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The 'Cops' Should Have Called CSI


By Jim Kirwan


The 'authorities' released some of what they say is the evidence found in Lavoy Finicum's vehicle ­ after having held the truck and other evidence for over three weeks. This 'government' is dumber than a full-crate of rocks!

If USI wanted anyone to believe what they 'say' was the evidence; they would have held a full-on evidentiary hearing with the officers present that fired the shots. That way the public could have asked their questions about what was shown as that differs from what the inanimate images supposedly show the public.

We still don't even know the names of the people that brutally-murdered Finicum: So why would they want the public to believe anything else that they have to say about the three weeks they've already had to “show” the public?

Take a look at what the hired thugs say they found underneath the back seat, in the image above. Lavoy was photographed many times with a working rifle, such as one that he might have carried while working his cattle on his range it was the kind of weapon used for snakes or coyote's ­ but what we see is a pair of military semi-automatic weapons, such as the military or the so-called police use routinely to intimidate and murder the public (that number is now over a hundred dead Americans, each and every month ­ and growing!)

There was never an open explanation of anything that had to do with this supposed evidence, that should have been held, if the thugs wanted anyone to ever believe anything they came to say, after they've had over three weeks to clear up and position the evidence to fit whatever fairy-tale they want this supposed “evidence” to support.

Why the Ambush, why all that gunfire, over and over again at whom and for what reason? Why was it necessary to murderously stop a second vehicle with four innocent civilians in it, and then proceed to assassinate one of them while wounding a second man: Especially when they could have confirmed where they were going by calling the Sheriff in John Day, and just asking him about the meeting these people were expected to attend?

None of these individuals were fugitives or dangerous to the public. Lavoy Finicum was the foster-father to 50 children in addition to being a respected rancher and community leader in his home state ­ he was not a thug or a criminal, yet he was treated as if he was Jack-the-Ripper and had to be slaughtered like a rabid-dog.

Truth be told the creatures that should have been SLAUGHTERED on January 26th should have been all those that attacked that innocent convoy - that only came to Oregon to help Oregonians understand the Constitution of the United States ­ but that could never be allowed to happen because if they had reached John Day and succeeded in having a second county, the one with a Constitutional-Sheriff, aware of what they were attempting to do ­ well, who knows what might have happened if that sort of thing was allowed to spread? I mean damn-it, “you can't allow these hicks to figure out that they are NOT SLAVES, or that their entire lives have been one long lie about everything they thought they had been living”?

Everyone in a uniform on the 26th of January supposedly worked for the citizens of this country ­ or they did before Ore-gone and their appointed governor, Kate Brown failed to enforce the U.S. Constitution. But she was only the third in line behind Dave Ward who flatly refused to accept the petition for “Redress of Grievances” he was presented with. The same was true of Judge Filthy-McNasty (Grasty) who was both the County Judge of record and a City Council financial coordinator, or something similar, so that he ended up passing judgments on himself in his administrative affairs for Burns County. And of course he's become rich as he has been doing this for decades. These lower echelon idiots, were 'backed up' by the County Prosecutor overseen by the Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, who answers to Governor Kate Brown, who answers to Loretta Lynch the Attorney General of USI and of course Obamanation when he's not 'just-golfing' or sending another country into the endless ruin of his own very special and continuing creation.

Consequently: Providing the public with answers that might leave room for doubt is not in their best interest—but their continued SILENCE does go a very long way toward infuriating the public even further—and that's exactly what these creatures continue to do with everything that issues forth from this psychotic labyrinth of 'hypothetical evidence' that's continually being added to and this has been the case since 2014.

Where's the Rage or the Outrage are all Americans completely Dead?

This entire 'CHARADE' has been nothing but a retrograde-criminal-affair, pretending to pass as a serious series of crimes against this country: Except that the “forces” that did these crimes are not Americans, they're just hackneyed corporate thugs, doing the bidding of the UN, NATO and the World Bank, along with all the other vultures that have raped and robbed this nation blind, for centuries. There's a very special place in Hell for these worn-out slaves and their pretended overlords...

As was said yesterday ­

'Everything's nothing but a Lie and has been now for decades.'

But it's our job to get to the bottom of this totally messed up criminal takeover—so that we can find and cage the rabid-creatures that have done these crimes, and get on with their termination, so that we can all get back to living in our Republic!

BACKGROUND: 29min 56sec video

This is who LaVoy Finicum was. Hear Lavoy Finicum Speak:

"Time to Take a Stand;" Constitution, the BLM, the Bundy's, Etc.


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