

Ironically throughout all of this: Isn't it strange that the most basic part of these attacks have never been stopped by any international-intervention from anyone that supposedly subscribed to the world of the International Criminal Courts? Where have the little-blue-helmets been? Safely not in the line of fire, because a real nation-state is standing up for Syria, with a real Navy and an Air Force that is well beyond the crippled US military's capacities to function.

While the current US was re-fighting a WWII reconstruction of wars against unarmed civilians, as in Gaza, the West Bank and now Jerusalem, along with Ukraine: the Russians have revised and rebuilt their entire defensive and offensive military armaments from the ground up with fourth and fifth generation weapons systems that make the US look exactly what they now are, a worn out ineffective and totally corrupted force that is more concerned with continuing to lie to the world than to ever do anything, to keep the planet from going over the edge into WWIII.

And don't forget the other hollow ghost, NATO, the force without a population to protect that's made up of nothing but mercenaries and blood-lust crazies who feed on fear and terror, but without the weapons they always need, they too amount to almost nothing...

So when you listen to the man in the pink-tie, Ashton Carter, try to explain

the Defense of the United States, you have to wonder how an quasi-educated bean-counter, with zero military experience ­ who has never worked a day in his pathetic life, could have anything to do with the real defense of a nation like what used to be called the United States?

Givensome of these explanations, it's really hard to understand how these criminals could have remained hidden for decades...

Syrian turning point

But then when you remember that Obama is not even an American and the Vice President has always been a screamingly ardent Zionist from the very beginning of his criminal career ­ it's easy to see just how it is that the Tarnished House has managed to get everything they're doing so very, very wrong on every count.

The reason that all these total failures are still occupying the Administration, and the entire government, is because the public has been even more pathetic than even they have been, right up until this moment...

How in hell could the public put up with so many public traitors and acts of treason as what has been continually brought to all of us by McCain, Obama, Cheney, the entire Bush and Clinton Clans ­ and yet this public is treating the next selection as if it's real when the candidates from both parties, except perhaps for Trump, need to be sent to Gitmo, instead of being allowed to participate in the next national farce that has been discredited since long before we entered the new millennium...

Deja-Vu Indeed!

The US needs to 'Allow' these criminals to die by the hundreds,

maybe then we can talk about 'human-rights' freedom once again?



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