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Halbig -  Dash Cam Shows Sandy
Hook Records Tampering

Forensic Expert Witness Report On The Newtown
Ct Police Dash Cam Altering And Tampering With Official
Sworn Police Affidavits & Public Record Requests


From Wolfgang Halbig



Please respond to my concerns.

I used to work in Miami, Florida as a State Trooper and we always responded to FBI requests as backups.

I have high respect for the FBI but your total failure in investigating the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting is very disturbing.

Obama on the National News stated that he will use every resource of his office to investigate this heinous crime. He contacted Robert Muller Director of the FBI to take charge of this investigation.

With that said. Why have you not released your comprehensive investigative report to the American people?

Why is it Classified?

If there was one agency that I always trusted it was the FBI.

I am asking you as a Naturalized US Citizen and former Florida State Trooper and US Customs Inspector to share your investigate report to this supposed crime and respond to me with your findings.  I am 70 years old and I deserve as millions of other Americans deserve the truth and nothing but the truth if you what that means today.

No fingerprints taken at the house where Nancy Lana lived.  Really?

No fingerprints taken from the black Honda Civic.  Really?

No fingerprints taken from any of the weapons. Really?

No fingerprints taken from the bullets loaded in the magazines. Really

No fingerprints taken from the front office door handles going in and coming out of the front office. Really?

No fingerprints taken from the door handles from room 10 and room 8.  Really?

FBI created the fingerprint techniques which shows that No two fingerprints are ever alike.  So what is the deal here.

Look at the attachments from a Forensic Expert and explain to me why the Newtown Police is tampering and altering evidence in the worst Elementary School Shooting in US History.

You are the FBI and we should trust you.

Wolfgang W Halbig
25526 Hawks Run Lane
Sorrento, Florida 32776

Complete PDF file

Forensic Biuography On James K. Appleton - pdf


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