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The Death Of War

By Jim Kirwan

Command Headquarters the War on Men

Kirwan © 1966

What few people ever notice is that there is no US flag flying from atop the capital. Instead the symbol above was the battle standard for Genghis Kahn because he’s the one who the world is emulating today, in virtually every theater of this continuing war against humanity. That was true in 1966, but of course it’s even more obvious 48 years later.

Kahn, the Warlord, was the founder of the Mongolian Empire in the Middle Ages. But he could have been a forefather of the same creatures that have come to dominate in Israel, ISIS, ISIL, and Ukraine today. “He was successful; the Mongol Empire was the largest empire in the world before the British Empire, and lasted well after his own death in 1227” Kahn’s battle plan and military policies are the mirror image of ISIS & ISIL- Watch this VIDEO!!/people/genghis-khan-9308634#synopsis

His views on war and the use of force are identical to the scorched earth policies and the massive slaughter of people who previously occupied the war zones of today. Obliteration, brute force, terror and slaughter were his weapons. And it was his ‘wars’ that define the reality behind “The Death of War” today.

Genghis Kahn stands in stark contrast to Sun Tzu, (The Art of War) who understood that true War was and is an Art form, when it’s practiced for the progression of civilization and not just as an indulgence in barbarity beyond all bounds.

There have been other examples of the failures of previous global-wars, carried out by different kinds of war-lords, that all ended in complete failure as well. Think Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine & Gaza.

The Roman Catholic Church comes to mind when they instituted the Spanish Inquisition in the 15th Century: At the peak of Spanish power in the world at that time. Like the USA, the Church of Spain created a war upon the people of Spain itself, disguised as religion instead of the faux politics of USI. But thanks to Francisco Goya’s etchings (one of which is above) that were sold around the world at the time: The Spanish Inquisition, as the war that it was, was doomed to fail. Apparently we’ve all forgotten that.

This is exactly what ISIS is doing to the world again ­ NOW! However the impending failure of today’s barbarians is not as clear as it could be, which is why more needs to be said.

People on many continents in the Fifteenth Century, only became aware of the barbarity of “the Church” and Spain, because the news of it was captured and distributed in images AROUND THE WORLD. This awareness ultimately forced an end to the global power of Spain. If the West had a global news service that let the news get to people today—then most of this could never have happened in the first place. That’s why the artists and the journalists and their works, were murdered first.

Goya’s work at the time was a stand-in for the way we use the internet today. Unfortunately that process then took fifty years; but it did end the military and financial power of Spain. What most people still don’t know is that it took until the late1960’s for the Catholic Church to officially end their approval of the Spanish Inquisition ­ because no tyranny ever dies easily…

August 2014

Netanyahu’s ratings drastically drop

One potential problem with this “drop” is that a huge percentage of the Israeli population was and still is in favor of a much more severe prosecution of the war on Gaza, from the beginning of this most recent outrage! Consequently the “drop” in his ratings, could also be reflective of Israeli’s disappointment, in his military incompetence, rather than a signal that Israel’s War on Gaza could be ending.

A more indicative signal came from Iran yesterday:

TEHRAN, August 25. /ITAR-TASS/. Iran will retaliate for Israel's sending a drone aircraft to the site of its Natanz nuclear enrichment facility, a senior officer at the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said on Monday.

Arming of Palestinians on the West Bank may be speeded up,” said General Ali Haji Zadeh in a report posted on the IRGC’s official website.

We reserve the right to any kind of response to the raid of a Hermes spy drone that tried to break into the protected area of Natanz but was brought down by an Iranian air defense system,” the report said.

If true, this could mean that Israel’s days of unbridled freedom from real rockets is over—because Iran has the weapons that could turn the Israeli “Iron Dome” into a tinfoil shield that can do nothing against real missiles. It was only a matter of time until other nations began to stand up to this barbaric outlaw state and their sponsors that are making the world into an unlivable hell on earth.

Something similar is probably about to happen inside Syria, with Russia as a potential Syrian defender, now that USI and Israel have decided that Syria is no longer a state. And now that “we” (USI & Israel) need not bother to even consult with Syria before we send in US jets and missiles again! Billions upon billions more in weaponry bombs and missiles, but nothing for humanitarian aid or global survival: Because it is “WE” who are the most dangerous enemy of the human race, everywhere in the world today.

A similar outrage is about to come to a boil in a meeting today in Minsk: Where Russia and Ukraine and the EU will meet to discuss what USI and Israel have created in Ukraine—yet neither of the real policy makers will be in attendance; so the polices of the Outlaw Nations will probably continue uninterrupted, unless Iran makes good on her promise to proportionally-retaliate against Israel, militarily, for violating Iranian sovereignty!

All the perpetual wars of these modern day WARLORDS could succeed unless people around the world, begin to find the truth in each instance and act upon it."

In this world that has been afflicted by the Parallax View, there’s almost nothing now that is clear. The Parallax View simply means that people can sometimes act according to what they think they see as “taking place”, when if their point of view were wider and more circumspect: They could easily see that what they’ve been reacting too, has been the opposite of what they believed was true in the first place.

That’s the secret behind “Flipping the Script”

This is what the world must DO if there is to be a world beyond today:


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