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By Any Means Necessary?

By Jim Kirwan

The war inside Ukraine has very little to do with Ukraine. This is about opening a back door into the heart of Russia. And yes, it is both that simple and that dangerous for the rest of the world.

If the planet is to survive then we must discuss the methodology being used in Gaza and Ukraine like adults. Any dialogue now must begin by understanding what the title of this article actually means.

By Any Means Necessary” translates into death by starvation, thirst, disease, war, genocide, torture, financial ruin, social collapse, or corrupted polices, including terror and fear.

The goal is the extermination of all people who could threaten the agenda of the global-bankers or the elites of this dying planet—wherever they feel threatened.

Currently there are two flashpoints that demand the public’s complete attention: Between Gaza & Ukraine millions upon millions of people have been targeted for death, by any means necessary—this global death sentence must be overturned.

Three Million Targeted!

Gaza is being used yet again by Netanyahu to distract the planet from what’s going on inside Ukraine. Meanwhile Israel has always had the total destruction of Russia as a primary objective. With Putin’s ascension to power, the continuing eviction of Jewish banking and political power inside Russia came under Putin’s relentless attacks: This enraged the Zionist Jews as few other actions ever could. This is why Ukraine is being targeted by USI for Israel.

In real terms US Inc. wants to do a no-knock raid on Russia. If this back door can be created to conduct illegal cross-border raids into Russia, for which Russia can then be blamed, if she dares to respond: This “solution” would be the best possible outcome for the bankers and the global military mercenaries.

BTW: All this is designed to take down not just the 3 million people targeted in Gaza & Ukraine, but also the additional billions of people everywhere that are still resisting this global take-down; wherever it raises its ugly head!

To this end the West has been laying a whole series of bear-traps around the Russian border with Ukraine, hoping that Putin will take the bait offered by Poroshenko as Washington’s puppet in charge.

The inherent problem for the West, so far, is that Russia has concentrated on using their advantages; like diplomacy, and the intelligent proffer of dialogue over outright war, while simultaneously pushing for the new development bank with BRICS that has been successful and is part of a growing global association—in both banking and real help for the underdeveloped nations of this world.

BRICS nations to launch Development Bank

"The bank will operate on national currencies, rather than using a single currency and will be used in bilateral and multilateral trade deals.

BRICS members say the current global balance of power is unworkable, with institutions such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations Security Council irrelevant in addressing matters concerning global economics.

BRICS countries make up over 40 percent of the world’s population and account for more than 25 percent of the global GDP."

This comes at a time when Russia’s economic and political affairs are growing and expanding while USI is heading straight for global bankruptcy. It’s happening because Russia has a global-reputation for keeping its word and honoring its contracts: Whereas neither USI nor Israel can ever be trusted to honor any commitment they enter into—remember Iraq, all three times.

The Russian military today is one of the world’s most advanced and experienced military forces, who have fought Americans more than once. The “Russia” that lost in Afghanistan to USI was the old USSR, which has nothing in common with today’s state of the art Russian military force - which most Amerikans are still clueless about.

Knowledge is power” and yet USI continues to value ignorance over power every time! This is why we’re all still stuck in this global-quagmire ­ yet again!

When determined people fight to protect themselves, then sometimes huge victories can come from seemingly hopeless situations. This was one of Kiev’s borrowed planes shot down by Eastern separatists yesterday…

Ukrainian Truce?

Peter Lavelle: “A genuine appeal for a peace and negotiations or a gambit to intensify the conflict. These are only some of the questions surrounding the Ukrainians’ call for a cease fire. Anti-Kiev forces in the East say it’s a trap. Poroshenko’s options are narrowing”

@ 2min 25sec: “ You know Don if there’s one thing that the government in Kiev is able to prove its that they can kill civilians pretty well and I guess it’s the only thing its been able to do, because its own military has proven to be quite inept here . From a Western Ukraine perspective, he’d better start getting some results because those guys on the Maidan that are monitoring him; I’m talking about Right-Sector people here. He talks the words of peace, but he needs to get this resolved pretty quickly because his own power might be at stake.

Don DeBar: “First to describe his job description, I would go with what the permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, Vitally Churkin said, which is he’s really a translator not a president his job is to translate instructions from English into Ukrainian: And he’s been doing that fairly well.

We’ve had the visits from the various parts of the US government to Kiev, right before the predecessor and this government attacked, yet again, the people in Ukraine. The people in Ukraine. I mean it’s the Eastern part of the country, but if you look at an electoral map, from the 2010 election: The deposed president pulled about a third of the vote in Kiev. It’s not as monolithic in the West as portrayed here, so Ukrainians are Ukrainians and the Ukrainian military, which by the way, part of the reason it is so inept is that there have been massive desertions from the beginning when this coup government and its successor was sent to ‘attack its own people’.

This is really a proxy war by the United States being fought by the people of Ukraine, with the comprador group being fully established, by coup, in Kiev and I think the opposition perhaps in Levolve and some other small parts of the West, very far West, which are traditionally attached to Poland ­ you won’t see as much but there is support for the people in the East and for their own rights, in large parts of Western Ukraine that we haven’t seen expressed yet.” ends @ 4min 34secs.

Ivan Eland: “… I do think the US has heavily influenced this because of course their providing the assistance, and of course the EU is backing up this with economic loans and so is the United States ~ both financially and militarily and advising the Ukraine. Certainly the US has a big role and I think the US looks on this… on Ukraine as a real prize and a friendly government in Ukraine to the United States is better than a government that’s friendly to Russia…”

This entire Crosstalk program is very informative and clearly shows just how wide the gap is in reporting between Russian news sources and the pathetic Amerikan mass media, in every way.

The title of this article cannot be stressed too strongly because that damning phrase “By Any Means Necessary” is paramount to everything being done, on every continent today: Wherever anyone is still resisting this global cancer that was created to literally consume the entire planet’s resources, whether natural or created…


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