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Deconstructing History


By Jim Kirwan


This mediocrity within the western forms of history have reached their zenith with the current Seventieth Anniversary of the Liberation of the Nazi Death Camps in WWII.

For almost the entire span of time between the closing of those death camps, and with what the world of today has become, has been centered on the closed societies which have each formed their own view of history: Which has been totally opposed to what really happened in so many different nations. The global-denial of the past prefigures in the current global-miscasting of everything surrounding Ukraine, USI and the Middle-Eastern genocides that continue unabated.

Rewriting History:

Today for instance from “RT’s Going Underground”:

A commanding general of the U.S. Army (Lt. General Ben Hodges) in Europe said ‘something interesting on the BBC on Tuesday (1-27-15) about the presence of American Troops in Ukraine:

There’s not a NATO training mission: The United States will send soldiers. Some of my soldiers will arrive in March, to begin help in training “interior troops”… that was an American General openly saying that USA, not even under the control of NATO but under control from Washington (will be) sending troops into Ukraine”

This is exactly the same way that Vietnam began when Kennedy ordered American Advisors to enter Vietnam in 1960. That moment marked the beginning of the fifteen years of American military and political failures in Vietnam. That illegal-action was the key to everything that has followed the upside-down USI attacks upon the world that has brought us to this edge of global-oblivion.

What the world should be doing now, given the massive mistakes that were made after the ten plus years of blatant murder of the American political and middle class which began with the murder of Kennedy in 1963: Now we finally have the chance to defeat the fear and global-terror that the Zionist cabal put in place with their assassinations, to end their cycle of high-profile murders which began the current round that has clearly failed - at least in Greece and the EU in general.


If the world were to seize this global opportunity to pursue the real choices that separation from both the EU and the criminal USI ­ has been forcing down the throats of the people of this planet ­ then by mid-year 2015, this place might be able to totally “change” everything about this bloodstained world we’re still trying to live in. But only if we have the guts to stand up to them—everywhere they have demanded our surrender.

With the clear breaking away of Greece, the end of the farce of the EU has finally begun.

When I thought about trying to illustrate an image for that: Here’s some of what came to mind.

Both the fringed version of the US Flag and the tattered blue of the EU were ceremonially adorned with ‘stars’. These two dead-symbols represented by these irrelevant flags are currently intertwined; while the stars from each flag are changing from white to black as their once symbolic stars begin to fall together into the same void, one dead star at a time… That’s what’s happening, probably just for me, while the whole world continues to watch.

The only open road to real freedom lies with the dissolution of these two traitorous symbols that no longer stand for anything. They should be replaced by free people and real nations.

Maybe someone else might illustrate something like this, because it’s as if the whole thing takes place inside a broken hour-glass that no longer matters in the growing void of what was supposed to be ‘a global-reality’. That’s what the floating window of wide-open opportunity was meant to convey above, back in 1980 when that card and the other 79 cards were done.

As people the world over lived through the “history’ that is supposedly being celebrated today: What’s clear is that once the rest of those very few ‘survivors’ are gone, this entire chapter in history will continue to be massively rearranged: Unless some sanity can be brought back into what’s really happening now—especially in Ukraine.

American’s should be publicly ASKED if they want to see any more American’s dying in Ukraine, just like they died in Vietnam! But now it’s not ‘just in Ukraine’: Americans and their victims in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, and possibly Iran as well will die—not to mention the 28 additional countries in Africa where the shadow slaughters are not even mentioned? Hell 70% of the nations of the world are now under attack by “USI & Israel”.

Either we have a nation that is defending “our people”, or we do not.

Currently the police-state has clearly declared WAR upon the citizens of the old USA. Tens of thousands of American civilians have been tortured, tasered raped and murdered by supposed US police forces than any of us that have never been threatened by the non-existent “terrorist threat” inside this nation—yesterday, today or tomorrow. This is proven over and over again, every day, by the “false-flag-histories” of what’s happened over the last 15 years in this country alone. While the actual number of people that have been assassinated, murdered and slaughtered by our illegal invasions around the planet are consigned to the trash heaps of that same history.

That’s the same “history” that’s been routinely twisted out of all recognizable shape for anyone that’s actually interested in what really happened anywhere, whether that was Yesterday, Today or most likely Tomorrow… We must kill that ancient FEAR, while be finally begin to arrest and charge the troglodytes that murdered so many individuals, leaders and nations that have had their way with all of us for far too long already.


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