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Can Never Be Free

By Jim Kirwan


The Evidence for Treason is everywhere throughout the world, but especially inside the United States Incorporated & tyrannical Israel.

We live today on lies, betrayal and cowardice…

Case in point: Using yesterday’s global-treacheries to concoct the farce that will claim global-legitimacy based solely on the radiated ashes of the human-race. Let’s take a walk through what has been planned for the cowards among us to swallow-whole.

The recent appointment of death squad organizer Robert Ford as US Ambassador to Egypt suggests as much.

Ford’s appointment sends a clear message: US policymakers want to destroy Egypt in the same way they have destroyed Iraq and Syria - by using death squads and false-flag terror to incite civil war.”

k) They can use death-squads again because Reagan, who created them, never had to pay for creating that cowardly weapon of Police-State International.

“According to Global Studies professor Michel Chossudovsky, Robert Ford teamed up with notorious war criminal John Negroponte to apply the “Salvador Option” in Iraq in 2004. Chossudovsky writes: “The ‘Salvador Option’ is a ‘terrorist model’ of mass killings by US sponsored death squads. It was first applied in El Salvador (by Negroponte) in the heyday of resistance against the military dictatorship, resulting in an estimated 75,000 deaths.”

Today’s Egypt, like 1980s El Salvador, is experiencing a heyday of resistance against military dictatorship. And Egypt’s military dictatorship (like El Salvador's 1980s junta) has already resorted to the mass murder of anti-government activists. Will Robert Ford, an expert in organizing political mass murder, help the Egyptian regime slaughter tens of thousands of peaceful protesters?”

k) Of Course!

“No - it’s even worse than that!

In the past, the US government would straightforwardly help dictators mass-murder their own people. In 1965 Indonesia, for example, CIA-controlled death squads murdered roughly one million opponents of the Suharto regime. The CIA collected the names of prospective victims, trained the death squads, and unleashed them. Most of the million people murdered by those CIA death squads were brutally tortured before death…

…Today, the US is more interested in destroying Middle Eastern countries than in propping up Asian and Latin American dictators. So it has refined its use of death squads. Instead of simply murdering anti-government activists to prop up an American-owned puppet dictator, the US now sponsors death squads on both sides of the political-religious divide. The purpose: Create a civil war to weaken the targeted nation.”

k) And that’s the only business our worn-out military is in the habit of providing—designed to boost profits for the Warmongers, the Dreamslayers and the Executioner’s assigned to end the human-race!

That is what Robert Ford’s “Salvador Option” accomplished in Iraq in 2004 - 2006. And it is also what Ford’s “Salvador Option II” accomplished in Syria in 2011.”

k) What we cannot accomplish by direct invasion we end up doing by creating false-flag civil wars, everywhere we go now.

“In 2004, the Iraqi resistance was defeating the American invaders. So Ford and Negroponte used death squads and false flag terrorism to turn the various factions of the resistance against each other. They created US-sponsored “al-Qaeda” death squad units to brutally and indiscriminately attack Shia victims. And they encouraged (and in some cases manufactured) Shia retaliation - in the hope that it would alienate the larger Sunni community and lead to sectarian civil war.

The American “Salvador Option” team was responsible for many if not most of the “suicide bombings” targeting Iraqi civilians during those years. They would pay an Iraqi to drive a truck to a market or mosque, park, and await further instructions. The truck would then be blown up by remote control, and the Iraqi would be posthumously labeled a “suicide bomber.”

Ford and Negroponte used British as well as American false-flag terror units for some of their dirty work. One of those units, consisting of two British Special Forces officers dressed as Iraqis, was arrested by Iraqi police in Basra on September 19th, 2005. The Brits had been bombing mosques and markets in attacks blamed on “Iraqi sectarians.” When the two disguised British soldiers were arrested, their car was full of weapons and bombs. The day after their arrest, the British army destroyed the Basra jail, using tanks to demolish the walls, in order to recover their two false-flag terrorists, and protect them from the trial that would have exposed the crimes of Ford, Negroponte, and their British terror team in Basra.”

k) Over and over and over again we always use variants of the crimes we used in the past—even when those crimes failed to produce the promised victories we claimed we would enjoy… (2)

“Perhaps the most notorious US-sponsored false-flag attack in Iraq - presumably planned by Ford and Negroponte - was the bombing of the al-Askari “Golden Dome” mosque in Samarra on February 22nd, 2006. Witnesses in the neighborhood reported that prior to the bombing, US forces cordoned off the mosque and took control of it. There was absolutely no doubt in anyone's mind that the bombing was carried out by US forces, who were in complete control of the cordoned-off mosque when the bombs went off. Naturally, this US attack was blamed on “al-Qaeda.

The net result of Ford and Negroponte’s false-flag terror campaign in Iraq was a civil war that still rages to this day.”

k) All of this is easily available to anyone that cares to spend an hour on the web—but Amerikans did not want to know any more about what they already suspected…

“The destruction of Iraq through death squads and false-flag terror was so successful that Ford was sent to Syria to do the same thing. In 2011, Ford was made Ambassador to Syria - and suddenly a wave of violence created the same kind of civil war that still rages in Iraq.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has belatedly realized that the violence in his country was created by false-flag terrorists. What happened was this: Ford’s death squads, consisting of well-trained professional killers, would station themselves on rooftops during US-incited anti-Assad demonstrations. At a designated moment, the snipers would begin firing. Some of the snipers would create the appearance that they were Syrian army soldiers firing at the demonstrators. Others, on a different rooftop, would create the impression that they were demonstrators firing at the soldiers.

Soon, the pro- and anti-Assad forces really were firing at each other. Will Ford organize the same kind of mischief in Egypt?

Based on his record in Iraq and Syria, here is what we should expect: Ford and his team of US death squad organizers and false-flag terror experts (possibly including some of the people who blew up the World Trade Center) will create shootings and bombings blamed on “radical Islamists.” They will then encourage the Egyptian junta to arrest, torture, and murder even more peaceful protestors than it already has. Since the Egyptian military junta is basically an American militia, created and maintained by billions of dollars of US support, the puppet dictator el-Sisi will have to follow American orders... and plunge his country into civil war.

Does the US really want to destroy Egypt, as it has destroyed Iraq and Syria?”

k) Absolutely because we have promised Egypt to Israel as part of their supposed GREATER STATE of ISRAEL. And the US does everything that Israel commands us to do—regardless of the cost in treasure or lives; because this nation is run by blackmailed cowards who will do anything except what they swore to do: Which was to defend the US Constitution & the people of the United States… Think about it and decide which side you will live or die on?

“Apparently, yes. It is worth noting that the US covertly engineered the overthrow of democratically-elected President Morsi in part because Morsi had spoken out forcefully against Ethiopia’s plan to dam the Nile, steal most of Egypt’s water supply, and condemn much of Egypt's population to slow death.

Bottom line: The US, through its Ethiopian puppet, is planning a genocide that will kill tens of millions of Egyptians. And if any Egyptian leader tries to stop it, as Morsi planned to, he will be eliminated.

Why does the US feel the need to destroy Middle Eastern countries? Ironically, it isn’t even about US interests. It’s about Israel’s “Oded Yinon plan” to annihilate Israel’s neighbors and seize all the land between the Nile and the Euphrates for Greater Israel. That is why, as Gen. Wesley Clark revealed, Israel took over the US via the 9/11 coup d’état - with a plan to destroy “seven countries in five years” in service to Netanyahu’s “Clean Break” document, itself an update of the Oded Yinon plan to destroy the Middle East for Israel.”

k) That plan as divulged to General Clark has grown to massively out-of-control proportions now, to such a degree that if we had twice the money that we’re spending now we could not begin to even make a dent in accomplishing this global-insanity.

Since Reagan decommissioned our military-bases in the USA, so they could reappear and expand themselves the world over ­ we have no troops here to defend the people of the USA from this totally corrupt government… That's why America not-only must NOT disarm: Instead we have to dismantle the criminal charade that is currently in power—because we are armed!

Individually we need to assist in insuring that we can make the legal-punishments stick—or there will be global war!

“There is only one way to resist this impending genocide. All Middle Eastern people, regardless of religion or nationality, must unite and resist the Zionist-sponsored destruction of their lands.”

At the end of the day; if we allow our treasonous-captivity to go forward—then:

What shall you do “Without FREEDOM”?

William Shakespeare ­

"A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once.”

1) US government Targeting Egypt for Destabilization, eventual destruction

2) The Middle-East Re-Run of the Vietnam War



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