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The Death Of Life

By Jim Kirwan


In the Dead United States

Globally almost all the conversations are now about how global policies and fake powers have seized this planet: While there is almost no discussion whatsoever about the very real events that brought the old U.S. to this point. Above is a small detail which in part describes some of what happened to the world, since Robert Mc Namara, acting for LBJ, publicly murdered American ethics and morality throughout Vietnam.

To the left is an illustration which depicts what the US War Department did when they lied about everything they did, to what most thought America actually stood for. The phrase “I Cannot Tell a Lie” was taken out of context from a historical rumor that referred to George Washington and the cutting down of a cherry tree. By the time LBJ declined to run again, in 1968, America’s real power had already seen our moral wings cut and our vaunted freedoms destroyed.

Look back at the larger illustration and remember what happened to the house of cards, which government had already been imprisoned in since 1963. That strange glass-globe of the fascist state was also brought to us by the death of JFK.

On the left, just below the House of Cards and just above the Children of the Empty Promise, overseen by global death that had already captured innocence ­ which is just above the ruin that we’ve made - of whatever this place once claimed to be is just some of what we’ve been for over forty years.

This is how we came to be totally captured, in subservience to what soon would become complete. That happened once the “mass media” was taken over by privatized corporations when the United States surrendered, to finally end the Vietnam War in 1975.

The inscription at the bottom of the sketch comes from the base of the Statue of Liberty that was already a total farce by the time the War Department decided to slaughter Vietnam, without being asked to do anything in Southeast Asia. This was all just part of our public entry into Empire where we used guns, bullets and bombs instead of policies’ to force the world to kneel before the New World Order that was still waiting to be “announced” by George HW Bus: Our first sworn Nazi president, on September 11, 1991. The video is less than two minutes long.

Some additional details from the enslavement of the millions to the global religious wars, combined with open civil wars, are here added to our blood-drenched history against the background of the failure of billions of dreams for a better world for everyone.

This tiny part, of this five by eight foot sketch, is opposite the first detail shown at the beginning of this 1973 sketch that describes what has happened to us all since 1966.

A great many of those alive today have lived these nightmares’ yet they have still not chosen to react to any of the crimes depicted which USI and Israel are continuing to commit worldwide.

The world today is filled with talk, talk and more talk, yet few bother to look back at how it was that we came to be here: Because emotions, passion and criminality are not “proper subjects” for the POLITICALLY CORRECT to ever engage in. To this end I’ve done a number of things to try and give ordinary people some other ways to understand how this panoply of lies has functioned; while the elites continue to shut down the global society.

I created a double-ended deck of cards to be used as flashcards, to reflect on some of the key components that directly affect everyone alive today.

The point of these cards was not meant to be seen as anything absolute, but was rather intended to help people understand for themselves some of what goes on every day in every life. The Index might help explain more about this 30 year project. Many of the 300 images done for the project have been used over the last thirteen years to illustrate some of my comments, from time to time.

“Shades of Caesar” haunted the Tarnished House of the Johnson administration.

The world has to get back to the basic principles of life if we’re ever going to survive anything again. All these wars, projects and “deals” are nothing but a lot of hot air designed to try to divert people from what is really happening to millions the world over, each and every minute of every day.

How can we expect anything from a nation that will NOT even bother to acquaint themselves with the hard-core-history behind any of their so-called “leaders”?

History may not tell the whole truth, but there’s enough of it there to give more than a hint of how this place was built and where we stepped away from the path that we were supposedly on…

We have Nazi’s unlimited, in more than just one family and traitors are everywhere now. LBJ began this trend. Now treason has become the engraved invitation that governs absolutely over who can be admitted to government, at any and all levels of what used to be this society—yet no one bothers knowing anything about any of that…

No one can live in a world that has accepted False-Flags-Forever as our mode of operations. Everything that is happening now is taking place because the Old World Order had planned to murder all those creatures that are now immigrants. But apparently that task was too much for them to handle: That’s why nation after nation is being flooded with millions of immigrants. It appears that if there are too many to murder then perhaps the New World Order will just depend upon civil rebellions to create enough death to solve their problem for them?

In any case: Whatever we’re listening to about the world it seems that whatever we’re being told is definitely not working either. We need to go back to thinking for ourselves and send these infants of all ages to the trash heap where they belong—and we’re already out of time!


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