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Calculating The Impossible

By Jim Kirwan

I don’t profess to know how far back these crimes have gone.

But we should explore some of what is known.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote about the Gulags in Russia that date from 1917. During that time Solzhenitsyn stated that 66 million Russians were executed in those camps. The Jewish Zionist hierarchy in Russia ruled over 200 million Russians, under Stalin, at that time and millions more died, including millions of Germans, in addition to the 66 million they claim to have killed in the Gulags alone. The entire Gulag system was administered by Jewish Rabbi’s acting as Commandants throughout that entire war crime. The actual number of people murdered in that system is unknown, at the present time.

Ukraine today is part of what was once Ancient Khazaria; which was the “original homeland” from which most of today’s Israeli “Jews” originally came from. Now Israel is going back to their “homeland” to go after Russia one more time! That tends to clarify why there is so much hatred being preached against Putin and Russia—could that be because the Russians are again the real targets of everything to do with Ukraine and Gaza in the summer of 2014?

Opposing The Zionist Beast: 15min video

To accomplish the theft of Ukraine, from its own people, the Zionist government of Israel formed an alliance with Ukrainian Zionists to take over that country in order to start the coming war with Russia. To that end Ukrainians went to Israel and were trained to come back into Ukraine as the Right Sector, in order to perfect the overthrow of the democratically elected government. Having done that, the Israeli-trained Ukrainians commanded the Ukrainian Army’s assault up the Eastern Republic in the country. The plan had been to take over all of Ukraine, but that was frustrated by the vote and withdrawal of Crimea; which is now part of Russia.

It was also revealed today that Right Sector Ukrainians are using Phosphorous incendiaries and Cluster Bombs in Eastern Ukraine: Exactly as what Israel continues to do against Gaza and probably soon in the West Bank as well.

Ukraine used phosphorous incendiaries, cluster bombs against cities ­ Russian military 3min VIDEO

Remember also that the Zionist faction inside Ukraine only consists of just half of one percent of the people living there.

The size of the Zionist population worldwide

Is equally small but to date they have still had

A colossal effect of the survival of the entire planet.

In all of this the world’s Zionist-Owned Press has been complicit with everything that has been used to try and discredit the Russians regardless of any of the facts put on the official record by the Kremlin, especially over the last few months.

The global financing for all of this comes directly from the Zionist-Owned Banks thru USI which is owned by the Zionist banking cabal headed by the Rothschilds, which own the US Federal Reserve along with the Bank of England and the Vatican.

The Question is How Many Millions of people have the Zionist Beast actually slaughtered between 1917 and today?

Just trying to calculate the number of Palestinians murdered, maimed, tortured and evicted is a near impossibility between 1948 and 2014. In that 66 years alone millions have died, and not just in Palestine. The victims in Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Egypt, along with all the others who were murdered in stealth around the world will never be known. But whatever this “Impossible Number” actually is: It’s definitely on a par with the number of those we know who died in the Russian gulags.

Apparently the world is laboring under the idea that Israel is just a tiny island of democracy inside the huge Muslim world: When what Israel is today is an Apartheid Fascist Nuclear armed State that has banned all Christians, Muslims and any Jews that are not Zionists. Far from being the victims of chaos and tyranny the Zionists and USI are the leading cause of death throughout the world today, in every area of human life.

No other nation has ever been able to do what Israel is doing to billions of people around the world: Including what they have planned to do to the 333,000,000 people that are awaiting execution here in the U.S. - even as we speak.

Numbers” can often be used to confuse almost any issue they become part of. But in this instance the answers to how many died and in which countries; is such an enormous number and that finding it ought to spell the end of the Zionist Beast forever.


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