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Copyrighting Human Lives


By Jim Kirwan


At the time of the merger that brought Time-Warner officially into the world of corporate criminality in a huge way: Copyrights were at the core of everything they needed to do to allow them to override individual copyright protections, to license that criminally created corporation of AOL Time Warner.

Parts of that blatant criminal-practice are being used today to override what’s happening inside corporations around the world. This stems from the unspoken corporate practices that have come to require compliance with corporate policies by their ‘contract-employees’ that owe even their thoughts to the corporation, whether what people think takes place at work or at home: As employees your every thought now belongs to the corporation.

In the AOL merger of “TIME Warner” the issue was the creation of images and ideas that were privately copy-written which the major industries maintained actually belonged not to the people with the copyrights but to the corporations for whom those creative employees worked now: This was a massive overload AGAINST INDIVIDUALITY and innovation on behalf of the artists and the work each of them had created especially if the ‘creations’ had happened when they were employed by a corporation, despite that they did what they did on what they thought was their own time.

Government backed the corporate takeover of those copyrights, but the anger thus engendered caused havoc and eventually led to the dissolution of Time-Warner, in their criminal-bid to attempt to control every copy written image in the universe.

That was just one battle. I wrote about, as an artist for Ad Busters magazine, but they declined to go with the story at the time.

It looks like this star-crossed story is back: This time seeking absolute control over the lives and thoughts of corporate employees—24-7 and 365 days of the year: This is based on the corporate-right to own whatever any employee does while employed by the corporation; not just during working hours. The new and quietly practiced program marks the Death of not just the creative types needed to push products, but quite literally every person that wants to have a life beyond any corporate job they might one day take… because this practice marks the end of employees, as real people; independent from the grasping lusts of the corporations that have interpreted ‘employment’ to mean enslavement.

Under the new rules employees can now be terminated for attending public gatherings and/or disputing public polices of the government or the corporations at any level: If the meetings in question are contrary to the ‘positions’ of the corporation at any given time.

This happens because employees no longer have any right to their own opinions.

The personal habits of employees’ can also be ruled-on by the corporations as they might have an effect upon the ability of the ‘employee’ to do his or her job. This includes any private or other organizations that anyone might be part of, as well as any personal habits which the employee might choose to pursue outside of work: Because employees are actually not allowed to do anything outside the corporate sphere: Covert surveillance is routinely and illegally used to find and prove violations of corporate policy, by any serf they technically employ, which includes every act of “privacy” that any serf might seek to maintain, which the corporation continues to use against anyone on the corporate payroll, at any time.

By allowing ourselves to become co-opted by employers; the people of the world have been brought much closer to the global crosshairs that will make the subject of this video, much closer to reality than any of us might want to be, if we actually still had the right to think and act for ourselves today.

Epitaph Video: The Late Great United States

When people’s ordinary lives are stolen without being paid for, by the corporations, who demand 24 hour a day loyalty; but who only pay peanuts for the services the salary’s cover: Then this is what we get for allowing this travesty to continue…


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