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Wolfgang Halbig - Cops Are To
Protect People Not Lie To Them

By Wolfgang Halbig
To Lt. Paul Vance and others

Paul and Friends:

You tell a lie long enough you actual start to believe that is actually the truth.  Right?

Here you are in the first clip telling Scott Pelley from CBS News that you personally observed Adam Lanza's body in the hallway of Sandy Hook.  I guess you must know what you are talking about since you are the CT public Information Officer.  Right?

Have you read the official Danbury State Attorney's Steve Sedensk'y Investigative report?

You might want to refresh your memory because it clearly states that Adam Lana was found shot dead in classroom 10.  Right?

If you do not remember I have provided you with the official report for your review.

Now this next video is just unbelievable.  Where did you guys find these people and what promises did you make to them to lie like that?

Here we have a supposed father of twins who attended Sandy Hook on Dec 14, 2012.  Both had separate teachers and you found them at the firehouse which I am glad he did.

What I cannot believe is that that night he goes to his church and after church he knows the names of children who died at Sandy Hook before the parents where even notify late that night.

How is that even possible?

How do you sleep at night knowing that you and your friends created this National Panic and Fear across this country in proving what?  You have Inflicted Emotional Distress on millions and I mean millions of Americans and for what?

You may have immunity but you are supposed to protect not hurt millions of Americans especially parents and grandparents who now fear about the next Sandy Hook in their community.

What is wrong with you people?

I know who needs Mental Health services and it is not me.




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