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The Day The U.S. Died!

By Jim Kirwan

President Nixon announces the cancellation of the draft calls for November and December. He reduced the draft call by 50,000 (32,000 in November and 18,000 in December). This move accompanied his twin program of turning the war over to the South Vietnamese concurrent with U.S. troop withdrawals and was calculated to quell antiwar protests by students returning to college campuses after the summer.”

The U.S. did not die in a crescendo, it died with barely a whimper and ‘we’ still haven’t even noticed.

When the Constitution was being created, no mention in the qualifications for political offices was made, regarding the need to have served in the nation’s armed forces. That was because the nation was so small, that everyone who was here had to decide to fight or flee whenever any war needed to be fought. Those who served used “their ‘service” to the nation” as a necessary part of who each of them was. That form of “growing up” had gone with the lives of men and women everywhere until Nixon the traitor decided to cancel that need for the Baby-Boomer generation that was terrified of dying in Vietnam.

Nixon had to do it because the backlash from the Baby-Boomers was horrific and was endangering the “war” that Nixon hadn’t finished profiting from. That also ended any real political future for this nation, because, without a draft, the USA became “Party-Time-USA, no worries, no fears, everything was free and there were no dangers to threaten the “opportunity” for every suck-up to get filthy rich, since they would “never” have to face the possibility of dying on some far-away battleground.

From that day on, most Amerikans have had absolutely no idea about what any war entails, much less what being immersed in any war can mean to those that are sent to fight in those wars.

Israel requires that every Israeli, both men and women, must serve time in the Israeli military, no exceptions. Americans face no danger of that at all. Why don’t we do what Israel does?

What this has done to this nation amounts to having committed suicide. And no, that is not too strong a term. Because without actual experience, our entire population remains unaware of what the politicians are doing whenever they decide to send American troops or forces into any war, anywhere on the earth.

Before Vietnam, all politicians had to take the possibility of every war seriously, because it meant that if too many draftees died, then their political careers were wiped out. But this also gave every adult a grasp of what the nation was involving itself in, so that when “proofs” or “Justifications” were offered, the public could immediately tell the difference between the truth and absolute BS. And ultimately that’s why the DRAFT had to go.

That’s also the reason most American’s paid absolutely no attention to the fact that George Bush went AWOL during the Vietnam War from the Texas Air National Guard. Because by the time Bush Jr. ran for “president” there was no draft and most people thought that being AWOL was more like sneaking off base for a night of fun, rather than a serious and punishable offense, especially during a time of war.

The same kind of general pass was granted for the TRAITOR, John McCain, whose father Admiral McCain had helped to cover-up the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty in 67. Our version of the McCain family just ratted out the American military effort in Viet Nam, which his daddy was responsible for running: And then McCain sealed his records so that could not be proven. And again the public was unaware of the seriousness of these crimes against the constitution and the people of the nation.

Currently we are involved in two major military-political wars that are each trying desperately to force the entire world into World War IV.

Dealing with the DRAFT was part of everyone’s life when I became eligible. I went in and served 4 years’ active and 2 years inactive reserve. I was just lucky because from 1957 to 1963 the US was not involved in any of our usually illegal and horrifically obscene wars.

But soon after, Vietnam exploded for those that were of draft age then.

What the decision, which Nixon made, actually did to the future of America’s illegal wars was immeasurably hideous. Because while there was still a draft there were RESPONSIBILITES which had to be faced by every American, when it came to whether or not to even go to war. After the DRAFT ended, no one needed to even think about any of that any more—and that’s why Amerikans don’t give a fck about anything that happens anywhere else in the world right now!

But the lack of our knowledge with what happens in war, has seriously deprived Americans of any way to consider, to judge, or to even care about what goes on in the world that lives and breaths on war, war, and lots more war—24-7, 365 days a year!

That “permanent lack of knowledge” has incurred a global debt that must be paid for by those who have utterly failed to notice anything since the day that they each one of them became old enough to fight.

And since they know virtually nothing about the tragedies of war, they will go up in smoke, just like an autumn bonfire of dead leaves when the time comes for them to defend themselves. And the world will be better off because these self-absorbed creatures chose not to participate in anything that involved the lives of any people other than themselves!


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