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By Jim Kirwan


Catch-22 “noun.


a. A situation in which a desired outcome or solution is impossible to attain because of a set of inherently illogical rules or conditions:

b. The rules or conditions that create such a situation.

2. A situation or predicament characterized by absurdity or senselessness.

3. A contradictory or self-defeating course of action: "The Catch-22 of his administration was that every grandiose improvement scheme began with community dismemberment" (Village Voice).

Since the beginning of the New Millennium the relationship between Americans and what is loosely called “Law Enforcement” has undergone a complete reversal of roles. This has led to millions of American-victims with nowhere to go for answers, until now.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have been targeted by mercenary-thugs hell-bent on destroying the population. Thousands have been tortured, tasered, raped and murdered in various encounters with “officers”. The ‘State’ no longer bothers keeping records of the number of people that have been victimized by these Israeli-trained barbarians.

The public in varying degrees have been responding with demands that their Constitutional-protections be dealt with and answered-for. Yet the crimes of the Cities, Counties, States and the Feral Government against the public, continue to spiral out of control. While the government at all levels, by and large, refuses to answer the questions raised by the public. There are reasons why this has been going on publicly for more than 13 years. This is CATCH 22.

The Theft!

To uncloak the multiple levels of national-deceit one must go back to the contorted-history which defines the why and how we came to be in this situation today.

If we begin with the first official Constitution Of The United States of America, 1787, then the public would have the right to be answered. However that original “Constitution” has long since been repeatedly “altered” until we come to latest version, 1982 (Nineteen hundred and eighty-two) which is today still just a corporate-commercial-charter for something called “The United States.”

The history of the convolutions that attempted to mask actual “history” came from the fact that The Republic of the United States died in 1870, with the beginning of the Civil War. When the South seceded from the “UNION” the nation no longer existed as a constitutional Republic. Lincoln, in effect, was no longer president of anything, because once the contract was broken between the states ­ the country as “The United States Of America” ceased to exist. (1)

To survive the War: Lincoln & the congress, that was no longer the Congress, proceeded to act as if they still officially-existed. By 1870 the United States had become nothing but a corporate “STATE” calling itself a Legislative-Democracy: Their corporate-charter is a look-alike to the organic Constitution but it is called The United States. While they continued to pretend to the world that the United States was still the Republic that died when the contract that enabled the Constitutional United States Of America to exist in the first place—was broken by the cession from their Union by the Southern States.

That need-not have been permanent, but with Lincoln’s assassination congress walked away from trying to make the Union whole again. That desertion by congress, of the Republic, enabled the corporate-state to replace the Republic with a private-foreign-corporation that is still ruling over all of us today!

The Civil War was fought between three political-elements: The North, the South and the cloaked-corporate STATE which is still D.C. (The City of Columbia). The STATE and their Central Bankers won the Civil War. The North and the South were casualties in the unexamined-war for stealth-corporate-independence from the original United States Of America.

Kurt Kallenbach has exposed the actual condition of the United States as opposed to the United States Of America, in links one & two. The topic is complex and then some, but if you want to KNOW what the hell happened to us, then spend the time and research what he says about history and the realities. (2)

Most still think We’re “FREE”

But we’ve all been slaves since 1938, a year before I was born!

The Fictious-Fraud

The theft of this nation by the New World Order began before the Constitution was written. It actually ended in victory by the State of Columbia in1870, when all “laws” were ended. This completely hidden and fictitious-fraud was designed long before Jekyll Island and that theft of our money which resulted in the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank that‘s now officially one hundred years and three days old today. (3)

What makes this true is that the Kings of England and France demanded that their private-international-corporate debts, by treaty, not be eliminated from the founding documents of the United States Of America. That is what forced the Constitutional convention to last so long and in the end we had been captured by the Crown already, even before we had officially accepted the Constitution and our newly born Republic.

What makes this history into nothing but a lie is that no one can enshrine anything which is based on artificial-legal-constructs. These “fictions”, cannot be translated into the flesh and blood realities of the organic-world. That sounds ridiculous because it is: But that’s exactly how this series of totally fraudulent actions was created.

Creating the Unthinkable

Kallenbach explains the intricacies of this in detail. Basically this is what took place. There is the world of flesh & blood reality. There is also the artificially-created world of fictitious-persons (slaves). The “unthinkable” part is in the fact that both forms cannot be present in the same being at the same time: Hence the Catch-22

To do this, the new government thru lawyers, were permitted to retain their titles of nobility within the United States Of America: As part of allowing the Kings to hang onto their illegally-created debts against the Colonies; while drawing up an entirely fictitious-private-corporate-interpretation of the “laws” that allowed the “STATE” to own not just people but everything from all the land to everything that each and every “falsely-owned-fictitious-person” would or could ever think or do throughout their entire lifetime!

By the way their Board of Directors also volunteered us to automatically become members of the United Nations, so that what is coming by way of Agenda 21 will be coming from us, to us, when that happens.

Lawyers are all part of a private guild: The BAR Association, which in reality represents British Maritime Law, not Constitutional law. They have even created their own private-language. You can read this language with definitions for yourself in Black’s Law Dictionary.

These criminals reinterpreted commonly used words to mean things that no sane person could ever understand. When these “falsely-constructed-words” are used in contract law they do NOT mean what any normal person would think they mean. For instance the word “person” according to Black’s Dictionary of Law means “a fiction”.

In 1862 “the State created “the PERSON” and that which they created they control.

So… “By Way of Deception thou Shalt Do War” was used to steal the lives of every American born in the United States who received a birth certificate. The act of registering the birth became (to the New World Order) a “desertion of the newborn infant ­ who at that moment became the property of the government, as an orphan, because the parents had “failed to legally claim their own child”. This was done before the infant could speak for itself and without the knowledge of the parents who had no idea what they had just “CONSENTED-TO”.

For instance in 1863, under Lincoln, the government became a military government

The Postal Service and the various licensing bureaus

From birth to voting to death

Were all created as a means to attach you

To the artificial construct they call The United States

Whenever you get involved at any level

You are giving “CONSENT” to being

A United States Citizen!

That is not the same thing as being a citizen of

The United States Of America!

As of 1864 when the word “STATE was redefined: In the new meaning which we use today; “STATE” means “The United States” because all the other “States” no longer exist as sovereign independent-states. They’ve all been subsumed into the contracted-false-fable of the District of Columbia which is the private for-profit corporation that had by 1864 replaced the US Of A. That’s why the cops can attack anyone that demonstrates against the government, because the government is no longer the organic Constitutional-government: It has instead become the current military-government of the New World Order. What the cops do now is against everyone who objects to having been taken over by the New World Order and everything which that stands for: anywhere, anytime and any-place. So “of-course” they don’t recognize your constitutional Rights because


Personhood status” in the United States all resides in D.C.

And nowhere else!

Anyone who claims US citizenship

Is now a legal resident of the District of Columbia.

With this totally unknown-consent in hand, the government was then able to add every routinely born and registered child to the category of totally-irresponsible “persons”. Whenever any person is found to be “IN DEBT”, then that fact alone removes all viability because anyone “in-debt” automatically loses the rights accorded to those individuals who are “RESPONSIBLE” (not in debt): Ergo you cannot be considered to be responsible until you are officially DEBT-FREE. When you become a US citizen you are automatically claiming the Public Debt that all Americans are currently buried in. That works for them because when the parents failed to take “RESPONSIBILITY” for their own child, on top of being “RESPONSIBLE” for all the corporate DEBT created by the FED which officially has converted everyone who claims to be a U.S. Citizen into someone who is by definition now an Enemy-of-the-State.

That’s why the STATE bought all that ammunition and how the STATE was able to form its own army to murder the population of this nation. And they did this publicly because they “believe” that this place belongs to their private-corporate-empire which resides in the ten-mile square that we call D.C.

This is why the government refuses to honor any citizen’s rights under the Constitution: Because those rights no longer exist! Americans are slaves who officially all live inside THE HOUSE, which is a file: On-file, inside the ten-mile square in the City of Columbia, in the State of Columbia which is officially where everything in this country actually lives.

There are no states. There is no constitution. And there is no nation-state. There is only this for profit (for MONEY) municipal-foreign-corporation: This illegally constructed farce which calls itself a for-profit private-corporation that OWNS the United States Of America outright. That is what the golden fringe is all about. The fringe means USI controlled.

This disconnect between what people think they are living in and what the Ten-mile Square claims is true, forms the second definition of this Catch-22. Flesh and Blood and dreams are real, as are our labors, our every thought word and deed in service to the lives we thought we were living; in a place we thought was real ­ but it was never ours and we were never actually free!

No LAW can be constructed upon the depths of such fictions and specious reasoning, all of which was built on frauds and is the subject of those billions of crimes (every person born here is a separate crime ­dating from the creation of USI). If the American population discovers the truth behind the hijacking of the nation, the Constitution and our way of life: Then we shall soon come to see the truth for what it is: That this is the greatest-theft of any people in the history of the human race.

The land mass of this country belongs to the private-foreign-corporation that you and I call the government. In reality that ‘government’ is just “The United States.” They already own all the land, all the money, all the labor of the slaves (you and I) and now they want to own the entire world as well.

Ironically by the time they are able to take possession of everything they’ve been stealing for over 238 years ­ none of it will be worth having because they will have already poisoned, contaminated and utterly destroyed the entire planet. Part of: A situation or predicament characterized by absurdity or senselessnessthat has underpinned every fake-measure they’ve undertaken throughout this entire time. Definitely another Catch -22!

This barely scrapes the surface, as you will see, if you listen to the videos below. What I’d really like everyone to understand is this:

What needs to happen is that the physical-ten-mile square of the City of Columbia needs to be Conquered.

While it’s true there is an international-triumvirate which is directing all of this: The Vatican (spiritual), The City of London (Financial) & The City of Columbia (the War machine). Each has its own obelisk and three-star international-flag which makes their global-intentions’ clear. Once the global-war-machine is conquered, at its corporate-core, the other two global-parts will splinter and die.

This may sound extreme but it’s true nonetheless. That’s because the entire edifice inside the ten-mile square is built upon a paper-fiction that cannot be sustained without the original documents that are all being kept inside “The House” which is in the State of Columbia which is itself is nothing but a fictitious-“fact” of private-corporate-life, that has no bearing on the blood, sweat and tears of the live human-beings they have sought to conquer by their deception!

1) Season of Treason Full ­ 1 hour 44 min VIDEO

2) Season of Treason Full ­ The King’s House - 1hr 55min VIDEO

3) Eustace Mullins - Secrets of the Federal Reserve ­ Full 1hr, 53min Video



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