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The Death of Western Civilization


By Jim Kirwan


The United States just got caught lying for most of the last five years about what our role was in Syria and the world.

But the role of USSA has always been the total destruction

of the shape and condition of the entire planet.

And as “the self-appointed leader” of the entire world, we have failed

miserably in every area that we have threatened or invaded.

Over the last fifteen years.

It's way past time for the USSA to surrender and withdraw...

Currently the blatant and undisguised invasion of Europe and the West by wave after wave of retarded creatures that are flooding into Europe at a phenomenal rate. This is the flip-side of the failed USSA military campaigns that just got caught red-handed in their support and treasonous funding of the same terrorist organizations that we have been secretly funding and protecting to invade so many nations ­ in order to supposedly prevent these same terrorists, that we actually created, from succeeding in? Think about that!

Once you can see who profited and who is still profiting from the crimes of 911, then it's clear that the world needs to act and end this now.

The only conclusion that anyone can really come to, is that it's always been the USSA and Israel that are the actual TERRORISTS that have been attacking the world since 911, which was their major trigger for all the global-war-crimes' that were also done by Israel & USSA worldwide.


Now that this international Israeli-American secret Terror machine has been exposed, checkmated and decimated, we no longer need the Department of Homeland Security or the unConstitutional TSA. Nor do we need a militarized American police trained by the Israeli espionage front the ADL to view the American Public as domestic terrorists to be shot down for any perceived minor non-compliance for any reason..

Both of these were set up by Israeli-American “Israeli-first” dual citizen traitors who infiltrated the USG and the Pentagon as part of a large Israeli secret Police machine inside America. The purpose of this large Israeli controlled secret police machine DHS has been to hijack all American Intel and Law Enforcement and to serve as a platform to stage numerous false-flags including all the recent MK-Ultra style mass-shootings which are usually deployed in gun-free zones created by these same folks in the first place. But it has also been designed to be turned against the We The People in case they ever seriously try to take their Republic back from these Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors.”

Kirwan: PNAC (The Project for the New American Century ­ the people who launched the attack on 911, exactly one year from the day they called for the creation of the “A New Pearl Harbor”): Those traitors should all be arrested, charged and hung for their part in creating anything on 911.


The Invasion of Zombie Parasites

In the race to 'place' the millions of fake-refugees the EU is trying to treat these invaders as 'one size fits all' whenever anyone talks about what these zombies will actually be able “to do” in their new homes.

The problem is that every square inch of land in Europe is already occupied ­ there are no huge tracts of land on which to house them. As a consequence, as hundreds of civilians in Europe are about to learn first hand, is that their current homes will be given to the invaders, but their jobs will be much more difficult to fill. The reason is simple. The invaders among the all male, military age zombies are filled with barbaric demands, without providing any 'practical benefit' to the society they are about to destroy.

In addition to that problem they, for the most part, are not bringing any actual skills with them. The doctors and the nurses will very soon no longer 'attend' to their needs as they have a tendency to attack, rape or possibly kill the very people that have come to for 'help'.

Doctor Describes Horrors in German Hospital Overrun by Muslim Migrants, Doctors Stabbed, No Arrests, No Media 

On top of this obscenity, the incoming invaders seem not to have any technical skills with which to justify joining the societies of the countries they are demanding to be inducted into, basically for free-everything, from food and money to social services...

Then there are the reintroduction to Europe of all the various diseases that were thought to have been eliminated which the new-comers are bringing in along with open sores, and ignorance of current standards of hygiene not to mention the reintroduction of violence that seeks to overthrow everything long-established in Europe in the name of Muslim extremists views.

Consequently the loss of the people that will be forced out of their homes, will obviously be forced to go elsewhere if they are to survive ­ now isn't that one hell of an obscenity to have to try and live with, especially as the whole purpose of having a government is or was to protect the people already living in an established society? The entire bureaucracy of the EU is both brain-dead and insane. More on this in today's RT:

Consequently the real future of the EU can easily be seen in the plight of what's been happening throughout Palestine for the last 68 years, with no end in sight ­ unless the world wakes up and wipes Israel off the map...

This continuing invasion was designed to fulfill the program developed in Germany back in the 1930's that advocated the end of 'Western Values' and the extermination of the White Race, through use of Political Correctness, Zero tolerance and the total dismemberment of Western values between men and women as well as the total destruction of the family, and the state takeover of all children.

This can be seen today in the US as the takeover of LGBTQ continues to takeover: Despite the fact that only 3% of the US population support the depravity of these beliefs. This too is being driven home by Israel inside the US.

Ironically what's happening in Europe now is not a race or religious war directly: It truly is the genocide of everything that has come about since the seventh century and the primitive levels of tribal people that were forced to give way as civilizations moved on toward a real future.

Again, the US must answer for their lies and failures by withdrawing from the Middle East. This is being made even more important by the fact that there's a new Central Asian War is being prepared for the mainstream to contemplate, despite the USSA 's massive failures inside Ukraine.

Ironically China directly borders this region and won't have far to go to do unto I?SIS what Russia is doing in Syria...

US Sponsored ISIS Terrorists Establish Foothold in Afghanistan, Extending into Central Asian Heartland

All in all this entire global charade must come to a quick and ugly end for the terrorists that were artificially created worldwide, by Israel and the USSA.

If the people of the planet will come together behind the push-back against ISIS or whatever the hell the invaders are being called these days, then there might still be a future for what remains of the war-torn world of today...


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