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MH17’s Cargo Of Infected Corpses
Was Targeted At Tehran

By Yoichi Shimatsu

The slow drip of information from the Malaysian Airlines flight 17 probe is confirming most initial insights while tweaking some parts of our reconstruction of events. In line with the disappearance of MH370, there is evil genius behind this bizarre crime against passengers and crew, against international law and indeed against reason itself. The very thought of cadavers dropping out of the sky along with stunned passengers in free fall pushes this episode past the scope of ordinary malice, over the edge of credulity, deep into nightmarish psychosis.

Yet the spymasters who covertly loaded infected corpses onto MH17 and then diverted the jetliner off its scheduled course, before it crashed in Ukraine, are not of the same ilk as the criminal mastermind Doctor Moriarty, nemesis of Watson and Holmes. In our post-911 security-obsessed era of “dangerous cargo” restrictions and zealous airport inspectors, the perpetrators of the MH17 caper must be institutional bureaucrats familiar with medical responses to pandemic-outbreaks. The supervisor of the biological weapons attack involving MH17 is probably now sitting at the desk of a high-ranking public-health official, an untouchable elitist with agents inside the crash investigation. Public Enemy No.1, in short, is the system itself.

As to the prospects for a no-holds-barred investigation into the events leading up to the MH17 crash, as Tony Blair is fond of saying: “That is a jolly good idea, but it’s never going to happen.”

This, the third report on the MH17 affair, adds more details and clarification of elements in the scenario suggested so far:

  1. Malaysia Flight 17, like its predecessor MH370, was electronically hijacked off its scheduled route when it crossed Poland;

  2. Extending the altered flight path on a map indicates the intended target for biological weapons aboard was the capital of Iran, Tehran;

  3. The cadavers covertly loaded in the MH17 cargo bay were an ideal package for delivery of deadly viruses against the target city;

  4. A recently disclosed “unstoppable influenza virus” has a murky history at a major military laboratory and two widely criticized labs in Rotterdam and Madison, Wisconsin;

  5. Due to fears of an unstoppable contagion, MH17 could not be forced down to either a civilian or military landing field, and therefore had to be rendered harmless by annihilation;

  6. An attempt to set afire the Boeing-777 with an air-to-air rocket was foiled by the blast of a bomb hidden inside the cargo bay of MH17;

  7. MH17 was blown apart by an internal bomb, not by a SAM missile, according to a top crash expert for US intelligence agencies; and

  8. The security threat from Israeli control over Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is discussed, along with the failing of Dutch intelligence agencies and the incompetence of MAS, operator of Malaysian Airlines in the response to the MH370 and MH17 crises.

In my haste to connect the dots while the perpetrators craft alibis and scurry into the woodwork, this writer sends to impatiently skim over the explanations needed for the public comprehension of the crime. The tendency to make quick instinctive calls may seem to others to be logical leaps. Experience, not always conveyed in the writing, is what fills in the gaps. My earliest encounters with medical science began in early childhood as an assistant in the family-run mortuary during preparation and embalming of corpses. The scent of formaldehyde still brings back fond memories of my uncle’s professional dedication. Haste is of utmost importance before an official cover-up can erase facts to the contrary and churn out factoids, those falsehoods presented as fact. Here, I shall try to assemble a clearer picture with more of the jigsaw pieces in proper place.

First Off, Numerology

The dates of strange events are of fascination to occultists, who can be expected to pounce on July 17, the date of second Malaysian Flight 17 crash. The coincidence is indeed remarkable. The number also resonates with the still under-wraps London 7/7 Tube bombing. Then there’s the seven in the magically “disappeared” MH370: Is a third attack in the planning?

In the Kabbalist occult numerology of the prime suspect, number 7 is identified with “Netzach”, translated as “endurance” resulting in the “perpetuity” of “victory”. On the diagram of Creation known as the Sephirot, Netzach is located parallel to “Hod” at the number 8 position. Hod stands for “majesty” or “kingdom”.

In the perspective of the ancient Israelites, a long-suffering displaced people must endure suffering and pain before defeating their host of enemies, including the Canaanites and Philistines (the namesake of Palestine) to achieve enduring supremacy with the victory of the Davidic Kingdom and raising of the Judaic Temple.

Thus, a silent number can have hidden dimensions. The Tarot, a system that uses images from the face of cards, conveys the instrumental or dark side of the Kabbalah. The card Seven of Swords is interpreted as “deception” and “betrayal”, the necessary means to achieve the goal of permanent victory, Netzach.

This writer, a proponent of science over superstition, is most definitely not a subscriber to Kabbalist occultism yet recognizes the importance of deciphering the psychological profile of the criminal mind. For the detective, motive is the most elusive element. Netzach is a supreme motive.

For pure entertainment value, 7.17 adds up to the special occult figure of 15. Inside an equilateral triangle, rows of balls from 1 through 5 add up to 15, which is thus a triangular number. In the Periodic Table of Elements, 15 is atomic weight of phosphorus, the fiery mineral associated with Hell. In the Tarot deck, 15 is the symbolic number of the Devil, aka Lucifer. So once again, we arrive at the Illuminati. Utter rubbish to those like the novelist Dan Brown, a recorded fact for historians, and for others merely a game.

Target Tehran

The latest maps of MH17’s deviation from its normal flight route, released by IATA and available at, reveal important details missed by the crude charts published immediately after the crash.

MH17 drifted northward off its planned trajectory midway over Poland, rather than above Ukraine as earlier suggested. Here again, as in the case of MH370, a Boeing-777, the only plausible explanation is that the plane was electronically hijacked via its navigational computer. (Note: Boeing Corporation has obviously done nothing to patch the computer security problem of unauthorized access.)

The jetliner’s consequent trajectory appears jerky rather than as a smooth arc. The jagged path, resembling the pixelated edges on a computer screen, indicates the e-hijackers inserted hastily written commands into the plane’s navigation system. The plane’s altered path put it over the Donetsk battleground instead of the safer southwestern shore of the Azov Sea.

A striking feature on the flight map is that MH17 was gradually veering southward on the approach to Donetsk. If it had not crashed, the Malaysian jet would have crossed its scheduled route midway over the Azov Sea, a move that gives away the plot.

The scheduled flight route heads over the Azov Sea, next passes a strip of southern Russia, reaches the Caspian Sea and then arcs toward the northeast across Turkmenistan and over Central Asia along a beeline to Kuala Lumpur.

Based on its east-southeast path over the Ukraine, the Malaysian airliner (had it not crashed) would have flown parallel to the west-east ridge of the Caucasus Mountains, passed over Azerbaijan and then curved toward the shores of northern Iran, directly toward Tehran.

The outcome of the e-hijacking would have been either of two possible scenarios.

First, an altitude fuse blows the bomb in the MH17 cargo hold over the Iranian capital, dropping pieces of virus-infected cadaver flesh over a wide urban area, spreading a deadly pandemic killing millions of Iranians.

The second possibility is that the bomb was timed to explode after MH17 is forced to land by the Iranian Air Force. All the passengers and crew debark for questioning and are sent in vans to detention in a hotel. The bomb is then triggered by remote control to spread biotoxins across the airport district. Shocked and infuriated Revolutionary Guards then hold the passengers for questioning as terrorism suspects, thereby sparking another Iranian hostage crisis. European nations respond angrily and then eagerly support an Israeli-designed hostage-rescue plan, spearheading an allied military assault against Iran.

In either case with a bioweapons attack on Tehran, the Mossad and Israeli Defense Force (IDF) score an enduring victory for eternal Judaic Majesty over the global community.

Instead, over the Ukraine-Russia borderlands, virus-contaminated corpses dropped out of the sky, astonishing villagers and militiamen. Alarmed by the spread of biological weapons, a flotilla of NATO warships immediately fled from the Black Sea out through the Dardanelles into the safety of the Mediterranean, according to sources in Washington DC. European nations hesitated, tellingly, for more than 24 hours before trying to dispatch emergency crews and monitors to the crash site. Ethnic Russian irregulars under commander Strelkov removed smoking-gun evidence of biowarfare from the site, which presumably be used to blackmail heir Western adversaries with the threat of filing a genocide case before the World Court.

“To die, to sleep, to sleep perchance to dream, ay, there’s the rub. For in that sleep of death what dreams may come, when we have shuffled off this mortal coil.”

‘Tis a nightmare, indeed. What’s to come could be far worse.

Corpses go viral

Your average people plod along, the goodness in their hearts burdened with all sorts of problems. Meanwhile the evil profit from misdeeds. Money and power come from breaking the rules, not by following them. Thus evil rules global society. We are speaking here of generic evil, the usual suspects like fraudsters, diploma forgers, occupational liars, politicians and bankers.

It took all the creative audacity of evil genius to use corpses as a delivery mechanism for unstoppable viruses. On top of that, it was macabre to dress up the cadavers in the guise of tourists heading for the beaches of Langkawi and Phuket. Costuming the dead is reminiscent of how a team of assassins was disguised by Mossad make-up artists for the 2010 Al-Mabhouh hit in Dubai. The ghoulish cargo aboard MH17 provides the first glimpse for us peasants into the secretive methods of the vampire elite who run the globalist order.

Under international transport laws, corpses are required to be clad in medical gowns and tagged for ease of inspection by medical examiners at quarantine offices in the departure and arrival airports. Infected bodies are not allowed to be shipped as medical specimens; only the smallest tissue samples are permitted in the case of highly contagious pathogens. Despite the rigorous measures against the pandemic risk, clothed infected cadavers were loaded by Israeli-hired baggage handlers at one of Europe’s busiest airports, Schiphol Amsterdam. So far, not a peep has come from Dutch or EU authorities.

Human flesh is the perfect storage medium, especially when drained of blood. The knowledge that viruses can replicate inside bodies past expiration date comes from clinical practice inside hospital holding tanks and morgues. Whoever perfected this technique of multiplying and storing viruses inside semi-dry mammal tissue had long experience in epidemiology. The novelty of the technique wears off a bit when one recalls that cocaine-stuffed cadavers are routinely sent to overseas funerals by Colombian cartels. Perhaps cocaine containers inspired the diabolical plot to smuggle bioweapons.

From Alaska with Love

The airborne cadavers are reminiscent of infected bodies buried under Alaskan permafrost from whence 1918 Spanish flu virus samples were extracted by disease-hunter Johan Hultin. In 1951 and again in 1997, the retired pathologist trekked to an Inuit village called Brevig Mission, in the Arctic region near Nome, on a quest to disinter the lungw from a female victim of the 1918 global pandemic that killed some 20 million people.

His second expedition was commissioned by Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger, a German-born virologist whose father was an Army officer in the Pentagon. Assigned to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Rockville, Maryland, Taubenberger was the first scientist to sequence the genome of the Spanish flu virus, which is the Type A forerunner of avian influenza.

Hultin’s personal account conflicts with the official record from the National Institutes of Health, which claims only tiny fragments of RNA were recovered, whereas the discoverer claims that the body was still pliable, that the corpse called “Lucy” opened her eyes under the pressure of his kneeling on her chest, and both lungs were extracted in mint condition. Unlike the fragile DNA of bacteria and larger organisms, less complex viral RNA should remain intact indefinitely while frozen in flesh.

The Alaskan virus samples provided the mother lode of genes that the infamous Yoshihiro Kawaoka, chief of virology at Madison, Wisconsin, and his associate Ron Fouchier at the Erasmus Medical Institute have inserted into more recent H5N1 variants of avian influenza that swept Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and dozens of other countries. Just last month, Kawaoka claimed to have perfected an “unstoppable” flu virus.

The timing of Kawaoka’s marvelous achievement, just weeks before the last flight of MH17, packed with blood-drained corpses, is a plausible reason for public-health concern, to say the least. The fact that Kawaoka and Fouchier bounced back from a barrage of ethical criticism with undisclosed sources of new funding since 1913 should be ringing alarm bells. One of their supporters is the head of Eramus University who was an executive with Solvay, a leading producer of chemical weapons.

Red Alert over Poland

The release of a virus capable of exterminating most of the world’s population of human and warm-blooded creatures like mammals and birds, has to be stopped at any cost. The alarm was not sounded until MH17 veered off-course over central Poland, where US Air Force F-18s are on standby in event of a ballistic-missile strike.

Somehow, perhaps through a communications intercept of the Israeli security network at Schiphol Airport, the American strategic command in Europe issued a last-minute alert of an imminent bioweapons incident. Short-circuiting the NATO approval bureaucracy, a USAF jet caught up with suspected virus shipment. The only way to prevent a disastrous pandemic outbreak is to set the jetliner afire to incinerate all biological material before impact on the ground. Emotional considerations for those on board must be set aside if the world population is to be spared destruction.

A short-range air-to-air rocket strikes the starboard (right) jet engine, starting a fire that is intended to spread down the fuel line in the wing to the fuel tank, igniting a fireball. Instead, the plane rocks wildly in a dive. The G-force triggers a bomb hidden in the midsection of the cargo hold. The plane explodes, snapping apart at the seams on either end.

A top expert, now retired from US intelligence, provides this analysis (excerpted):

The lack of spalding marks or shrapnel from the missile embedded into the bottom side of the airframe rules out a SAM strike.

The aft section of the plane exploded outwards and did not burn.
The tail section, side sections and top roof panel sections were blown out with no melting or carbon smoke damage.
They landed separately from the center impact zone.
This means that the aft section separated in flight before impact from an internal explosion. Probably in the aft cargo bay.
The center wing spar section survived the impact and burned the jet fuel on the ground. So it was not from a fuel tank explosion.

While journalists and the general public are fixated on the mystery surrounding MH17 (and before that, MH370), a professional air-crash investigator with an intelligence background looks at the evidence with a dispassionate eye, searching also for clues to prior cases. He continues:

The engines and landing gear survived the impact, unlike the Pentagon crash or the Shanksville crash on 911. The Shanksville crash should look just like this and it doesn’t. The Pentagon crash should have left both engines intact along with the landing gear and tail section, just as we see today. (United Airlines 93, Shanksville, Pennsylvania; official-claimed American Airlines 77 The Pentagon, September 11, 2001)
Remember the plane (MH17) hit the ground at over 400 miles per hour from a 30,000 feet drop. So this is proof that Shanksville and the Pentagon jet crashes on 911 are
not true.

The Holocaust conundrum

The family members of Dutch passengers who lost their lives aboard MH17 cannot expect an iota of truth from their own government. Since the crash of MH17, not a single report, not one whisper has been issued on how infected corpses were secretly loaded at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport en route to Kuala Lumpur. The much-heralded Dutch intelligence agencies have failed to explain how a large explosive device could be loaded into the cargo chamber of the Malaysian jetliner at one of Europe’s busiest airports.

The AIVD (Algemene Inlichtingen en Veiligheidienst) or General Intelligence and Security Service, along with the military spy service MIVD, pride themselves as being among the world’s top espionage and counterintelligence services. The actual situation is a far cry from that self-serving fiction.

Investigative journalists with the Dutch press know quite well that AIVD officers accepted large bribes from the Mossad to suppress the facts behind the 1992 El Al crash in Biljmeer, Amsterdam, which not only killed residents but also led to the deaths of city firefighters. AIDV and MIVD have a similar history of abject intelligence failures from the double-dealing of Axis sympathizer Prince Bernhard and the South Molucca fiasco to the armed rebellion against Shell Oil in West Africa.

Besides its cooperation with the NSA Prism program in spying on its own citizens and European neighbors, AIVD and MIVD are notoriously dependent on the Mossad for most of its recent “scoops”, which are nothing more than Israeli disinformation and propaganda. Meanwhile, the AIVD somehow managed to ignore the clandestine shipments of sarin gas components from chemical producer Solvay to Saddam Hussein and the Israeli chemical-warfare unit.

The AIVD and MIVD are no strangers to spying on Andaman Sea nations Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar to protect the assets of Royal Dutch Shell in Sumatra. One of the routine AIVD exercises is to send its recruits on training junkets through Aceh, islands near Malaysian oil fields, to Thailand for physical training, and on to the Burmese oil region. A major shareholder in Shell is, of course, the Rothschild group, which is also a major supporter of Zionism.

Beside their fealty to wealthy Jewish tycoons, the Dutch spy services and police intelligence rely heavily on Jewish-Dutch informers, many of them dual citizens of Israel. The reason for this cohabitation with Israelis is Jewish crime groups involved in money-laundering and smuggling for The Netherlands’ notorious drug trafficking mafia, which in many cases is indistinguishable from supposed law enforcement agencies. As if the peddling of Ice, X, heroin and cocaine are not enough, let us remind the Dutch parliament and taxpayers of the role of its intelligence operatives inside their nation’s Treasury, which abetted the printing of counterfeit currency, including the 1,000 Hong Kong dollar banknote. Need we add more? Dutch intelligence is also a supporter of the drug scene in China’s arts community and funder of the anarchist “artist” Ai Weiwei, who vandalized ancient Chinese art objects.

The Israeli security services used the threat of Arab terrorist hijackings of airlines during the 1970s and ‘80s to convince the government of The Netherlands to allow ICTS, a firm founded by Shin Beit (Israeli counterintelligence) officers, to run security at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Since then, while the Arab hijacking threat declined, Schipbol became a hub for false-flag attacks against the United States and for illegal shipments of weapons of mass destruction into Israel. If the Dutch government continues to fail to enforce IATA regulations at Schiphol and expel the Israel murder machine, then the EU should give serious consideration to expelling The Netherlands from the EU and relegate it to the status of a rogue state, which in fact it is.

As for the Israeli influence on The Netherlands, criminals who hide behind the shield of Holocaust victimhood are no morally better than descendants of slaves who rob strangers at gunpoint and murder them in cold blood. A biography of victimization and persecution cannot serve to legitimize unlawful termination of innocent human lives, especially of those who have no connection to past evil deeds. With the passing of so mainly Polish Jewish survivors in recent years, Israeli security agents have no legitimate grounds for claiming ethnic defense against genocidal authority. If anything, most of the laboratories conducting bioweapons research receive funding from wealthy donors and corporations associated with Zionism. From zylon to sarin, bubonic plague to unstoppable influenza, how things have changed. The shoe is now on the other foot.

In Malay: Tidak Lebih MAS!

Translated into Spanish that means: No MAS! The venal corruption of the executive leadership at MAS, operator of Malaysian Airlines, is by now legendary, and to that sin add lethargy in the fight against airborne hijacking and Israel terrorism.

Foot-dragging, disinformation and refusal to hunt down the perpetrators of “disappeared” MH370 is beyond comprehension, outside the bounds of decency, much less the norms of law. The inability to confront Boeing Corporation for providing the on-board computer codes to Israeli aircraft pirates is beyond ineffectual and gutless. Their blind eye to the passenger-reported MH370 landing on Diego Garcia island is unforgivable.

To begin to correct its erring ways, MAS needs to:

- ground and dump its fleet of Boeing aircraft, and lease Airbus and Sukhoi instead;

- create a special investigation board to seriously consider every possibility of hijacking in the MH370 case and a probe of the covert operation against MH17 at Schiphol Airport;

- launch a complete sweep of its executive leadership and replacement with disciplined patriots, including police and Malaysian Air Force officers; and

- post a substantial international reward for information leading to the capture and arrest of suspects in the MH17 and MH370 cases.

Anything less is a bad joke. Even Air Rwanda gets better grades. Instead of meekly accepting the delays, promises and lies, the Malaysian public needs to take action for justice and law. If leaders do not fight for the national interest, find others who will.

Yoichi Shimatsu is a Hong Kong-based science journalist, who served on a public health information campaign during the SARS and avian influenza crises. He has written extensively on the hijacking of Malaysian Airlines flight 370.


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