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Jim Kirwan


In Failing to Face the World

Yesterday the world witnessed the failure of Netanyahu to even appear at the United Nations, to mark the 70th year of the 'organization' that was responsible for creating the totally illegal place we call the 'Israel' of today.

Obama shunned the other global-celebrations held to mark the 70th year since the ending of the Second World War (Zionism's finest hour), in Russia and in China: but as the UN is located in the U.S., USI could not avoid making the appearance which Obama used, to lecture the world and to lie again and again and again about the state of the world today.

This situation was created because of the issues surrounding Nuclear weapons and Iran, as well as the five year long war on Syria that was instigated by Israel. There was also the problem which the cowardly Netanyahu refused to participate in, because unlike his triumphant trip to illegally lecture the totally submissive US Congress, earlier this year: The international audience at the UN was not considered submissive-enough to warrant Bibi's presence to appear as himself - the most angry global-war-monger in the world today.

Besides: This was Obamanation's 43 minutes before the pathetic world body to publicly run for Dictator of the World and in that context, Netanyahu would have only been another reminder of the global-nuclear-evils that Israel is using to blackmail the nations in that audience, both in the UN and by default throughout the criminal-media construct around the planet, now known as CNN.

Obamanation left out a few things from his glowing report to the world. He forgot to mention that the US has attacked Iraq three separate times beginning in 1991: The U.S. has been fighting Iraq for 26 consecutive years, only to have to concede that everything we did in Iraq, was all illegal, and it was all a total and abject failure.

The US has also proudly attacked Iran three times, since the 1950's. And since the US failed to conquer Iran, they decided to starve its people to death with SANCTIONS, much as they tried to do in Iraq in the 1990's. Yet Iran and Iraq are still considered hostile to the United States that has proven their own lies throughout the entire region by their own military track record of USI: While neither Iraq nor Iran has ever attacked the United States ­ and yet both nations have elected to fight to protect themselves from foreign invaders.

Syria is accused of murdering and bombing their own people: Yet Amerika has been publicly torturing, raping, tasering and slaughtering its own people: Publicly, before the world, since long before USI attacked Libya, Syria or the people of Ukraine. The U.S. had no plan to do anything in Libya, we have only entered other nations to totally destroy them, not to “bring anyone, anything new or lasting except 'War, War, & Lots More War'” from the Project for a New American Century.

What happened to the worldwide outrage this should have produced?

Yesterday Obamanation accused Russia of attacking Ukraine and of working to undermine the survivability of Ukraine as an independent nation. But he failed to mention that US troops, weapons, and money are the only continuing support that Ukraine has had since USI triggered the overthrow of the nation of Ukraine. Russia has sent dozens upon dozens of humanitarian-convoys of food and supplies as well as having provided gas to the US supported but criminally failed-nation; until Russia could no longer ignore the theft of their gas by the Oligarch's. Russia has continued to accept millions of the surviving refugees fleeing the fighting in the East, while the US has supplied only more weapons, mercenaries and US troops to keep that war going, despite the fact that Ukraine is no longer a nation: By any global standard.

The US has only one answer to the entire world for every problem that we face:

That answer is always the same: REGIME CHANGE.

Regime Change should instead be directly and immediately applied

Directly to U.S.I. & Israel

Because the major threats to people everywhere today

Come almost exclusively from Israel & U.S. Inc.

Obama tried to paint Russia as the major threat to world peace, but which nation has nearly 800 bases around the world, outside their home nation. Which nation is currently involved in waging war in over 72 nations around the planet? Which nation is using drones, sabotage, and mini-nukes to secretly murder innocent people all over the planet each and every day? Which nation has instituted a worldwide net to spy upon the entire planet, during every minute of every day 365 days of the year? And what other leader in the world today can decide who lives and who dies each and every day, without charges or trial, as his special exemption from all the laws both national & international, because he's “special” and because he is a puppet of Israel otherwise known as The Khazarian Supremacy.

If the U.S. Had been serious about using the “UN” to begin the changes that need to happen, to end the current threat of WWIII, they would have begun yesterday by announcing that: “The United States, in the interests of finding 'global solutions' to the problems we are all facing, will immediately and unconditionally lift all our global sanctions everywhere, so that a new era can begin with a clean slate, as a mark of good faith in this 70th year that celebrates the founding of the now fake United Nations?

That could have been done at any time,

but it should have been announced yesterday

instead of letting Obamanation use his 43 minutes

to run for Global War-Criminal of the Century.

All that garbage that Obama tried to go on and on about, regarding progress, human-rights and all the other lies he could not restrain himself from uttering: Was not only NOT TRUE: He totally lied about the track record of history that is still partially there, despite all the efforts to erase everything in the global past.

When the Industrial Revolution began, (From about 1760 to 1820) the 'promises' that were offered to the people of the world were filled with dreams and hope for a better life for all the people of the earth. But as the changes began to supplant the existing societies, the promises made were soon forgotten, in favor of filling the coffers of the filthy-rich worldwide: Which is what actually happened to all those broken promises and perverted dreams.

This entire cycle can be seen today in Palestine where the means of transportation is a donkey-draw cart with cast-off rubber tires that's used to collect junk from the rubble of Palestine, in which life is no longer possible under the current & continuing Israeli illegal occupation today.

This symbolizes where the rubber-meets the dirt or where the Stone Age makes itself known, which makes a mockery of modernity, in the scorched earth policies amid all the dried blood and death hidden beneath the destruction throughout nation after nation today.

Palestine is still trying to take back their state, but all of Israel's crimes before the 1967 war have now been officially erased. So now the treacherously criminal UN has granted Palestine “a flag”, another token, from the fake-seat of global-power, but of what use is a flag without a nation for it to fly over?

The other crime committed by USI and Israel was the fraudulently appointed current leader of the PLO. The US demanded that Palestine hold an election so that they could be 'represented' in the fake peace talks, which the US and Israel convened in compliance with the UN. Hamas, which was the unofficial 'protector' of Palestine, won the election in 2005. The War on Lebanon followed in 2006, where Hezbollah and Hamas kicked Israel's ass before the entire world: Something which Israel has still not recovered from: .


The US & Israel refused to honor the 'result-of-that-vote' in 2005, so they appointed Abbas, as President of Palestine who is the current leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization. He's a puppet of both Israel and USI, good luck with looking any deeper into this continuing crime...

The only thing that underscores yesterday at the United Nations

Is the continuing Genocide

That's become the only 'sacrament' remaining.

On the Globally-Ancient Alter of Unending Global Warfare

everywhere around this planet,

How much longer will the people wait

to release their rage & outrage against the real criminals on this planet?

Rage & Outrage are Waiting

Brace for Impact


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