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Clark McClelland's List Of German Scientists
Running The American Space Program




Clark McClelland's List Of German Genius Scientists Who Created And Ran America's Space Program Under Operation Paperclip. In Most Cases, These Men Worked Under Death Sentences In Germany During The War.


Dr. Hans Kammler

Dr. Werner von Braun

Dr. Kurt Debus, leader of the Die Glocke Project in Poland and eventual Director of the Kennedy Space Center (Cape Canaveral) after the war.

Dr. Adolph Knothe

Dr. Earnst Stuhohlinger

Oberst Siegried Knemeyer

Konrad Dannenberg

Dieter Grau

Walter Haussermann

Heinz Koelle

Eberhard Rees

Arthur Rudolph

Walter Dornberger

Herman Oberth


Benrhard Tessmann

Fritz Mueller


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