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California Goes Communist

By Jim Kirwan




Without a lot more rain and snow, many California farmers caught in the state's drought can expect to receive no irrigation water this year from a vast system of rivers, canals and reservoirs interlacing the state, federal officials announced Friday.”

kirwan: Not for the first time California is surrendering to “political correctness”, this time to deny California Farmers the water they need to plant their crops for this season’s food.

Farmers who rely on the federally run Central Valley Project received only 20 percent of their normal water allotment last year and were expecting this year's bad news. Some communities and endangered wildlife that rely on the federal water source will also suffer deep cuts.”

kirwan: Giving water to protect supposedly ‘endangered species’ while the entire Pacific Ocean has now totally lost all the sardines, to nuclear contamination, makes no sense at all.

"My gross sales are probably going to be cut in half," said Bill Dietrich, who farms 1,500 acres of almonds, tomatoes and other crops in the parched Central Valley community of Firebaugh. "Some farmers out here are going to lose everything they've got."

Governor Jerry Brown last month declared California's drought emergency, and both state and federal officials have pledged millions of dollars to help with water conservation and food banks for those put out of work by the drought.”

kirwan: So the farmers who won’t be getting the water they need to feed the nation, with the crops they won’t be able to plant. Instead the governments will be giving them food from the food banks which the same farmers probably once supplied with what they grew in their fields. In addition these so-called food banks are already almost totally depleted—but have no fear government will do ‘the politically correct thing’ to “save the day”!

California officials who manage the State Water Project, the state's other major water system, have already said they won't be releasing any water for farmers, marking a first in its 54-year history.”

kirwan: They’ve known about this since Feinstein and Brown teamed up, a month ago, to kill any supply of water to the California farmers. This has been their planned compliance with AGENDA 21 and the UN, all along, to bankrupt California farmers and leave their land infertile. Farming inside California will no longer be possible—think about what will mean to the entire nation!

The only reason that government privatized the protection of the water for California Farmers, was to insure that our major industry could be maintained, despite droughts, storms and emergencies: Now that we have this multi-year drought the government, both state and feral, have ruled that farmers cannot have any water—leaving people no option but to buy their GMO crops, because Agri-business will not suffer.

The farmers know where the spigots are that control their water. They need to get help from the militia and other farmers to turn on their water supply and keep the water flowing to maintain what they need to plant and grow their crops and to survive.

GMO crops have been engineered to grow in drought conditions, did we really think that these communists wouldn’t use that fact to starve the people, not just out of California but of the entire USA?

All of this they’re able to do because of Diane Feinstein for the criminal government, and Jerry Brown representing the communist state of California. Together these two governments have surrendered California to the UN, to Agenda 21 and by extension to DHS, which is the enforcement arm of Israel, inside the United States. None of this needed to happen.

In 2009, the dry weather caused federal authorities to announce many Central Valley farmers would receive no water, but the wet weather that followed moved that up to 10 percent. Ryan Jacobsen of the Fresno County Farm Bureau said no Fresno County farmers were spared of bad news this time, marking a sad historical first. Fresno County leads the nation in agriculture production with $6.6 billion in annual economic activity.”

Farmers are hit hardest, but they're not alone. Contractors that provide cities with water can expect to receive half their usual amount, the Bureau said, and wildlife refuges that need water flows in rivers to protect endangered fish will receive 40 percent of their contracted supply.”

kirwan: Feinstein is the feral connection to this continuing-crime. Why does the public need “private contractors” to provide us with our own water? How much of our needed-water will be going to government secret-sites to cool the computers that are stealing our email and spying on every man woman and child in this nation and around the world. That California-water should be permanently cut off. And how much of that water is going to the banks, the lawless corporations and the rest of the unneeded government operations that are oppressively duplicated by dozens of agencies, when none were ever needed in the first place?

Government is what is truly unnecessary. Shut down the duplicate agencies eliminate the state and the feds from areas of life they have no business medaling in and there would be more than enough water to keep our farmers and our food supplies healthy and functioning!

And why does providing water to our principal crop production have to stand in line behind “politically correct” choices that have nothing to do with keeping the people of California and the nation supplied with healthy food, instead of GMO contaminated products from the new world order’s toxic-food supply?

Did you know that Hemp is now legal in all 50 states? Did you also know that Hemp can be used to actually clean up the soil and it can DECONTAMINATE whatever the soil has been poisoned with? Why has this government never mentioned this fact? They’ve been suppressing the technology that could give us back the soil they’ve been poisoning for decades, that’s why!

Contractors that provide farmers with water and hold historic agreements giving them senior rights will receive 40 percent of their normal supplies. Some contracts date back over a century and guarantee that farmers will receive at least 75 percent of their water.” (1)

Servicing the contractors over the farmers is a national disgrace. This travesty is being called “an emergency” when in fact it’s just the planned destruction of the nation’s food supply and California must lead the way out of this trap, by coming together, to help each other and our remaining farmers to plant the crops that will frustrate this planned destruction of the nation’s food supply.

We must weaken these lawless-corporate monopolies so that we can eliminate them and their illegal stranglehold on all agricultural production nationwide.

1) Feds Deny Water to California Farmers



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