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Checkmating the Rules of Force


By Jim Kirwan


The ancient and illegal Rule of Force

has finally been successfully challenged by the International Rule of Law,

Represented in this case by Russia in the 20 minute video

Vladimir Putin Traitor to the NWO ( Part 3 ).

This link contains the full story, of this almost unbelievably fast

checkmate, that began on September 29, 2015 when Russia began their military defense of the sovereign state of Syria, which has stymied the Israeli plans for the Greater State of Israel, along with the USSA's plan for the domination of the entire planet, that has suddenly been stopped midway by the level of legal military force that's been needed to bring the world back from the brink of a Return to the Dark Ages, that humanity has been threatened with for hundreds of years without surcease...

This is loosely tied to Edgar Casey's forecast's of 80 years ago.

80 Years Ago Edgar Cayce Predicted Putin’s Role in Stopping WW3

It is almost impossible to imagine just how much has changed in the world since September 29, 2015, when the first Russian planes began their massive and continuing defense of Syria. What we are seeing today are only 'the first fruits' of this concluding CHECKMATE, The global chess-board has shifted almost daily until we, the global community, have arrived at the point of CHECKMATE, in everything but name: Just before the evil-cloak of the dark-powers was about to declare victory over the people of a semi-comatose planet...

Here are some of the clues about what these dark-powers have been hiding from the global public.

(17min:18sec.) “The Iran Nuclear Arms Deal has nothing to do with building nuclear bombs: It's about discovering the bending of light in this 3-D illusion, which Iran has discovered, rendering any military complex useless, amongst other things. The 'threat' to some of these nations, like the UK using nuclear bombs or Israel's Sampson Option is nothing but a nuclear hoax.

The negotiating is about keeping a red line with worn-out technologies they can release to the public. Soon things are going to change for the better. But unfortunately for this to happen, the old world order of things has to collapse: But “a one world government”, certainly not.

This will be shared by many powers. Ahead lies financial currency wars, no doubt some false flag events. The cabal's dream is still a racial war between Muslims and Christians and some unrest with martial law across Europe and the United States that will greatly benefit the cabal financially. Unfortunately for them they are being exposed on every level. The World Order must be the objective, just like in our hidden past: Working in harmony with all nations.

Did you also know that the cabal have kept patents since the nineteen hundreds away from the public, that will benefit all mankind?

Instead they released useless technology. One's that have no real value, rather than to occupy the minds. We have the technology to do anything: to fix this world in months and to eliminate poverty and every sickness known to man; including the ones they have introduced.

Russia and the U.S.A have the same enemies

and the same goals, which is a balanced global economy

that does not include the Rothschilds (Crown Corporation)

the Catholic Church (Vatican Corporation)

or DC (U.S. Corporation)”

Watch the trailer just released: 6,000 year old Health Secrets

a very powerful coming documentary...

It seems that there are some lights upon the horizon that many had hoped for but that most, (including me) have been skeptical of . Let us hope that this checkmate completes what must be done in order to reshape this war torn world for a brighter tomorrow...


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