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The Club Of Rome

By Jim Kiran



The Gang of 300, The Tri-lateral Commission

The USSA, Israel Inc, The Club of Rome,

The Illuminati, The Vatican


The New World Order

Altogether This is AGENDA 21

There’s a video which brings all of these supposedly separate evils together. The video ties Israel and the USSA to the single most criminal set of actions, to the attempt to murder 95% of the global population. And this murderous association has been going on since 1968.

What is absolutely amazing is that this extremely public set of ‘groups’ has been publicly stating their intentions since 1968. Apparently the planet has failed to take notice, much less to react to their direct threat to carry out this global-death sentence. (1)

There wasn’t time to transcribe the whole video. I skipped PART I and highlighted PART 2 @ 15min 32 sec to 30min 35sec. Bayer Corporation the Rat of the Week. Carter led this effort to depopulate the planet by attempting to kill 2 billion people. In this part of the video we’re introduced to seven of the wealthiest people on the planet. All are members of the Club of Rome, who are, or should be of great concern to every American. You can see and read it all at the link.


In Part 3 Autism is covered, and perverted, by the World Health Association that’s responsible for increasing the mercury in vaccinations by 400% more than is safe for a normal child. This is shown here to be responsible for having created “Autism’ in otherwise normal children. This amounts to mass murder by the United Nations.


The Illuminati and the Depopulation Agenda

Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, George Soros, and Michael Bloomberg.

To these creatures Population Control is the Number 1 Issue:

Who Will live and Who Must die” ­ is all that matters.

At 46min. and 27 sec. Obamanation has revived the Euthanasia of Hitler’s Germany in 1939 ­ which began the genocide being carried our here. The apparatus here is to deny medical care to elderly, chronically ill and poor people and thus ‘save us’ the president says “2 to 3 trillion dollars by taking the lives that are “considered not worthy to be lived” ­ as the Nazi-doctors said.

Also in Part 4, FLORIDE ­ poisons millions of people through the public water supply. This is thoroughly explained and documented. (It’s all TERRORISM) brought to us by the W.H.O. & F. H.O. through use of industrial poisons. Ends @ 58 min, 44sec.


All food must be irradiated’ 3 billion deaths, 1 billion from starvation, 2 billions will die from preventable diseases from under-nutrition. The survivors will be the wealthy who can buy ‘clean-food’.


Begins @1hr, 3 min. 11sec. “The origins of environmental investment as we see it began in 1968, when the Club of Rome was founded.”

k) This paralleled LBJ’s failure to end the US war in Vietnam ­ in 1968. The public ended LBJ’s presidency but that created a need to stop the public from becoming any further involved in wars or politics again: Answer - the Club of Rome, to be followed by the Trilateral Commission in 1973 which ended any increases in what workers could ever earn from their labor.

The Club of Rome has been described as a crisis think-tank which specializes in crisis creation. The main purpose of this (Vatican correlated) think tank was to formulate a crisis ‘to unite the world and condition us to the idea of global solutions for local problems. In a document called ‘The 1st Global Revolution, authored by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider on Pg. 104 & 105 it stated: In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came us with the idea that pollution. The threat of global-warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fill the bill.

All these dangers, of course, will be caused by human intervention that will require a global-response. That’s the origin of “Global-Warming” Ladies & Gentlemen. @1 hr. 04min 36 sec.

In 1992 a former president of the United States, George Bush Sr. said: “Effective Execution of Agenda 21 will require profound reorientation of human society: Unlike anything the world has ever experienced. A major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action will be integrated into individual and collective decision-making, at every level.”

Cutting thru the Code I want everyone to consider what the words “profound-reorientation of all human society” and “Unprecedented ­redeployment of human and financial resources” actually means.”

For everyone here tonight, not familiar with Agenda 21, I would suggest that this is the beginning of your learning curve, not the end.”

In 1992 Morris Strong, Secretary General of the UN Earth Summit and member of the Club of Rome said: “It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent class involve high intake consumption of large amounts of frozen convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, ownership of motor vehicles, small electrical appliances, home and workplace air conditioning and suburban housing ­ and are not sustainable.”

k) Each and every category mentioned, also just happens to involve the jobs of millions of currently employed people—all of those jobs which will vanish, if these products are removed from American life.

Put those statements together with previous ones and it must become clear that Agenda 21 is about controlling every aspect of our lives. How we eat, what we eat, how much we eat, how we move around, food production and where we even live.

Dixie Ray, former Washington State Governor and Assistant Secretary for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs stated: Agenda 21 seeks to establish a mechanism for transferring the wealth from citizens to the third world. Fear of Environmental Crisis will be used to create a World Government and UN Central Direction.

From a report from the UN’s 1976 Habitat One Conference: Land cannot be trusted as an ordinary asset. Control by individuals is subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. (k- base-line old-world-communist reasoning) Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to “SOCIAL INJUSTICE”.

In other words Ladies and Gentlemen if you work hard and you exercise good financial management and invest in property ­ you are contributing to social injustice.”

In a report from The President’s Council on Sustainable Development: “We need a new collaborative decision process that leads to better decisions, more rapid changes, and more sensible use of human, natural and financial resources in advancing our goals.” And at the same time Harvey Rubin, Vice-Chair of the Wildlands Project (above) says: Individual Rights will have to take a back-seat to the collective.

Jay Gary Lawrence, advisor to President Clinton’s Council on sustainable Development said: “Participating in a UN advocated planning process would very likely bring out many of the conspiracy fixated groups and individuals in our society.”

And here we are!” k- This has however not been the case, as proven by California having adopted Agenda 21 without any public outcry - YET!

This segment of our society who fear one world government and UN invasion through which our individual freedoms will be stripped away, would actively work to defeat any elected official who joined the conspiracy by undertaking Agenda 21, so we will call our process something else. We will call it ‘comprehensive planning’ or growth management or ‘smart growth’. We ended up with “Sustainable Development”. k- This was embraced completely by the USSA & California

The redeployment of human and financial resources has now become visible to us all by the cuts to servicing programs to the sick, the young, the elderly and of course the creation of another level of poverty, now identified by the term “the working poor”…

We see Debit cash grabbing by new taxes called levies, supposedly because we are ‘cash-strapped’ in this state, and at the same time we see big project spending that does not fit with the message that we’re in a financial crisis! But we the people have to tighten our belts while the government seems absolutely unaware and unconcerned of the amount of Debt that is accumulating. This in turn means that taxes, levies, fines and other penalties will increase as well as the cost of living rises exponentially. And the ordinary citizen’s ability to exist-well is compromised with almost every law that we pass. We’re constantly paying for some local services that we don’t receive.”

k- Along with billions, sometimes trillions in gifts of our money to Israel and to the global-war-machine, that is never even counted, but we are obligated to pay that money, regardless of what we want the money to actually be used for.

This is wealth redistribution at the grass-roots level. Redeployment of financial resources, insuring only hardships for the citizens that just want to really get on with their lives.

The Parliament has also ventured into the rights of the people to own and retain their property and manage it without government interference. In particular the laws around water allocation, natural resource management, the native vegetation act, the development and planning act, which are all equally toxic to our food producers as they are to our long term security. We city dwellers need to remember that we pay a natural resource management levy on our tax rights. So this is not just going to affect food producers. The intrusions into our property that land producers are going through will roll out into the suburbs and into the city because they have the authority to do that. @1hr. 1min 23sec.


The Illuminati & Depopulation Agenda

…“As Agenda 21becomes more and more apparent to me, I began using the line in Parliament “the government was now declaring war on its own citizens” and that goes back as far as 2008. This of course, led me to be liable as a conspiracy theorist, but here we are now openly talking about Agenda 21 and the ramifications we all see in the short period of time, if this is not stopped in its tracks… Published in 1972 ­ the alarm to the limits of growth document, warning of world-wide over-population: The need for sustainable development. This was the beginning of the slow process of social engineering and programming people to accept that the planet is struggling to survive and to sustain life.”

k) Designed collapse, the murder of the Rainforests, Desertification, Starvation, Drought & the return of the Dustbowl along with poisoning every aspect of the planet’s natural systems for natural survival that have all been attacked by the same 300 people worldwide.

On the 8th of October 1973, the New York Times reported a quote from Ted Turner, also Club of Rome: “The social Experiment in China and Chairman Mao, under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history. (k- The one child per family plan ­ this happened right after the first meeting of the Tri-lateral Commission, also referred to as the Committee of 300)

In 1997 Michal Gorbachev, also a member of Club of Rome said: “We are moving toward a New World Order. The world of Communism and we shall never turn off that road. He was also quoted in 1996, monitoring an economic review on page 5; the environmental crisis will be the international disaster that will unlock the new world order and one world government.”

k-Gorbachev’s Russia fell apart when the USSR died, it would be grand if the same thing happened to the Club of Rome and those 300 global criminals that are still running the lives of everyone on the planet…

In 1992 came the earth summit which produced the document called the earth charter. This document was co-written Morris Strong, longtime globalist, elitist, member Club of Rome and Michael Gaubachon (?) (They) stated that it was hoped that this document would be adopted as the new Ten Commandments.”

k- Some might think that the Georgia Guidestones might have something to do with this interpretation?

With environmentalism the new one world religion and out of this summit came Agenda 21. Ted Turner, also a member of Club of Rome was quoted in 1996 as saying: “The total population of 250 to 300 million people is ideal. That means a reduction of 95% from present levels, which would be even more ideal. Anyone who abhors the China one-child policy is simply a dumb-dumb.” In 1998 the Baltimore Sun reported on July 7, Most of Ted Turner’s first donation to the UN of 22 million went to programs that seek to stall population. Another goal of the depopulation process is that the upcoming generation will be their sterilization, to save mother earth.” Ends @ 1 hour 15min. 17sec.

The Earth has Cancer and the Cancer is man

Club of Rome, mankind at the Turning Point.


Mankind indeed has global-cancer and that cancer is


If anyone, or any group of creatures, in the less than filthy-rich category were to threaten to slaughter 95% of the planet ­ dating back 46 years to 1968 - that group would have been hunted down and murdered by every enforcement or security agency in the world (That would have to involve millions of individuals).

Where then are the actions that justifiably threaten these self-confessed would-be assassins of 95% of the global population?

How dare these spoiled and arrogant barbarians appoint themselves to slaughter the rest of the people on this planet?

What exactly gives anyone the right to kill billions of people?

Just imagine that anyone except the untouchable 300 had said or advocated anything even remotely related to this blasphemous outrage ­ against all the people of the planet ­ then

How is it that anyone can still justify the continued existence of the Club of Rome or any of its various versions or the existence of their members­ anywhere in the world today” If we don’t end this now then they’ll kill us because we’ve become far too cowardly to survive any longer.

Here’s a bit of advice from a Hopi elder about what this world and our existence in it is all about. According to the elder, we’ve forgotten how to live in this world, which is why real changes are coming… (2)

1) The Illuminati and the Depopulation Agenda ­ Parts 1 to 6 ­ 1hr 27min 41 sec. VIDEO




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