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The Universal Clock Continued

By Jim Kirwan

Time Itself Has Already Stopped

When we think about the way we live today; most usually fail to even consider the way of life we were conned into believing that was or is still in use around the world today. That deadly failure is driven by “nuclear power”.

There are literally hundreds of crumbling nuclear plants in use around the world today, several of which are nearly ready to follow what happened in Fukushima, Japan. The U.S. has five or six potential nuclear plants that could easily go at any moment—but in the interest of not wishing to panic people; this problem is not being discussed. Instead, when “nuclear energy” is mentioned, along with the production of uranium: The conversations usually revolve around how much more fake-money can be made from the continued use of “nuclear-energy” even though the world has already been contaminated worldwide, in the oceans and the life forms that have already been poisoned by leaking radiation from Fukushima. Listen to the interview with Marin Katusa on his book “The Colder War” beginning at 3min 50 sec, ending at 12min 12 sec. The interview describes the use of ‘the petro-dollar’ which includes nuclear and uranium, neither of which promotes human life in any way, as many once believed it could.

Had the world been interested in creating new technologies that could have further free energy, solar and wind power, along with desalination plants ­ the world could have moved past the long dead past and into new generations of both growth and life. The still unrepresented people of the world wanted more than the past ever offered us: But the design of the one world government was created to keep us all enslaved.

While everything in the Old World Order is still taking us all back to the caves, which will be completed by 2015; unless we alter the way we invest and use real energy in any possible future…

To make this happen we must first charge the government of United States Incorporated with their global and national crimes.

Here’s one possible solution that could be used if enough of us came together to end this nightmare:

Today the world is still focused on outdated and massively dangerous oil, nuclear and uranium as a basis for global security and huge financial profits and the permanent furtherance of the global war machine. Had we not continued to look to outmoded models for the global and national policies of most nations today—then we could have prevented the global poisoning of our food and water as well as the extinction of hundreds of life forms that did not need to face extermination: This is just part of the truth behind the fact that we have already ‘Stopped Real Time’, for all practical human purposes.

Trying to Stop Time

Before we blindly took this road to nowhere, it was thought that we would have, by now, be exploring the universe along with having already left behind the gasoline driven combustion engines that are the basis for transportation today. This is the equivalent of continuing to use oil lamps and candles over electric lights and fiber-optics to see and communicate. The knowledge is there, but its being held back from the world just to insure the massive profits which can be drained from every drop of oil that’s been captured by private corporations at a huge cost to the public and the world.

Transportation of all types is being held-back, as is global communications; supposedly because of “security concerns” when the truth is this is all about making and keeping illegally created global energy concerns, coupled with global System Dominance of every country on the planet. If we could break that hammerlock, then we can free ourselves to again begin to explore our universe and ourselves again to make the most of every life that has that right by birth…

Since the fake rebellion in Kiev that overthrew the elected government of Ukraine the entire planet has been witness to obscenities unending, politically, economically and military—all of which are living in a global sea of lies that is killing the global society for the illicit profits of the global élites everywhere. The corporate and private global-war-machine must be stopped dead in its tracks or the entire planet will soon be living in a Free-Fire zone that will only end with the death of most of the people still living in the world of today.

What is still ignored is that this world of today looks very much like the world that existed just after the end of WWII. In fact the society that lives here now is far less intelligent, far less curious than were those people who returned from that world determined to change the future, not just determined to end the global wars but to create a better world for everyone on this planet. That ‘idea’ was shanghaied by the same creatures that brought us both WWI & WWII to make the inevitable WWIII not just possible but ‘absolutely necessary’.

None of what must now be accomplished will happen by itself. That’s why we must all get our hands dirty in defense of freedom and human life itself—if anything is really going to ever change before we let them pull the plug on the world that we once thought was ours!


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