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Crossing Borders


By Jim Kirwan


The borders of the USA are no longer protected from invaders like the one shown above: The armed shadow could easily represent what is going on all over the world today—and until we close all the borders in every country, and force everyone to have a valid ID, there will no longer be anything that the world can call civilized anywhere anymore.

Nation-states have always had borders to protect their own people from unwanted 'guests'. This had been the norm until the EU decided to do away with any need for people to identify themselves, whenever they went from country to country inside their totally bogus EU. That 'policy' is currently being changed to reflect the global war on the people of the world, by millions of individuals that have either been made homeless, or who have decided to invite themselves into other countries in order to be supported by hard-earned money from the same people they have invited themselves into new country's, to replace without permission, or “the right” to comply with a “fake humanitarian-right”, which would allow those currently without a nation to invade those who already supposedly have a place to live and work.

In Germany, some of the German people are being told that they must support the invaders to the point of having German youth being forced to work to provide for the uninvited guests: To the point of allowing these invaders to take their homes and quite possibly their jobs, simply because the uninvited guests “have no where else to go.”

Of course there's another reason this is happening; which is that the countries being invaded in Europe and the USA include some of the same nation-states that raped, bombed, murdered or destroyed the same countries that most of these “uninvited-guests” are coming from.

The establishment of Legal-Identification, for each person crossing into another country is something that has been a time-honored tradition as well as a law in every currently sovereign state. Having a valid-passport is not some extreme punishment for those who travel, it's a requirement that must be met, or entry can be legally denied to anyone without a valid passport.

But the entire planet is now “at war' with itself!

I'm an American, I was born in Oklahoma City. I'm 76 and served in the US military from 1957-1963, But for me to travel outside this country, like everyone else I had to obtain a valid passport, which had to be paid for. To get the passport, every person must prove who they are and where they came from, which is not something that most of those currently invading either the USA or the EU seems to have.

One major violation of this requirement is Obama himself: His father was born in Kenya, and he was a Kenyan by birth. That made Obama's father not an American citizen: Which made Barry ineligible to even run for the presidency ­ but since he got away with lying about who he was and is today, maybe that's part of why he's pushing for the destruction of all American borders, to fulfill his Muslim roots, his personal hatred of the White Race and America in particular?

What do you think?

What's amazing in America is that apparently millions of 'other people' don't feel the need to bother getting a passport now, all they have to do is just walk across the southern borders into the USA or find any other illegal way to get here and this government will then give them a free driver's license, unearned social-security payments made to them, along with their “right to vote in American Elections”; even if they cannot speak English or show any legal proof of 'their right' to be here?

They are able to do this while millions of American-vets and other homeless people are refused “all benefits” because they are Americans and not aliens...

If Americans want to get any real benefits today, they need to renounce their citizenship, leave here and come back in as illegals, protected under Obama's illegal-Immigrant status?

50 to 60 million people have arrived, and been resettled here inside the US, since these illegal policy's began during the Reagan Administration, in the 1980's, but under the Muslim homosexual-president who is not an American, the flood of illegal and often convicted criminals seems to know no bounds.

The point is that there is a direct relationship between the illegal-invasions' here and the exploding EU which is finally just beginning to wake-up to what's being done to the 28 nations in Europe.

RT NEWS November 21, 2015

Of course there is far more to this than just the illegal-invasions: It's always been about instilling both FEAR & TERROR across the entire planet, in the name of the supposed New World Order that's still hell-bent on enslaving the entire world - but this all starts with allowing the invasion's of every nation-state with this vast army of shadow-criminals that threaten the lives of every man, woman and child in this totally controlled police-state, that must be stopped: If we are ever to take back the world we were all born into...

One great place to start would be to impeach Obama now: For treason against the people of the United States because he has refused to enforce the immigration policies, and the Supreme Court, for not ruling against the currently border-less polices that violate the rights of every American to be secure in our country, by using the political designs of Israel, to destroy the U.S. A. from within.

All of this comes down to why everyone still alive in the world of today needs to arm themselves, because no one can any longer depend on any government to defend their own people from the forces that are running wild, in this law-less place that we once thought of as a civilized world...

After all is said and done, every person on this planet has the right,

Even the obligation to defend themselves,

against any & all 'illegal authority'

along with their own lives

from the lawlessly-insane world of now!


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