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The Earth Is A COSMIC NURSERY Of Star Races

By Clark C. McClelland, ScO


This is the ONLY choice that the human races have for survival. We have THIS final decision. Will the human races accept it?

 Our world is rich in science and derelict in the cosmic mysteries.  Many millions of Earthlings are mundane dullards who don’t know they are all Star Seeds.  We choose to go through life with blinders, not knowing there is cosmic moral radiance and luster to be had - - here and out there among the stars.

 Throughout the eons of human history on earth, WAR has been a constant.  This scourge, causing suffering beyond endurance, has given birth for many soothing myths that had a way of calcifying over time into inflexible straightjackets of various creeds. Yet had one thing in common­ an odd, irrational belief in a benevolent and, at the same time, omnipotent “God”. Yet throughout human history, tormented peoples have asked: “Where is a God to end such brutal wars?” Nowhere to be found.

 Absurd religious beliefs have been the fount of virtually every war on earth.  A “God” has been involved with warring nations destroying one another since ancient times. Israel, Rome, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, the USA, Japan, Germany, Russia, France, China, etc. ­ they all praise a kindly, grandfatherly God - whose real name is Wrath, not Compassion.

 It is a sad truism that religious structures ­ similar if not identical on earth ­ have not prevented wars. They have not guided a tormented humanity toward what decent people hungered for and have strove to bring about:  A nonviolent existence for mankind.  It seems that a key to such an existence is missing.

 A new stellar belief MUST be understood and realized that it is cosmically correct with other Star Races beyond earth ­ for it is ever more obvious to independent minds that we are not alone.
 A little understood, mysterious force that has created us could have ­MUST have - created other life forms of a spectacular variety that have one thing in common:  Their very source of life.  

 What does that mean for earthlings?  It does not take a Newton, Tesla or Einstein to realize a simple certainty:  Our daily life support comes from the Sun. Our Star in our daily heavens IS OUR local GOD! The Sun powers all life.

 This sensible belief is by no means a new one. The archives of history tell us that an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, AkhenAton, is suspected of possibly being a cross-breed of ETs and human blood and his beautiful Queen, Nefertiti, have humanly come nearest to recognizing THE TRUE GOD of the human races.  No other royalty has ever come close. Their Aton was the SUN disk!

 The SUN is Earth’s near GOD in space. The Sun creates rain, plants, trees, oxygen, oceans, land, snow, clouds, weather, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes ­ it is LIFE.  There would be no life without this source of constant and abundant energy, from this all-embracing God.  It is the one stellar constant on earth, freely providing in profusion what we need.  It is a unifying entity ­ impartial and unbiased.  We can’t exist without the Sun.  With it, within its warmth and bounty, we are all one on earth.

 The name of such a true religion of earthly beings worshipping a Sun God is - Celestialism. We ARE The HUMAN RACES within the body of a God - a Star Race of various star seed colonies on a tiny speck of wonder that we call Earth. Embedded in a Galaxy, OUR God, which IS within THE GREAT COSMIC GOD. It is the only TRUE God, the Entire Unique Universe, and THAT IS OUR GOD. We all live within the BODY of that GLORIOUS Universal God.

 There are millions of Galaxies out there. It stands to reason that there are billions of stars like our Sun. There are other beings, other star races created by similar Sun Gods. If all of us share the same source of energy that gives us life, might it be possible to find a common moral compass? Can such a global acceptance of humanity bring a future invitation of membership into the advanced Galactic Societies within our Milky Way and beyond?

 The TRUE GOD for all of the star races is the Universal GOD! We all exist within the massive body of the living Universal GOD. We exist as a parasitic disease that can cause the destruction of our earth and other living planets. Yes, we are Germination on the living surface of this cosmic living planet called EARTH.

 We must hope the human races are accepted into those Galactic Societies and strive to make it so, and VERY SOON! It will determine the survival of the EARTH and all its living creatures!

 No single star race on this or any other planet was chosen and favored by this Universal God; we are ALL the CHILDREN of OUR Magnificent Universal GOD!

 Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, Kennedy Space Center, Florida 1958 to 1992
 P.O. Box 233, Tavares, Florida 32778
 Thank you, GOD and the Great Patriot, Jeff Rense for the HELP you have granted to me.  (Please open and read. Help my cause)



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