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The Darkest Secret

By Jim Kirwan

In the last article I talked a lot about what made Israel & Zionism so vile by its very existence in the world today. (1)

But I neglected to mention the reason that I began that article in the first place:

The “Darkest Secret” that Israel is hiding, is that all that country has ever-done is “TO TAKE” everything from every nation and from every other people that live on this planet.

Their plan has always included taking all our money, our jobs, our dreams, our families, our thoughts our government, and our way of life. They have never and will never give anything back to any subject population anywhere on earth: Wherever they encounter any “other-people”. Israel will always choose to rape, pillage, plunder, torture and to savagely slaughter, until all other people no longer exist on this planet. We “the slave population that exists only to serve Israel” have no right to anything but to serve Zionism with every breath we take.

When the Beat-Generation descended on San Francisco they brought something to us and impacted the arts community. They were replaced by the Hippies and the Flower-Children, who displaced the Beats; but left something very different in the way people started to see their government. The Hippies were replaced by the Yuppies and finally by the mindlessness of the Dot-Com generation that at least left the world with a bit more technology in their technical wake.

But when the Jews took over San Francisco all they brought us were perversions, sexually twisted addictions, drugs, crime of all kinds and a blank-slate where human minds once flourished. What is here now is a foreign-population that is in love with itself, and still has no idea what that might actually be.

Hell they have even taken our subliminal belief in ourselves away from most of us. True we have allowed them to do this because they designed this plan very carefully, and most Amerikans fell hook line and sinker for the whole damned thing. They have tried to destroy the will to survive, just as they have tried to disarm the armed-American Public.

They have destroyed natural curiosity, obliterated intuition, strangled imagination and murdered any thoughts that might concern real possibilities for any future aside from prison-camps or debtor’s prisons forever-after… until NOW!

Now they have finally gone too far.

Their lives have no meaning, and most don’t want to know more than whatever artificial-pleasure they might next be able to encounter. It’s easy to see just who they are, once you understand that the Zionista’s are ruled by greed and arrogance only, and nothing else matters.

They have striven to take away all ethics, morality, belief-systems, religions, loyalties, love-in-any-and-all-forms, children for any person, preferring that everyone become gay, so there can’t ever be more people that could oppose them.

The next step in their horror-show will probably be the outright banning of heterosexual sex, marriage between a man & a woman and the end of traditional relationships of any kind; that do not involve homosexuality!

That is where they’re going with all these recent new laws, against traditional society and our values. This is why this cancer on America and the world must be cut-out and banned from the planet forever.

1) Reducing This Society to Rubble





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