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NEW VIDEOS - NoCal Beach Readings
Still Sky High 380 CPM

Jeff Rense Exclusive


UPDATE -- Our man went back to the same 'Surfers Beach' on January 14th to re-check his earlier readings which, as you know, went worldwide on the net. Those readings also caused a definite uptick in the growing State and Federal coverup of the simple fact that Fukushima radiation is already hitting parts of the West Coast even though the massive part of the radioactive Pacific - the 'plume' - has not officially arrived yet. When that enormous part of the Northern Pacific does reach the West Coast...which could be any time beach will be immune from radioactive contamination thanks to General Electric's incredibly stupid plant design and TEPCO's astonishing lying and ineptitude.

Here is the NEW video showing 380 CPM (Counts Per Minute) coming from the 'black sand' on the beach. As Dave told me... "This black sand is hot but not all black sand is. I never detected anything much over 30 CPM before on black sand at other locations. However, this beach continues to be hot and the black sand quite a bit more so than the rest." He added that all along the beach, between the black sand strip and the water’s edge, the beach measured 3 times over normal background. Click HERE to view the new video, exclusive to

Keep in mind that the deadly radioactive water has been pouring into the Pacific at an admitted '400 metric tons a day (it could easily be over 1,000 tons) from Fukushima for three YEARS in March and the radioactive water will continue to thrust itself against the West Coast for at least 10 years, if not hundreds. Note also that with each passing year after the fully-contaminated ocean embraces the West Coast, the amount of radio nuclides (often measured in CPM) will only grow larger and larger with each wave that breaks and runs up on the sandy shores. This accumulation is undeniable and will pose a constant and growing radioactive threat which will permeate the sand, concentrate in the water, and bio-accumulate in the marine life...and human life, especially those who lives along the West Coast.

Does that mean everyone is going to drop dead? Of course, not. It does mean we have a God-given right to know exactly...precisely...what is happening to the Pacific - and our beaches and environment - in terms of how much radiation is present and what kind of nuclides are involved. We are now to the point that perhaps the most deadly radioactive nuclide to humans, Strontium 90, is apparently the predominant radio nuclide now being spewed into the Pacific 24/7/365 from Fukushima.

Dave explained some other interesting events during his latest trip to this unquestionably radioactive beach...

"As luck would have it, I noticed a guy half way down the beach checking something with instruments. He was focusing on the black sand strip. Later, another fellow walked out on the beach with some more serious equipment. I knew what they were doing, so I approached and asked. Yep! They were getting readings of 5 times background on the sand and as high as 13 times background on the black sand. These were the same readings I got back on Dec19-22...but in dry, clean sand.

This second fellow turned out to be a geologist but I didn’t learn who he is working for. He claimed all the radiation is from “natural” sources. I said the beach is still contaminated...regardless of the source. He did acknowledge this was true.

At least we have the presence of some agency on the beach and we have raised awareness about radiation contamination in Northern California."

The issue of 'black sand' is an interesting one. As you will see in the next video, there is black sand in many areas ON the beach...and there is a strata of 'black sand' in the bluff itself. It would be easy for some to say the black sand layer in the bluff is radioactive and that same black sand has fallen away from the bluff and accounts for the highly radioactive black sand on the beach. Unfortunately, that answer doesn't work as you will clearly see in the video below. Dave measures the black sand on the beach and gets a count as high as 380 CPM. He then goes to the bluff and measures the black layer there...and gets readings of 50-58 CPM. The conclusion seems obvious...the high radiation in the black sand on the beach somehow came from the incoming tidal water. Take a look for yourself, Click HERE

For those on the net who stupidly, foolishly, intentionally...and dangerously...mock the idea of radiation being a problem or potentially deadly, we suggest you get in contact with some of the brave crew members of the USS Ronald Reagan...many of whom are already gravely ill. Ask them if they saw or felt the radiation they were exposed to during their humanitarian rescue work off the coast of Fukushima after the 3/11 quake and tsunami. We 'lost' the entire aircraft carrier Reagan which spent 18 months in Seattle undergoing massive decontamination efforts and being stripped of vast amounts of its equipment which was transported and buried at the Hanford Nuclear facility. The ship today sits idle in San Diego and may never see service again. Tragically, it now appears the entire crew may ultimately be lost to active service...and maybe to the planet...time will tell.

To see Dave's December video and readings at this same beach, click HERE



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