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Courts Are Dead In The USA

By Jim Kirwan

I’ve worked with various Departments’ of Justice as an advisor and illustrator since the late 1960’s and throughout that period of time I’ve watched the entire system turn into the armed and dangerous criminal system which it clearly is today.

In California I assisted with the passage of the Three Strikes Law, when it was founded: Based on three FELONIES only. Shortly after that was passed, it was quietly changed to consist of three convictions for anything. Thereafter the theft of a slice of pizza qualified anyone found guilty of three crimes for life in prison—that lie finished me with the Department’s of the Attorney’s General, state and national, as well as with the California Department of Justice, the Prosecutor’s, Judges, cops and all their fringe groups like the Chamber of Commerce both state and national. Since that time which was the late 1970’s there has been no law for the ordinary people in the United States. But the criminality throughout the system continued through the late 1980’s and throughout the 1990’s.

Over two thirds of the nation gets no hearing, much less any justice as promised in the Constitution or in any of the lies continuing to be spread by government and the mass media. Our entire legal system all the judges & the lawyers are in this up to their eyes!

By the time we entered the New Millennium, everything that once justified any kind of system was dead and buried: The proof of that is what’s now taking place in Ferguson, Missouri: Because there are NO COURTS, that will hear from the poor or most of the middle class any longer: Only the rich have the use of these totally corrupted U.S. courts nationwide.

This morning there several comments about the possibility of the events in Ferguson being “used” to sponsor various outlaws and other criminal groups—suggesting that the people of Ferguson should just shut up and go home. I disagreed vehemently.

Reader: “This is looking more and more manipulated by the day. Reports of Obama's old Commie friends in Chicago busing in all hands on deck commie mercs!

Plus this report, unconfirmed but along similar false flag lines

These people do not appear to be locals now, and look much harder core bangers and so it’s looking much more MERC to me. The reports crossing my desk of Chicago Commies seem quite real and the pattern fits well with what we have seen in other battles both

domestic and foreign (although the foreign ones are seriously armed)

I dunno, whenever people wake up to all of this and secure their children and find new ways to OUT these plots and thwart them I just dunno…

It's well planned, managed and now pretty well manned, Now set up for some serious shooting for both sides to bring total darkness down upon us all

Just even writing about it or watching it is SO POSIONOUS I don't even recommend that.

K - That's been THE problem all along - gutless Amerrikans!

There is no choice this time - if the public won't even look

at what's happening there is zero chance of fixing anything...

R - Every moment distracted is another moment lost to

prepare for what’s coming down.

k- Fck every "prepper" here - assholes one and all who only

give a damn about their worthless asses. (k -preppers “stuff will get picked off immediately if not sooner, because nothing they’ve been doing is secret from those who want to steal it all)

R - Notice how even one more news story. It takes up Neural Space and creates anxiety and all the rest of negativity. They are draining us of every last good electron and neurotransmitter as if the bad food and water wasn't enough of a nightmare to overcome in CA.

K - This is a god damned WAR! The sooner people wake up

to that fact the sooner this can be ended in the plus column.

This is not Baghdad or Libya - Gaza or Kiev, this is down home

Missouri, and if we fail here we're going to lose the war before

it fully starts!

R -Good news is that our CA bangers are quite well versed in most of this counter rev merc provocateur activity. They will be tested soon enough. ALL I have spoken too seem quite clear who the enemy is and how to work around these evil plots, even though it can get one's blood boiling easy.

K - Having one's blood boil is a natural part of the kinds of

rage and outrage that are being sown far and wide by

thugs in uniform and over-the-top 21st century war making

garbage - if this is going to stop, then the public must force

the "troops" to take off the riot gear and find the flea-bitten

civilian cop clothes, and attend a public press conference


R -Nope they all are still on board with non violence and putting cops outta work!


ACTUAL REALITY - the peace-niks have wasted the last 14 years:

"Now it’s time for all good men to come to the aid of their country" and piss on anyone that tries to get in the way of putting these thugs back where they belong, inside steel cages for the rest of their pathetic lives...

Another reader questions the depth of sincerity with this link to the real news

K: “One thing is crystal clear: If this nation still had a court

system, then we would not be conducting executions in the

streets either from the cops, or by those who get killed in their

ensuing activities.

But from the beginning of this event, there was no propensity

for ending any real conflict without deadly force. Once Brown was hit, but not fatally wounded - this murder could have been avoided if the cop had not given in to being judge, jury and executioner all in one.

Cops are not supposed to be all three in any situation: (or they weren’t until they decided to go rogue). Their only job is to restrain any offender (in their eyes), so that the rest of the process has the opportunity to sort out fact from fictions, regardless of personal suspicions: That part of this was prevented, by the state, from being present in this case.

And 'that' is what makes this just another murder that did not need to happen. However as the propensity for cops to shoot first and escape all responsibility, is now the norm - this has become what it now is - a demand by the public for the truth on all sides of this continuing non-investigation...

If there is no public discussion with all the facts being discussed in the street, as there are no longer any courts to hear this case - then what will follow will only deepen until there is a public explanation with everyone on “the STATE" side of this crime being forced to testify in public as to what happened and why they believe that this murder was justified.

Of course there is an aspect of the Trayvon affair, but If the public was armed, this could not have happened as it did. But so far only the STATE is allowed to carry out summary executions, and that too is part of this crime that is still not resolved...”

The only people who can afford “justice” are the only ones that ever get a day in court. All the rest get blackmailed into waiting in a cell for their day in court until they “cop-a-plea” just to get back to their lives. What most don’t know is that that too is added to their “record”, which carries no distinction as to the circumstances of their “conviction” which did not take place in a courtroom ­ but which was handed down by a filthy judge and his prosecutor who were only interested in the number of convictions they could expand upon and that has nothing to do with actually getting any real defense in any court.

By today’s rules there are no longer any courts that care about either guilt or innocence ­ that’s only for the ubber-rich. So what happens to the rest of us is that we get our “just-us” in the streets, on the business end of heavy caliber weapons meant to fight in a twenty-first century global war, but which are not supposed to be used against unconvicted citizens: Each of whom now faces - “certain death by paranoid cops”.

This won’t be stopped in any ordinary way: Because in this case the Police State was Dead Wrong, in what they did to that teenager, whether he was guilty of shoplifting or not. And what the state is continuing to do is nothing but putting gasoline on the fire they started with their zero-tolerance to freedom of speech of any kind and regardless of how many people the cops continue to murder throughout the United States!

The Police State was never intended to be a substitute for having a real court system ­ yet that’s exactly what these five Supreme Court Justices did when they overrode the Constitution and appointed Bush Jr.: And “we” did nothing at all about any of that!

That is why we had a “justice system” ­ to prevent exactly this kind of overkill by the state, along with demanding that the public remain silent and just go on with their lives.

What should happen in Ferguson is that the State should be tried for this crime and everyone in uniform should be arrested and have to face that trial which no one in power would ever grant to someone like Michael Brown…

No one deserves to be murdered by the State without charges being filed, without a trial or a jury and especially not now when the government has committed most of the crimes against the people of this place, for the last 14 years: Or at least since Bush and the Supreme Court stole the office of the presidency on 12-12-2000. We can’t undo that history but we could punish everyone still alive who was involved in that piece of High Treason against the people of this country and the Constitution.

Anyone in this place that still thinks they are “free” needs to get involved in this travesty and start making your voice heard loud and clear until some real actions take place—because “murder” is forever, and that cannot be undone by curfew’s, marital law, or police over-reactions with or without their military paraphernalia…

The cops are going to pay and pay dearly for this one: It may not be now, but it will come down to something very much like this when it does come. You can count on it, because that’s why the system had a legal department built into it ­ what we should never have allowed is that the entire system could be made to answer to the criminals in the political realm of the US government—because all of them are more deserving that anyone else for the blatant murder of Michael Brown ­ than he ever could have been!


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