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Chessboards & Lies

By Jim Kirwan

Currently the failed Stasi-State of the US would have the world believe that we, the EU, the G-7 and the old supposed leaders of the ‘free-world’ are running this charade that is no longer real, in any sense.

The global-media is pushing a massive series of lies to try and paint Russia as weak and fearful of the West. Nothing could be further from the truth. The transparencies of these worn-out lies defeats them before the ink is dry on all the false reporting surrounding the still unfolding events in Ukraine and the surrounding nations that are being courted again by NATO and the UN.

The sheer panic that is being felt now throughout the old and impudent West is everywhere while Russia waits and watches every move that’s meant to show a set of facts which does not exist—anywhere, anymore. And Russia knows the truth behind this barrage of lies that continues to step all over our own stories about what’s really going on.

The real issue itself, which is the right of ordinary people to choose their own governments, along with the freedom to improve their own lives is still being threatened at every turn, by the financially bankrupt West, which is being egged on by Netanyahu and his hellishly private obsessions for unlimited nuclear wars—everywhere.

Lie upon outrageous lie proceeds, as if the entire planet is deaf, dumb and blind to everything that continues to claim that the new world order is in charge and that Russia can be contained by childish sanctions that will, in the end, seriously damage the positions of the Western criminal regimes far more than it will ever affect Russia and her allies.

Continuing to lie about all of that, is what is happening—and it’s definitely not-working, if the goal is to silence or deter Russia from what she will do, once the gauntlet is thrown down and the decisions that await us all, will find an answer.

The West continues to ignore the fact that the entire G-7 is nothing but a front for failed states that are now totally owned by the global-bankers. The international bankers are bankrupt and they must add new meat to their global-thefts, if they are to survive at all. That’s why Ukraine and several other nations which border Russia are still being targeted.

The masque is military, but the truth is stolen-wealth and resources which are needed to keep the undead leaders alive; for one more savage raping of relatively free people. But the real lie behind it all is that this new world conspiracy is Dead on Arrival and has been since the entire plan was laid bare, when Cyprus was stripped and raped before the eyes of the world.

This bankrupted blackmail scheme has not changed one iota, unless it’s lost even more ground since that takeover forced the end of yet another small nation-state to begin their transition back to the feudal age from which almost no one ever emerges. They cannot rise again, once their freedom and wealth have been sacrificed upon the global-alter of godless corporatism, greed and death without surcease.

America is not a military powerhouse any longer. Politically we have been riven through and through by traitors going all the way back to the end of WWII. Israel has been feasting upon our disease ridden corpse, since even before they “stole” the State of Palestine. Here’s the proof: As revealed in a ten year long study of ‘Israel and the US Lobby that has proven itself to be above and beyond all the laws in this country’…

The thing about “Lies & Truth” is that in the end everything, sooner or later always comes out. That’s where the world is now—just waiting for this farce to end in something less than another war, or possibly a nuclear war, once Israel realizes that she can no longer get what she wants regardless of how much she continues to try to blackmail the rest of the world into giving in to her bloody fantasies. (1)

This chessboard is a fake way to try and force the world to believe that we never had a chance. And now when they are poised to supposedly end our global-freedoms forever: This entire charade is about to crash and burn right before their eyes—once the people of the planet discover what this series of treacherous wars has always been about: The freedom and the right to self-defense of people everywhere versus their never-proven “right to rule” over every other person on this planet. This has always been what every death and misery, has always been about, dating all the way back to the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

The ancient balance of actual real-world rulers needs to trump the criminality of the global-politicians that brought us to this masquerade. If the planet decides to end the existence of Israel, the criminally chartered Fed will disappear like the dead leaves of autumn in a sudden thunderstorm of truth. The same thing will happen to the reputations of all our criminally inspired leaders from presidents and judges all the way down to petty politicians that have all been feasting on the corpse of the American Republic for hundreds of years…

But: The corpse of America has nothing left to give or steal. It’s up to every person who still wants to live, to crush these undead families down to the latest generation, if we want our freedom back for real!

1) Slave Owners


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