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Defiance & Submission

By Jim Kirwan


If Not Now, then WHEN?

So much of what’s been done to America and its people over the
last hundred years: It would take a month just to list it all.

What has not changed over the course of this ‘partial-history’ is the subservience of the population: No matter how criminal or how personally insulting each new crime becomes as it moves from the world of government-threats to illegal-aggression that ultimately leads directly to arrest, to torture, to imprisonment or death. Yet Amerikans still don’t care! If American’s cared then our “DEFIANCE” would be felt. Instead what any casual observer can easily see is that this national-SUBMISSION is preparing the path to unconditional-bondage: This is “indebted-servitude” or just plain SLAVERY!


The election of 2000 was stolen by the U.S. Supreme Court

The public did not flinch ­ nothing was done about it.

In February of 2001 Bush illegally began to spy on every

man woman and child in America

The public failed to react or even comment. The phone companies made fraudulent-billions

But the media never said a word about any of that.

911 Happened and 15 minutes into the hour and forty-five minute attack, the government began releasing

Their cover-story

Osama bin-Laden did it”!

Which the public swallowed hook-line & sinker!

To this day Obama & the Owners keep right on saying

The exact same things they did on 911

Even though it has been overwhelmingly proven

To be nothing but a pack of lies!

In 2002 Bush demanded & got his License to Kill

By 2003 we dumped Afghanistan & began his War on Iraq

WMD was the reason given & they did not exist

The public watched everything unfold, knew that it was all lies,

Yet no one demanded that we leave Iraq

Even long after the truth was revealed ­ worldwide!

The death toll, the casualties and the displaced figures rolled-in

The government kept the deaths of our forces


So as not to disturbed the public with the truth behind the wars.

The government & the media lied about the numbers

Slashing the real numbers by over two thirds

Of the actual number of dead & wounded

The public & the net took the government’s numbers

and never looked back.

The public totally forgot Poppy’s Iraq-War 1

That had continued from 1991 until Bush II in 2003.

We lost both Iraq-wars & Afghanistan

The public never questioned anything that happened

We’ moved-on to expand the wars

The prisoner’s taken, the torture & the slaughter

Throughout the Middle-East & Africa

Yet there was no rage or outrage, there was only

Silent-submission to criminal war-crimes wherever “we” went.


Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans in 2005

Hurricane Andrew that killed over 5,700 people during Clinton

Was totally forgotten & was never investigated

During Katrina FEMA made an appearance

Confiscated our guns

But FEMA provided no physical-help of any kind.

Survivors were locked in the Superdome where many died

There was no formal assessment afterward.

Americans watched TV but took the crimes being committed against the public without complaint.

The Mossad agent Michael Chertoff was in-change then.

DHS became a factor in national life

No one noticed that there were no actual reasons given

For the existence of either FEMA or DHS.

There was no terrorist activity

But Amerikans did whatever they were told

We were groped, sexually assaulted, and insulted

Every time anyone tried to take a plane.

Now there are no longer any laws at all to protect the public

From the government!

Despite the fact that we have a Constitution just to protect the public from a hostile and illegal-government.

The above was just part of the prologue. What came next were the deadly-details that were put in-place on everything from AGENDA-21 to the federalization and coming total-control over all U.S. police-forces: (2) Compounded by an attack upon the rights of the nation to even have our own country. The vehicle is the Trans Pacific Partnership. This is the attack by international-bankers & corporations to create and implement “Corporate-Nationhood” (built upon the illegal existence of Corporate personhood) that will totally destroy Nation-States the world over. (3)

If this is not enough for you, then yesterday brought you this:

The FDA has proposed as a part of the Food Safety Modernization Act has been extended to Friday, Nov. 22.

Hailed as the most sweeping overhaul of farm and food policy since the Great Depression, many fear the law will actually make our food supply less safe ­ not to mention
sterile ­ by regulating small, organic farmers out of business and leaving it in the hands of a few mega farmers and processors.

Founder of Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance Judith McGeary shared her
concerns about the federal Food and Drug Administration’s first draft of the “Produce Safety” and “Preventative Controls for Human Food” rules in a Food Riot Radio interview earlier this year. Despite thousands of comments from concerned stakeholders over the last ten months, the rules haven’t got any better.

While submitting our comments probably won’t stop the train wreck, we can’t let food safety “modernization” go into effect without putting up a fight. If you thought the government taking control of our “health”care was bad, imagine what it’ll be like when they take over our farms. People should be fighting this harder than they fought Obamacare.

Extinction of small, local farms

The cost of compliance with the new food safety law is high, so high even the FDA admits it expects some small farmers to go out of business. While the very smallest farms ­ those generating less than $500,000 in annual revenues ­ will be exempt from some of the most burdensome regulatory requirements, they are not fully exempt from the new food safety rules…

Sterile soil, sterile food

According to the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, the rules make it “nearly impossible to use natural fertilizers like manure and compost. Farmers will be pushed to use chemicals instead of natural fertilizers.”

“The FDA seems to be scared of anything that was ever part of an animal. If you don’t follow their instructions to the letter, which includes extensive documentation of how the compost was made, you have to treat compost — including worm castings — as if it were raw animal manure and wait 9 months in between putting the compost down and harvesting the crop. In practice, this is a death knell for the use of many types of compost, which are vital to growing food sustainably,” McGeary said.

What does all this mean for consumers? Dead, lifeless food made of synthetic nutrients.

So, if you’re concerned about local, sustainable food, support The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, and submit comments through its website.”

The water in this country is no longer drinkable. Now the government wants to eliminate healthy food at the source, by forcing farmers to do away with natural composting, and forcing the use of chemicals instead of the nutrients that healthy foods contain naturally.

This will take the nation back to the Russian-State Collective-Farms of 1928-1932. Russia; before the Communist takeover had been the leading supplier of grain to the world. The Communist takeover that killed Russia’s farmers then, is the same model being used now to kill American Agriculture for the global-geneticists, while they take control over food-production throughout the Disunited States and the world.

When the prosperous and private Russian Farmers failed because of laws just like the one proposed here yesterday ­ the Communist-state sent the former owners of their own farms to the Gulags. Our farmers, under this new rule will be sent to FEMA camps if they fail to follow orders, to become Communist-style servants of the collective-mindset they have just made into U.S. law: Unless real farmers and the people get together and run the government-flunkies out of their individual states ­ this latest attack will end our right to life in any form.

The Human Genome Project identified every gene in human beings, so that they could sell the rights to the universal human-genetic-code to the same people that are pushing GMO’s upon the world, as the only foods ‘available’ for human consumption.

This nation was once known for our food: Until that is, the government decided to take-over all the farms for the Agribusiness Giants, with their Corporate-Welfare payments that were created to save struggling farmers that no longer exist. Monsanto, Arthur Daniel Midlands and others are focused on illicit-profits and their desire to adhere to the genetics of the Nazi-genome-project.

This project seeks to control the U.S. by eliminating inferior people, while at the same time controlling every existing-person through total-control over the food and water supplies that everyone requires just to stay alive. Control over all the farming in favor of Genetically Manipulated Organisms is the path they have been pursuing since long before WWI. The Jews today are behind this radical takeover of both our food and water supplies that can have only one result in the end—the total enslavement of the entire population of this country…

How much longer will you remain in TOTAL-SUBMISSION? How will you and your loved-ones survive, unless you come together as Americans, not as members of any of America’s failed political parties but just as the people who live here? Is there anything that could still force you to Act!

These creatures will not quit and they won’t back-down unless we force them out of every position they have today!

But if there is nothing that can reach you any longer, no crime too horrendous, no theft too intolerable, no act too inhuman to be endured—then it’s obvious that you are already dead—so whatever you do after this will not matter to anyone else, ever-again.

BTW, what’s happening to the farmers is not about the farmers: It’s about every man woman and child in this country, not just for today but for the right-to-exist, for every person, if there is to be any future here again!

Freedom isn’t Free,

It must be fought-for and defended at every turn!

Will you take-back your freedom or officially become a slave?

1) Rage and Outrage are Waiting ­ 8min 40 sec VIDEO


2) DHS Taking Control of Local Police

3) TPP & One World Government ­ 4min 57sec VIDEO

4) Food Safety Modernization Act



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