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Children From Mexico
To Become New SS & Gestapo?

By Ted Twietmeyer

We are seeing a repetition of history. Children at a young age are highly susceptible to brainwashing. All of us are DNA-programmed to naturally look up to their peers. DNA programming can easily be used against them. Think about what 13 years of public school education has done to the population of America. Tell any adult news not found on one of the four networks and you will get a smirk almost every time. At some point sooner or later the phrase "That's a conspiracy theory, isn't it?" will come out of their mouth. I cannot count how many times I've heard people use that phrase. When I talk to these same people months or years later after something happened I've spoken about, often I'll hear "My god, you were right! I can't believe it!".

I challenge anyone to prove why Mexican children will not become a part of the pentagon's new map. That map openly states the American Empire will be created. This new map was first openly revealed live on television by political scientist Thomas Barnett in a pentagon auditorium about 10 years ago. It was aired on CSPAN several times. It is also available on youtube today. Yet almost no one remembers a word about it, and therefore do not realize how this can affect them. What was the function of Hitler's gestapo and SS? They functioned as ruthless police forces. A extended police force is exactly what America needs to manage other countries after any war is won. Look how many wars were started and semi-ended in the past 14 years.

So what is the future of orphaned Mexican children? The biggest problem according to Barnett is that after we take over a country after a war, we don't know how to retain control. Of course we cannot retain control. There are far too few men and women in the military spread them across the world to use them as both military and a police force. Far more bodies are needed to hold rifles than we have today.

When Hitler took children away from parents they were screened and often went into special training facilities. Our world was never told what happened to children that did not measure up. Logically there can only be on answer which is unpleasant to think about. Children who passed numerous tests were raised in a cold military environment without love or nurturing. This was a highly effective method to make them obedient, cold, psychopathic, ruthless adults. As adults, shooting someone point-blank bothered them about as much as you killing a mosquito. It was recently revealed that just one "processing facility" (as the US government calls it) can house 50,000 children. This is just one facility. It is also the population of a small city or equal to the population of about 10 small towns in America.

Hitler's was obsessed with the Arian race - blond haired, blue-eyed men. Today it looks like the new Arians will be Mexicans. They will work in the military for little or no pay except for a place to sleep and eat. Whether or not this new gestapo or SS will include females is unknown.

Immigrant children without parents who are under total control of the state provide a cheap, abundant, subservient source of labor ripe for conversion into a new ruthless police force. Or a new special forces far more ruthless than any existing today. My question is this: What would motivate loving, caring Mexican parent would send their children across a border to another country on a one-way trip, never knowing or caring what happens to them? These parents have simply pushed their children from the corrupt frying pan of Mexico into the fire - a military camp at some unknown location. Clever propaganda in Mexico caused parents to freely give up their children for supposedly greener pastures in America.

Now the long-range plan for all this comes into focus - the exposed shipment of guns to Mexico helped to increase crime to record levels. Did you notice how nothing was done to those in government who were involved and were exposed?  Like Holder?

Clearly Barnett's new map and this influx of illegals is being supported at the highest levels of American government. If not, this massive influx of illegals would have been stopped. This entire scenario brings up another question - what happens to any child or teenager who does not pass military tests for brainwashing? Will inferior children quietly be euthanized and cremated at a secret facility? Used for target practice? Buried in mass graves? Is this already underway? No one will ever know until it is far too late - just as the German public and most of the Germany's military never knew about secret death camps. Perhaps these children were always destined for FEMA camps which already exist across the USA.

Remember how last year FEMA purchased food, supplies and personnel to operate their camps? Now we see at least one reason for it. Dots are rapidly connecting.

Is there any reason America's military will not take advantage of these young children entering America with no parents to protect them? Perhaps those billions of rounds of ammunition purchased months ago will end up in rifles and hand-guns carried by this new police force. Millions of rounds of those rounds purchased were for small firearms like handguns. This is exactly what police forces around the world carry today.

These children may be trained to pound on doors in America and shoot Americans. That part of the brainwashing will be easy to accomplish - many Mexican parents have already passed down their hate-Americans legacy to their children.

Ted Twietmeyer


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