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The Crucible Of Kiev

By Jim Kirwan

Detail: Full Fathom Five © kirwan 1994

The plan all along has been to send the existing world to the bottom of the global oceans of the world, along with every other living being and species on the planet.

The Crucible of Kiev is a multiple-use device that is the hypothetical key to unlock oblivion and end any chance for the world to escape from global fascist domination.

This is what all the privately hellish corporate machinations have been about since 1913.

The cities of the world and the ancient symbols from our past are meant to end up in the same global grave, to pacify the insanity that walks the earth disguised as human organizations. In reality these slaves are only passing figures in this private puppet-show that cannot survive ‘what’s waiting for us all’ in the cauldron of "The Crucible of Kiev"—unless we end this illegal and global corporate challenge as described in,

The Price of Closure

Yesterday there was another release of the GLADIAO program supposedly to be enacted in 2016. This is nothing but the USI wish-list they would enact if they were a real and functional government instead of just a fake and totally bankrupt corporation teetering on the edge of Oblivion right now.

U.S. Plans First Strike on Russia


The global plan by the global bankers has been clear from the beginning in Ukraine. Every move mirrors exactly what happened in Libya and Syria and to a slightly lesser degree in Iraq and throughout most of Africa.

This entire plan is being underwritten by the private corporation that owns United States Incorporated, via the Rothschilds: Rabid Israel is also present. Together the US legislature, the LGBT Supreme Court and the traitorous administration headed by Obamanation as the CEO: All these private corporate powers are owned outright by the same forces that seek Full Spectrum Dominance over the entire planet.

Anything less is just more of the shadow-government playing at diversions while trying to buy more time to avoid the inevitable collapse of the 1.2 Quadrillion they have saddled the world with in worthless debt.

On RT today, in the segment on Ukraine what is happening is exactly how the USI NATO and the UN got into Libya, only to use their own intervention as the excuse to have NATO and the UN along with US mercenary forces acting under international ‘protections’ to bomb Libya back into the Stone Age. The same thing was attempted inside Syria, except that because of Russian, Iranian, and Hezbollah interference: Syria survived despite 3 years and 160,000 people dead. Still Syria is holding an election, in the midst of the crumbling teeth of Western tyranny: If there had been any global-justice or rule by international law—none of this could have even been started.

Syria with help from Russia Iran and Hezbollah was able to defeat the western financed mercenaries, in the last three years: Only to have the same thing started all over again by the lies of USI and Israel as the same criminals are arming more rebels once again to keep the wars alive and to frustrate any possible peace on the ground in Syria.

The irony is that the whole thing was designed by Israel to expand their shitty little place from the unfinished nation that’s still not a nuclear powerhouse. In reality it’s just a nuclear backwater and an outlaw-haven that wants the world to believe they still have a viable nuclear Dimona, when that broken piece of crap was destroyed from within, many years ago. This is what Kiev wants to “create” inside Ukraine to threaten Russia and keep the world waiting on Armageddon, indefinitely—between Syria and now Ukraine.

The failure of Dimona left Israel to survive by stealing US nukes, while trying to maintain their various nuclear fixations as the ‘most-important global rat-hole’ that must be catered to if the world is to survive. In reality both Israel and USI must be stripped of all their stolen powers and consigned to the dust heap of history if the rest of the planet is to survive.

The farce of the last so-called election in Kiev is now clear as they went from counting votes straight into killing the same people they just asked to vote for their criminal empire.

Hypocrisy is the only global-plan that’s still working full time.

The people of the planet have got to put an end to these nightmares because there’s nothing left ‘to trust’ anywhere in the world today coming from the Outlaws who are claiming that they are the only real powers in the world of today.

That ladies and gentlemen is just another lie in the almost unbroken chain of lies that have been flowing into the world from the colonial leader of crimes against humanity that calls itself United States Incorporated.

If this banditry is allowed to continue in Ukraine, it will replicate what happened to the Palestinians in Gaza, which after 66 years is still the one major unanswered war-crime left in the world.

Israel is of course ‘protected’ from the international criminal courts by their partner in crime United States Incorporated.

Russia and China along with Brazil and India are leading the world on a path that could free the planet from the chains imposed on us all by USI and the globalists who are in free fall now, on every front, most especially in global finance and military leadership where the fake hegemony of this dead place is about to be globally challenged by a number of nations around the planet, which is long overdue…

Nations all over the planet are suffering through sessions and splits that could never have been imagined before now.

The unity of the countries that have discovered that the source of all legitimacy must come from the consent of the people being governed and not from the barrels of their guns, is at “The heart of legitimacy which is the consent of the people” and nothing less than that can ever succeed. Because without actual grass-roots legitimacy there can be no unity in any society.

This is something that Amerika has not even begun to realize!

Since USI proclaimed their global hegemony there has not been a single new nation created; only devastation now rules everywhere, except in the BRIC countries. This same issue is about to come full circle in the EU elections where it has just been revealed that people could and did ‘illegally’ vote twice. @13min 56sec to 15min 56sec on the RT video

The whole issue facing the world right now is human rights for people versus private corporate rights for warmaking powers serving fascist globalists that want to end humanity altogether. The slaves in USSA seem to have ignored this global battle. Again irony leaves its mark because those same Amerikans that have chosen to ignore global politics while failing to see that they have been the real targets of this global-tyranny all along: Have made this not just possible but necessary for the survival of the global-corporations worldwide…

It’s time to shatter the blood-stained hourglass of global tyranny and free the world from hypocrisy and high treason wherever it has put down its shallow roots!

It’s time for the world to crush these multiple cancers now!


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