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Complete 100% Shutdown
Effects NO ONE Talks About
Or, Connecting The Shutdown Dots

By Ted Twietmeyer

According to house republican leaders on Saturday 10/12, they informed their capitol hill colleagues Obama has rejected increasing the debt ceiling for SIX WEEKS (Source: CNN news.) He is definitely working under someone's orders to undermine America.

 This may be the final nail in America's economic coffin. A complete, real 100% shutdown has never been allowed to happen in America's history. But we are on the path to it right now. And I hope I'm wrong. Never before has there been stonewalling and no negotiating like this from the white house. That's what makes this time different. Let's hope it's nothing more than sabre-rattling.

 Failure and possible full shutdown of the INTERNET CAN HAPPEN. What is the how and why of this? The actual internet itself is NOT your connection to your internet provider. It is not your internet provider either. The web, or internet actually consists of massive, government owned high speed routing computers which run 24/7 all year long. These machines were originally part of a defense network, and now route public data everywhere. These computers are housed in secret locations all around the country and the world. ALL internet providers are connected to one of these data centers via T carrier (small internet providers) or fiber-optic cables for big providers. If technicians and engineers who work at these facilities do not show for work without pay, equipment or computer failures/crashes will stay non-functional. Regions of the internet and possibly entire cities will go down, and stay down. Even if these people do show up for work, they will be unable to purchase replacement equipment.

 Enjoy your internet connection while your computer still has a website to connect to.

 We have been told 800,000 federal employees were unpaid when the shutdown occurred. Some employees have been returned to work.

 But there is more important info in this data than meets the eye.

 We have been told that 800,000 represents 17% of all federal employees. Some simple math shows that 1% of all federal employees = 47,059.8 employees
 If we multiply that 1% number by 100, we obtain the total number of federal employees: 4,705,980.  That's 4.7 MILLION people.

 If each employee has a average family of 4, a complete shutdown will directly affect 18,823,920 men, women and children.

 This represents 1 out of 16 Americans.

 But that won't be all. Many federal employees and their families are directly or indirectly connected with American industry, stores, etc... so many millions more will be affected.

 A full shutdown will badly hurt futures and stock markets. Large defense companies like Haliburton, Lockheed and Boeing and thousands of small businesses will be severely affected when progress payments stop. Stock share prices will plummet; even the wealthy can lose their wealth overnight. It may even lead to another 1929 depression.

 As one economist on a major news network stated, "No one really knows. This has never happened before." But you don't need to be a economist to see what can happen. Perhaps he was too terrified of the thought to talk about it on camera.

 Other known seriously negative effects of 100% economic shutdown:

 * No more social security checks
 * No more veterans disability or other similar checks
 * No more mail delivery
 * No more aid to schools and communities
 * Default on US debit payments to China, which is now well over 1 trillion dollars
 * Default on all government contracts, even those which are currently being paid
 * Default on monthly grant payments to researchers and scientists at universities
 * Soldiers and federal police officers will no longer have salaries
 * USA credit rating will definitely drop
 * Soldiers overseas may go unpaid again, perhaps for a undefined period of time.

 A complete shut down will leave AMERICA VULNERABLE TO HER ENEMIES.

 WalMart has already told employees in South Carolina and possibly elsewhere:

 1. As of 10/13/13 it will no longer accept WIC payments
 2. As of 10/17/13 it will no longer accept FOOD STAMP cards

 WalMart admitted years ago there are Homeland Security offices inside their international Bentonville, Arkansas WalMart corporate offices. Do their recent directives listed above indicate the company has already been told about a intentional, 100% US government shutdown?

 Looks like thirteen may be a very unlucky number for all Americans this year.

 Inside information from a government contact has stated that 50% unemployment is expected in mid January, 2014. Hopefully this is just psychological warfare and not real.

 For the icing on the shutdown cake, it has been known that a national power grid failure drill is scheduled for 11/13 and 11/14 in cold November. Now imagine your power going out suddenly and intentionally, with no internet before it happens.

 Phone service will be affected in various ways. Telephone companies usually have just a 4 hour battery backup. While you cell phone may be fully charged, it may find no tower exists which is functioning. In reality, a wired phone line may be a better means of telecommunication. Your DSL or cable internet connection may go down when your local routers and server farms no longer have power. But regular telephone service may still function for a time.

 In mid November, it's already cold and snowing in many parts of America. Not a good time to be without power. At least this drill was scheduled for January...

 During the "drill" power stations disconnect from the grid. No one knows how long it will actually take to RE-CONNECT power stations all around America back on the grid again. This has never been done before. Most likely there is software for this which has never been tested. (That's very bad indeed, like buying V1.0 of any program.)

 Each power station generator must generate power at 60.0 cycles, the standard AC frequency. Each station MUST be perfectly  synchronized to the power grid frequency to within a fraction of a cycle in order to reconnect to the grid. Otherwise, huge circuit breakers and very big fuses will blow which will either need to be reset or replaced. We'll see just how good some untested software works, which is to be tested on innocent people in cold November on you and I.

 Does having your own generator come to mind? It should if you have an all-electric home, or have someone with a oxygen concentrator or other life support equipment in your household. If the power outage does not occur, you'll have protection for whenever power fails in the future.

 Do you get the impression Obama is out to destroy what's left of America? Leaving the country almost defenseless? What happened to other countries in world history who were defenseless? They were invaded and taken over. "Holy" Mohammed invaded 66 cities, and killed every man, woman and child who refused to convert to Islam. And this is the man who Obama idolizes so much, that he changed his name from Barry Soetoro to Barrack Hussein Obama. Nice.

 Delaying increasing the national debt until the end of November to restore government, until long AFTER the power grid shutdown? Obama stated recently in a national television address said that "Increasing the debt ceiling is not increasing the national debt. This just allows Congress to spend the money they have already decided to spend." Although that statement is clearly twisted logic and a insult to any American, if it isn't so bad then WHY is he not allowing it?

 Deep-in-red holiday sales could devastate stores and drive many people and businesses under - many are already hanging on by a thread.

 WalMart has already laid off thousands of people. Who saw that coming?

 There isn't just some handwriting on the wall here. Looking at everything involved, there doesn't appear to be any place left to write on the wall. Perhaps the real anti-christ is finally showing his true colors by doing everything possible to bring down America.

 All spineless Congress has to do to fix the impasse is over-ride the president before it's too late. That's what a republic is all about - protecting the people.

 Ted Twietmeyer





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