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The Darkest Secrets
of The Shadow Goverment

 By Jim Kirwan


This five and half foot painting was done during the Watergate

Hearings. The cable-car is labeled “WATERGATE”

Because this paralleled the public & the criminals that came to watch;

Shielded from the fray itself that was all around us then!

This video is 27 years old, but the revelations it contains are more important now than ever, because now we can clearly see what did not happen then. This documentary, “The Secret Government ­ The Constitution in Crisis”, was broadcast nationwide and seen by millions. This was about treason inside the U.S. Government while it was taking place in Washington. This was “On T.V.” People who refuse to believe anything that’s not “On T.V.” now, cannot say that this was a conspiracy. This was revealed for the whole-world to see! The filth and scrambling for power throughout government and the country was as blatant as the figures of greed & raw power above.

What Bill Moyers explores is what happened to the would-be-powerful, who, like the scrambling figures above were supposedly doomed. However, after all the confessions, crimes, theft, deceit and treason committed during the Reagan years: Absolutely nothing was done to any of the major participants—because the public did NOT demand it! America was in stymied-shock. That “condition” is apparently still in place today, despite the fact that the crimes committed now are a thousand times worse than what happened in 1987.

No one responsible for any of what was testified to was ever charged. Despite the documentation and testimony, no one even went to jail! This was and is “BUSINESS”, and prosecutions would have sent the wrong signal to the Jewish-owned global-banking-cartels and the plotters of the treasons inside the USA. The UN and NATO had plans to steal America and kill the Americans, even then! Oh! And the prosecutions were terminated when Ronnie supposedly got Alzheimer’s and since elections were coming, no one wanted to own what was done. Congress, the courts and the White House were all guilty as hell, and these facts could not be acted on.

This was long before ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX became owned by just four Jewish-Zionist-families, as they are today. The revelations that just kept coming were not treated as “conspiracy-theories” because they were facts, being testified to, before congress and the public. This story is about what we failed to do then and even more importantly, what we’re still failing to do today—about anything and everything that has left the United States and a huge part of the Middle-East in near-ruins…

The Constitution in Crisis 1987

13 seconds in: “They have basically said to the entire United States that ‘we don’t care what the people say, we don’t care what the congress says, we don’t care what the other oversight organizations say, we’re going to find some way to rid the planet of Communism and we don’t care who gets killed in the process.”

1min 01 sec: “They were willing once these creatures put the Constitution at Risk, because they believed somehow there was ‘a higher-order of things”. The Report on the Iran-Contra scandal: In this broadcast we’ll report about what we learned about the Secret Government in the hearings this summer: The wars and tragedies that have been a part of it for forty years and where it will take us if we the people let it!”

And “let-it-in” we did, what has led us all into the

Fascist Police State, minus the constitution, that’s what we have now!


The abuse of Secret Power: A breach of faith… Members of the Secret Government had been forced from the shadows into the spotlight.”

Reagan was a traitor who brought “TERRORISM” into the public-eye. It began in 1978 with his insistence on including TERRORISM in a national-project that was created to assist “The Forgotten Victims of Violent Crime”, which I illustrated. It did not make sense to me at the time, but no one then was remotely concerned with “TERRORISM”. I thought that including terrorism in that agenda was a key to both the why and how these terrorists planned to take us to where we are today. This was what they wanted to impress upon America. Of course afterward it became quite clear—but at the time it was just a strange unfounded concept.

1min 25 sec: “If we continue to rob ourselves in order to feed this national-security monster we are going to continue to degrade American life. We’re only talking about subverting the Constitution; that’s all”…

The Joe McCarthy Hearings and the Un-American Activities committee was the original dry-run to find out just how much fear the public would put up with when the government itself became the enemy of the Constitution and of the ordinary people of the country.

That black-chapter of Un-American-Life was created to test the theories that were applied to us both during the Watergate Hearings and everything else that was done to us before during and after the attacks on 911.

Oliver North, A Marine Lt. Colonel was the primary-chronic-liar. He was the president’s-man who lied to everyone from the congress on down, yet was never charged with any crimes. He went on to run for Congress and he’s made a lot of money from what he did both then and now—with no consequences for anything he did! The same was true for most of those entangled in the quicksand of Iran-Contra, from George Bush Sr. who set up the Arms for Hostages debacle, all the way through to the CIA that ran the drugs and the illegal-arms, along with keeping the American Hostages in Iran, until Reagan was inaugurated. Reagan created the Death-Squads and was responsible for training those thugs at the School of the Americas in order to destabilize the whole of Central America.

Reagan talked about the “terrorist’s in Beirut but he was lying. The Beirut bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks was done by Israel, not Arabs. However from the historical record we can clearly see that recent events in the Middle East are following the exact same pattern that was carried out in the 1980’s by Ronald Reagan. The US paid Saddam to make war on Iran, for eight long years. We furnished Saddam with WMD’s to do that job. Then we turned around and sold weapons to Iran, to fight Saddam. The disconnect was that officially we were still at war with Iran over the Hostages they took after the fall of the Shah—yet Bush Sr. arranged to secretly-sell arms to Iran in exchange for the American Hostages they held, when Iran took over the American Embassy.

From that arrangement, Bush & Reagan used the weapons to supply Reagan’s death squads in Nicaragua and El Salvador, while reaping profits from the drugs they took from Central America back to the states as part of the illegal deal. Then Reagan lied on national television denying the whole Iran-Contra Affair while omitting any mention of the CIA role in the gun-running or the drugs, claiming the administrations death-squad wars were in defense of “Freedom-Fighters” who were “related to America’s Founding Father’s” in Reagan’s speeches.

USI under Obamanation has done exactly the same things using Al Qaeda in much the same way that Reagan used the contras. We used Al Qaeda in Libya and again in Syria, which we approved of. At the same time we are supposedly fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq, while they fight surreptitiously in Syria Lebanon and Libya. Just as in Reagan’s “wars” Obama is speaking out of both sides of his mouth by clearly paying Al Qaeda to kill the US Ambassador in Libya, while failing to fight against Al Qaeda when they finally murdered the Ambassador.

Again, when the flight that carried Seal Team Six was shot down by Al Qaeda, after they had murdered a fake-bin Laden in Pakistan: “Obama” had to cover-up any evidence of his complicity in the false-flag events that he tried to use to prop up a whole other set of lies.

Israel was inner-connected in everything from the illegal sales of arms, involvement in 911, Libya, Syria and Lebanon, having been the primary assassins who killed the Marines in Lebanon. Israel was also the same force that attacked the USS Liberty during the ‘67 war.

In all of these backstabbing-military and arms-arrangements Israel was always at the core, with the complete and illegal cooperation of USI. Aside from everything else, all parties to the “illegal-drugs and arms shipments everywhere, vast sums were skimmed, from every deal as traditional-business-arrangements on top of the criminality and treason which underpinned everything that was done by Regan all the way through Obamanation. These programs were designed to first make-money, over any other political-purpose that was entered into.

The President shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed”

So says the U.S. Constitution

But that order has been shattered hundreds of times already!

Admiral Poindexter, a complicit Reagan-traitor, created and headed “Total Information Access”. This was the forerunner of today’s DHS, NSA and other secret spying agencies. This was created in the late 1980’s and is the subject of the leaks coming from Snowden which have just begun to yield new information. Under Poindexter that agency was supposedly dissolved, but it changed its disgusting name a least a half-dozen times. Its mission meanwhile, since Reagan, has only intensified!

Another deeply involved General, Richard Secord, ran “The Enterprise”. By the time Bush Jr. arrived the scope and scale of these illegal-governments made possible the treasonous-arrangements for mercenaries and private-no-bid-contracts in Iraq that totally changed the costs and methodology of all our future wars.

This was the infant-form of the monstrous New World Order military-arm that has been raising hell since 2001. All of these off-the-books criminal ventures were first and foremost designed to make money. “The Enterprise” was the forerunner and template for Cheney’s Shadow-Government during Cheney-Bush. That dictate was always running afoul of the U.S. Constitution and no one gave a damn.

Consent is the very heart of our Constitutional System”

Real Consent was the first casualty

Of everything that has been done since the close of WWII.

How can people judge what they do not know?

Or what they are told falsely.

The History of our Secret Government

At 24min 20 sec: When War was not war and when Peace was not Peace, this was called the Cold War. After the war we hired Nazi’s as secret spies. We struck a secret bargain with the devil.

During that war Prescott Bush, the father of George HW Bush was responsible for bankrolling the Nazi’s. He was found guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy in a time of war, but that crime was covered up and protected from being leaked to the American public. When the US switched from hunting Nazi’s to hunting Communists, Prescott Bush could be ignored, because it no longer mattered. (2)

In the Cold War, a mentality of permanent-war was required. It was this dictate that Cheney later referred to when he announced to the world that from now on there would be Perpetual-War. It was this radical-notion that has transformed our government. The foundations were laid when Dirty-Harry signed into law The National Security Act of 1947. That piece of illegal slight-of-hand by-passed the congress and left everything important up to that particular forum.

The National Security Council, that has been determining all US policies since 1947, has been primarily responsible for everything. This changed dramatically, the direction of this great nation. It established the framework for a National Security State… never have we had a national-security-council so concerned about the nation’s security that we’re all always looking for ‘threats’ and looking at how to orchestrate our society to oppose those threats.”

This becomes evident when you look not only at where Ronnie’s polices took the American people in the beginning, but where we now must live in, every moment of every day!

National Security was invented ‘almost’ in 1947. And now it has become the prime mover of everything we do that’s measured against something we invented in 1947!”

The National Security Act also gave us the National Intelligence Agency. The House of the Cold War, the CIA, gave us the core of the new Secret Government. Everything about these foreign ‘adventures’ went against the U.S. Constitution, but it was not just accepted it was used to create the entire structure that now has military vehicles in American Streets run by Israeli trained thugs looking for ways to kill more Americans each and every day!

The wholesale-slaughter across the planet has cost the world billions of deaths and trillions of dollars basically for nothing by way of useful ground gained or mind’s changed in favor of the forces that created these concomitant nightmares which the planet now has to live with.

The Constitution says: “Congress shall declare Wars”!

But by 2002 Congress illegally surrendered that duty

To the President.

This directly morphed into the NDAA which authorizes

The killing of Americans anywhere in the world

Without charges or trial

Effectively nullifying all Constitutional Rights for all Americans!

The documentary does a very thorough job of describing what happened to us in Vietnam, but a similarly through job has never been done about what happened in Iraq or Afghanistan or indeed in any of our completely illegal wars anywhere in the world since Vietnam ended: And since Congress gave Bush the License to Kill, everything we’ve have done is illegal.

Partly that’s the fault of having killed journalism in favor of personally owned and illegally dominated Jewish-Zionist business-men who took over the media, in order to eliminate most independent observers, anywhere that US troops are sent. But it’s worse than just that. The entire Amerikan culture has been radically altered in favor of the criminals and opposed to the will of the American public.

The public in this country has already been trained to stop asking questions, about anything! What we must do now is to learn how to


Among those questions has to be this: How is it that just 0.03% of the world can be allowed to virtually own and control the entire planet? Why can the population of the earth not find ways to rein in this rabid-dog of the incomplete-state called Israel: Especially when the entire world is being threatened by the naked blood-lusts of that shitty-little-country?

And in this country, what happened to our people that refuse to discover the rage or the outrage that we live with during virtually every moment of our lives? (3)

We had a Constitution once, but that’s been trampled by the crowd that fails to care, about life or death in any meaningful way. Either we are willing to do the hard things that must be done, or we shall turn away and die of shame in a world that no longer values freedom or human dignity… this really has to come directly from each and every one of us, if there is to be a tomorrow for any of us!

1) The Secret Government ­ The Constitution in Crisis 1987 1hr. 26min PBS-VIDEO

2) Prescott Bush was a Nazi-whore

3) The Rage and Outrage are Waiting!



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