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John Barbour Reviews CitizenFour

By John Barbour

'Citizenfour' is one of the scariest films you'll ever see. No one gets killed. Yet. It's not 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.' It is 'The CIA-NSA-Obama Constitutional Massacre!'

It is a compelling, disturbing, almost heartbreaking behind the scenes look at how and why a very apealing 29 year old Ed Snowden risks everything to try to inform Americans how the security State, under a lying Obama, is now spying, without cause, on every one if us.

Most if it takes place in a Hong Kong hotel room, which, without intent, adds to the claustriphobic feeling of being closed in on by the government. To tell his story, Snowden sends encryted emails to Ms Poitus, the film-maker, and to tell it to the world, she in turn contacts journalist Glen Greenwald. For nearly two riveting hours we watch and listen, behind the scenes, as Snowden, all alone, almost like a. real Jimmy Stewart character out of a Frank Capra movie unburden's his soul because of his belief in the laws his government is breaking, and to protect his fellow Americans whom they are targeting.

Aside from discovering how unbelievably likeable and supremely intelligent Snowden is, more important, we learn that the government's massive spying has nothing to do with National Security. It has to do with advancing and protecting America's corporate and banking interests!!

It is not a movie that will make you smile, and most who read this could care less. But on this Thanksgiving, those who do care will give thanks that this country can still produce young idealists and ACTIVISTS like Ed whom Obama should forward his mistakenly earned Nobel Peace Prize!!!


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