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Celente - New Trends Journal
- Beyond LIFE, Ahead Of TIME

By Gerald Celente
©MMXIII The Trends Research Institute®

KINGSTON, NY, 17 September 2013 — With Summer on its way out, the trends of the last few months are simmering as we transition into Autumn. With the possibility of a US strike on Syria hanging in the air and the global economic data as tenuous as ever, if you have not yet had the opportunity to review the Summer Trends Journal, we encourage you to do so. “History Before it Happens” is at your fingertips in our new and improved format.

The new Trends Journal, supported by layers of meticulously crafted content, provides forecasts and insights that are both easily understood and, if desired, acted on. This Summer issue debuts features that make our essential, distinct content more engaging and easier to navigate.
Here are just a few examples of what you’ll find in the new Trends Journal:

    “Globalnomics" ties together trends emerging around the world to pinpoint what these developments mean to individuals, communities and businesses.
    My new column will share personal and unique insights into the work we do at the institute and how that work ties to individual interests and needs.
    A trends roundup feature recaps the major evolving trends around the world and includes specific information to help readers cope with, capitalize on or ride out a trend.
    A new question-and-answer feature covers a wide range of critical issues in short bites, detailing how today's news and events become tomorrow's trends.
    "What You Can Do" is a new device used throughout the Trends Journal to break down complex issues into specific action steps individuals, families, communities and businesses can take to make a difference.
    Photo essays provide powerful glimpses of the new harsh realities global citizens endure each day; and serve as a vivid depiction of how trends are actually manifesting.
    “Epiphany" is designed to provide a quick, insightful study of an emerging trend that has fully blossomed and show how it affects your day-to-day life and interests.

In the Summer edition, these new features are put to good use by covering the trend line on gold with clarity and perspective, proving all the more prescient in retrospect; by providing insights into what the latest government economic indicators really mean; and by delving into how our personal freedoms and liberties are being abrogated. Our new platforms are also used to deliver essential information about trends in health care, water conservation, urban farming and much more.

In each case, we give you the depth to understand how and why the trend is evolving. And we give you the tools to act upon them.

To read "History Before it Happens" contact for a copy of the Trends Journal and/or to schedule an interview with the Trends Journal publisher, Gerald Celente.



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