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Challenging The Master Domain


By Jim Kirwan


There’s something new coming on July 15 that will run for 8 weeks to September 15th,

Inside the United States that will blur all the lines between the military, the police and the people who live here. That’s two months of war drills that will be conducted, supposedly using BLANKS, I’ve got a bridge to sell you if you buy that one. For two weeks Americans will have the military in their faces, with them in their transportation and their recreative endeavors.

The excuse being given is that American troops need to train on American soil for combat, inside American cities and in the countryside. In addition to that Amerikan police, and government agencies need to practice working together inside this nation, to fight “terrorists” here. There is zero evidence of any such threat, but this has not deterred the government at all levels along with all that heavy combat gear that has been building up over the last three years ­ despite the fact that the only people the “authorities’ continue to torture and kill with impunity are largely only unarmed American citizens.

Here’s the text of what they have planned for several states within the United States. They say this will last for 8 weeks; but once they start there is no guarantee they will ever stop.

Red Dawn: Texas and U.S. Southwest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWn8VDOgKtc

15 min video


We did not buy the military all these deadly toys to have them turned on us. The government in the personage of the traitor in the Oval Office needs to hold a national presidential new conference and tell the public now—why this insanity is needed, for 8 long weeks in the late summer of 2015.

If he refuses to take questions then he needs to be arrested on the spot: Because what he is advocating breaks all the laws that separate the military from the civilian society. Further: Any local, city, state county or government official that cooperates with this treason needs to also be arrested for treason against the public, when this nation has not been attacked except by its own totally corrupt government.

But here’s one of the real reasons why this declaration of war upon America must be stopped dead in its tracks. Here’s a clip from a Mel Gibson film from 2002, “We Were Soldiers” about the war in Vietnam, but the message begs the only question that matters concerning this pending “Red Dawn” in the United States”.

The words spoken by Mel Gibson in the clip from ‘We Were Soldiers’ is critical to what has never happened before inside America, since the Civil War. Most of our troops only have one nation to come home to and now this traitor in the Tarnished House wants the US military to attack their own families and loved ones ­ he should be tried and convicted of treason for even suggesting this…

Watch this brief clip and judge for yourselves as to what the truth is

About who the targets in this war are today!

We Were Soldiers”.


Listen to his words about coming home from Vietnam to their families. The same speech was made to G.I.’s in every war we’ve started since the end of WWII. Those are the only kinds of wars we’ve been involved in for a very, very long time: But the words ring true because the soldiers always want “to come home” to their families ­ yes?

Well what will these hardened combat veterans think when the leader of our efforts has no military experience whatsoever, just like the commander of NATO who has never been in a war:

The PROBLEM for the military this time is how will “troops” respond when they are ordered to attack American citizens in their homes, at work, in their cities or in the countryside of their homes and their nation?

I want to hear this filthy government explain to the public why this is supposedly needed and how they think that these mercenaries can actually get away with this without getting slaughtered? Because you cannot come and live with any people for two months, armed to the teeth, and not expect to be attacked. What happens when one of their drones or their aircraft just happens to crash into a school a shopping mall or an office building?

There are RULES about military aircraft over major metropolitan areas’ because it can and has happened down around San Diego which is crawling with troops, and it happens in other cities as well. There were also rules about using the US military against Americans, but that’s all gone now ­

This will not be easy, but all the easy stuff has been done already: Now it’s time to do the hard things, up close and personal in every city in this land ­ either we do what has to be done or we’re already dead and just don’t know it yet.

It’s one thing in a national or state emergency but there is no emergency that anyone can activate three and half months from now ­ an ‘event’ that is projected to take two months to “complete” ­ which could never be taken as anything but a direct attack upon this nation.

The world now knows what happened during Hurricane Andrew where over 5,280 people died because FEMA locked them away and dumped the dead in the ocean instead of helping anyone for over a week. That’s almost twice as many as died on 911. And Andrew involved all the same groups that are listed on this program to be activated again in July, throughout the Southwest.

Deadly Silences: The Hurricane Andrew Cover up http://www.karenlyster.com/andrew.html

Hurricane Andrew was followed by KATRINA, where the cops, FEMA and the troops collected all the weapons, and prohibited most of the critical help to most of those they encountered. And neither of those “emergencies” lasted anything like two months…

There need to be public forums held now, in every major city in this nation, to discuss this whole obscenity openly ­ no holds barred and with nothing hiding behind the national bullshit-shield of “national insecurity” that only exists to cover up this governments real intentions.

If they want to play with their toys then that should happen on their bases that already exist for that purpose: This “operation” is designed to hunt down and arrest Americans that they want removed from the fields of conflict before these cowards have to face those same people they fear in the streets ­ and before their next false-flag election in November…

By the time such an exercise is one week old they will have succeeded in convincing the people of this nation that the military we pay for is nothing but scum - this will apply to any uniformed thug that decides to fire against his own people and his own nation…



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