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Super Dictatorship!

By Jim Kirwan

This began in 2002

With Bush-Ashcroft & The Bush Doctrine!

Welcome to The Super-Dictatorship

Two years ago we had the Super Committee in the Congress. Twelve people who were to have absorbed all the functions of the congress into just twelve people. That meant that the public was totally blocked from any voice in whatever the hell they were supposedly doing. However it failed. That was followed by the Gang of Eight. Same problem, same outcome ­ zero. Then came some lame but much more hazy group that was tasked with what the two previous illegal gatherings had failed to accomplish. Part of that broken effort survived and managed to drag the rest of the congress into the last two weeks of childish stalling that only succeeded so far in getting the U.S. Credit rating reduced even further—and in pissing off everyone both in the country and beyond.

Then today comes this breakthrough announcement, that if enacted, will kill the Republic outright—because there is no longer any representation of the people, nor is there any government of, by or for the people: There is only the Dictatorship being administered by the

Congressional Super Dictatorship!

Senate announces deal to end government shutdown, lift debt ceiling 16 Oct 2013 With hours left for Congress to finalize and pass legislation before the United States' borrowing authority expires, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., formally unveiled a plan Wednesday that will fund the government through Jan. 15 and lift the debt limit through Feb. 7. The pair started negotiating earlier this week after attempted talks between President Obama and House Republicans failed to come together. After coming close to a deal on Monday evening, they stepped aside Tuesday to allow the House to attempt to negotiate a solution. When the GOP leadership failed to craft a plan that could win sufficient Republican support, Reid and McConnell were back in the spotlight.

The legislation will instruct Congressional leaders to name negotiators to a group a new 'Super Dictatorship,' led by Sen. Patty Murray, D-Was., and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., that will craft a larger budget deal [to quietly slash Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid] due in December. [Right, and during a colossal White House Holiday Eve Bad News Dump, this new Super Dictatorship will announce Obama's deal to slash 'entitlements,' with nary a report or whimper from the lame-stream media. ­LRP (1)

Apparently I missed ‘Medicaid’ yesterday when I wrote about how the government will slash Social Security & Medicare. (2)

Why did they do it?

It was to enact a totally illegal rape of the finances of ordinary people in America. There is this very enlightening expose of what exactly the unaffordable Non-Health-Care Bill is really all about. (3)

This is a WEALTH-TRANSFER from the poorest people in this country to the wealthiest outlaws in the world ­ unless this is killed within days - then we’re all dead.

The Republic is already dead, the ‘Union’ has been canceled and the constitution is awaiting the flames the traitors have already ordered to destroy it: And the people? What people! There are only a bunch of tourists living here that refuse to have their slumber disturbed by thugs taking down the nation ­ because it appears that real-Americans are nowhere to be found?

Where do we go from here?

If you really want the answer to that question; just have a look at what happened to the ‘government traitors’ after the French Revolution, or to the German ministers after the Burning of the Reichstag that paved the way for Hitler’s unchallenged rule, in the thirties. In each and every case, the first people to disappear after a coup like the one that started yesterday ­ are the people that created the crimes that led to the revolution and that’s a fact.

Almost every one of those who made the takeovers possible were virtually gone almost simultaneously, from within. Watch this film about what happened during The Bolshevik-Russian revolution, brought to them by the same people that engineered this takedown of America today—that’s right they never went away those bastards are still out there, still plotting and demanding more blood to slake their unquenchable thirst! (4)

Our ‘criminal-politicians, generals and fake-spy’s will disappear. The total number would probably amount to tens of thousands at the very least—so the American public would be deprived of the chance to try them or hang them, because their own forces will destroy them once they’re no longer needed. That’s just the way violent revolutions from within, tend to work…

Posted on October 13, 2013 by David

This is just a fictional scenario for the possible consequences that the people of the United States are facing in the coming week.

The Preppers are Right - Tom Dennen

The events of the past week have been surreal to me: each passing hour seemed to have another announcement detailing the collapse of the United States. But today, I have no choice but to accept these events and prepare accordingly. Today, reality sank in as I read the following chronology of “highlights” that started on November 16th, 2013 on

October 16, 2013”.

This article runs from the 16th of October to the 21st of October and this is by far the kindest form of what is about to happen to most Americans; given the outrage just announced by Congress today. This is a must read for people that believe that some order will still obtain. This is a must read for anyone that knows something about how governments and world markets actually work! (5)

Below is a fictional account of what I “saw” today as I walked from the Mariana up through Pacific Heights in San Francisco while thinking about what will might well come to pass very soon. This will not be for most people because it’s what so many have been trying to warn the rest of us about - for years…

As I walked through the sidewalk café’s, the shops and small boutiques along Union Street, my mind was seeing what I know is coming, unless this nation get’s up off its knees.

The early-afternoon sunlight through the tree-lined streets was comforting, there was a small breeze. The sidewalk tables were crowed with all the ‘right people’ having the correctly nourishing foods, interspersed with light chatter about nothing at all. The women were walking the tiniest of little dogs while pausing here and there to gape and laugh as they continued with their leisurely shopping. There were a few males, but none stood out against the crowd.

On the other side of the street were the mostly-older-but still-correct men and their companions, with drinks and salads, some with a canapé. Their mood was generally friendly yet reserved. They crowded round the tiny sidewalk tables snatching glances at the others and the traffic with equal distain - before continuing their ‘meaningful discussions’ with others of like mind.

On the side where I was walking there were mostly women because that side had mostly women’s boutiques, among hair, nails and cosmetic shops with only the occasional coffee-bar to break the monotony. It was a “normal” afternoon in yuppiedom for a Wednesday afternoon.

What I was seeing was not what was out there today. It was what would soon be there that no one on Union Street had any idea of, given what will soon be coming - to each and every one of us…

You could almost hear the sound of car-bombs amid, the rising smoke that was beginning to bloom from several different locations on or near the boulevard. It was then that the crowd seemed almost paralyzed; trying to differentiate what might have caused the foreign sounds?

Then there were several cars overflowing with teenagers that spun onto Union from the side-streets. They screeched to a stop just long enough to dump their heavily armed occupants into the street and then took off again. It was then that the crowd began to try to react. The men stood up and glared, the women began to move back inside whatever was the nearest shelter. The thugs paid no one any particular notice as they began what looked to be a methodical attack on the waning crowds.

Traffic came to a virtual halt while people tried to figure out what was real and what might have been just a series of shots probably for a film, because the new arrivals were so determined, so angry - most just assumed that this was all for show, so instead of running, they stopped to watch for what might happen next…

Then one of the thugs grabbed a teenage nanny from behind and began to shred her dress while kicking the stroller with three perfect infants into the street ­ that activated a man in his early fifties to lunge up from his table swearing at the thug, only to be torn into by a volley of shotgun shells that dropped his body a few feet back from where he had started to move to help the babysitter. The creature with the shotgun laughed and waved to a few more of his friends to join him and by now everyone knew that this was real. The men were staring at each other while the women tried to run. The victims had no weapons of any kind, but they grabbed whatever looked useful at the moment. Meanwhile a different crowd that must have been fleeing from the site of the first explosions came running down the street. Their pursuer’s were walking methodically behind the crowd, pausing to take aim every so often and let off three second bursts from automatic weapons as they came.

The first rank was composed of the shooters, but there was a large crowd of others that were chasing down individuals, tearing and ripping at clothing and jewelry interspersed with occasional but vicious blows ­ while others carried hunting knives. They seemed to delight in using those against anyone they thought might be valuable enough to bother with. The screams and cries became chilling to those that knew people that were caught in the carnage.

A teen-age boy was thrown high-up against a wall right in front of me. His blood splashed over me in an instant. As he began to fall back to earth his body was cut by bullets in a way that made it look almost like a giant knife had sliced him totally in half. I lost track of time. There was a firestorm going on all around us in the street, so I tried to run from Union, back up into the hills of Pacific Heights.

I passed a burned out patrol car, the occupants had been stripped of every stitch of clothing. One was unrecognizable as he no longer had a face. The other had been shot several times in the groin area, to the point that there was nothing to see - the car was still burning as I ran past. I was moving from building to building to stay away from the street that was too wide to risk running anywhere near it. I could hear screams coming from inside the apartments as I moved toward higher ground. The occasional window was blown out, or broken, sometimes from gunfire, or mostly by people just trying to escape from the buildings that only hours before had been beautiful and expensive apartments from 8 to 12 stories high ­ no security, because none was needed, before congress decided to end the Republic and cancel the Union ­ apparently that’s what brought on this open-air barbecue of what used to be human-beings. The carnage was already beginning and I wondered what more would nightfall bring, if I live long enough to get to that?

About that time I heard the helicopters. I wondered whether they were there to fight off the attackers or had they come to kill the remaining survivors? As the choppers came in lower their loud- speakers screamed “Drop your weapons ­ Stop Resisting” and I thought ­ “yeah right, where the fuck were you when so many people were just cut down where they stood”? But I just slumped to the ground, feigning my own death, because I was still covered in the blood of several victims. Then I heard the sound of the missile that hit the first chopper dead-on and it exploded like something out of movie but the scraps of bodies that came down with bits of shrapnel were wet with blood. I rolled back into the growing shadows of the apartment building and watched the second chopper smash directly into one of the building a few hundred feet away. It began to look and feel a bit like something out of Apocalypse Now, but since I missed out on Vietnam, I couldn’t know for certain. What I did know is that these victims never ever thought that this carnage could have come to them just because they hadn’t bothered to pay attention to what their world had actually become…’

Forgive the verbal sketch. I wanted to lend some of the unexpected to what could all too easily happen, if we don’t take control of this broken state before it really is too late. The verbal sketch in link (5) didn’t have enough of the potential real-time problems in it for me. So I thought maybe I could explain some of what so many tell me they have been seeing now for decades, everywhere they go…

There are only a few hours left before the 17th becomes reality and since things might begin to change very quickly soon I just wanted to leave you with as wide a range of possibilities so that no one thinks that this could ever be confined to the kind of life we tend to think of as ‘our’ here and now.

1) News Updates from Citizens for Legitimate Government
16 Oct All links are here:

2) The Third Rail Awaits

3) ObamaCare Exposed Biggest Swindle Ever 16 min video

4) Jura Lina - The Jewish Hand in Bolshevism/Communism Not Mentioned 1hr 59min video ­subtitled

5) OCTOBER 21, 2013, 2:00 PM The Government Takes Control of all News Outlets. The Internet is Shut Down.





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