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Bursting Global Bubbles

By Jim Kirwan


It’s really been quite a week for the war-torn world. Two totally distinct breakthrough conferences coupled with enough lies to bury the earth three times over. From the screamingly obvious failures that have marked USI and the Western failure to stop their outright fall into political and military failure on the global scene, to the major breakthroughs for the rising successes of

Russia and the BRICS nations—the “WOW” is just too big to be contained.

Before the conferences even began

Listen to the Man from Missouri in the DEBATE from Press TV

Dean Henderson: @ 15min 28sec “We are certainly poorer in the West for the last eight years…

“…Yeah with all due respect to Mr. Sinow there are so many factual errors in that last diatribe that’s its hard to ignore, it’s bizarre. You know the Russian Oligarchs that he talks about ; these are all the Oligarch’s, mostly dual Israeli citizens like Korokowski who Putin has actually cracked down on now and he’s thrown in jail. He’s nationalized a lot of these companies like Ukous. So this is about ten year old news that you’re talking about when you talk about these Russian Oligarchs: You know you don’t even know who you’re talking about. These are people who are allied with the West. I mean these are friends with the Rothschilds; you know good buddies with the City of London bankers. So to say that Russia has these Oligarchs because they’re socialists and then further to say that they’re threatening Germany about these contracts—and that’s socialism. I mean the contracts are contracts Mr. Sinoso: You make a contract and oil is $105 a barrel and all of a sudden it drops to $75 it doesn’t mean the contract is broken; I mean that’s just Capitalism.

That’s a contract that has to honored so when Putin says the Germans break the contract: I mean it would be Germans that would be socialist if they broke that contract.

And the other thing is you know the United States, the 1% that is the thing that is just where it all starts. This is the Wild West. This is again going back to Reagan and to Lassa Fair Capitalism: This is the root of all this stuff that’s going on in the world, because we broke our unions. I guess they were too socialist or something but you know we have no respect for working people in the West and of course they’re not going to get ahead. And you’re right the numbers are hiding a much larger unemployment. They’re also hiding the fact that most people are living paycheck to paycheck, putting a lot of their bills on credit cards; going further into debt, just as our country is going further into debt. I mean it just doesn’t seem like a very rational thing to follow this “Western model”. So that’s what Russia and these other BRICS countries are trying to do: They’re trying (k: and succeeding) to move away from that model.

They’re trying to move to a model where as you say, you know you say Russia is an exporter of ‘resources’ arms and stuff. Well, No that’s what the United States does. The United States is a Military-Industrial Complex dependent on the export of arms; and now we’re exporting fracked natural gas. We’re becoming a third world country. We don’t manufacture anything anymore.”

(kirwan: that’s why we can’t even rebuild our ruined infrastructure because we don’t have the steel, the concrete or the know how to rebuild anything)

We export a lot of wheat; we export a lot of oil and natural resources. Guess What? China, Russia not anymore! We’re becoming consumer nations. The Chinese are buying cars in droves. They’re actually becoming the consumers that are going to carry this world economy into the next century… things are changing out there Mr. Sinkno and because of what’s happening this faulty analysis that so many in the West seem to have, especially these Washington think tanks in their bubble: They just don’t get what’s going on out there in these policies they’re proposing these right wing polices, free-trade-polices, that they’re proposing are just failed. It’s a race to the bottom when you do this kind of stuff: It’s kind of like ‘we’ll just turn our North Carolina into the next Haiti. We’ll can pay people fifty cents a day to make baseballs—that’s not a really good economic model if you hope to continue to be a first world nation: That leads the world through innovation and technology, research and these kinds of things so you know it’s very much a wrong way to go. And we have to basically look to the BRICS now for leadership going into this next decade and maybe hopefully the Europeans and the Americans get out of their dogmatic right-wing bubble long enough to observe and to see and to learn some things from these mixed economies moving forward that use capitalism and yes use some socialism: That’s what adults do. They look at both systems the Post Office by the way is socialism; the police department is socialism in this country. The military and the National Guard is socialism. We’ve had socialism in America from our inception so it’s time for these right-wingers in America to grow up and accept a kind of reality and have an adult conversation about what’s good about Capitalism and what’s good about socialism and what can we learn from both of these systems and then how can we just use common sense and move forward and regain our economic status that we had in the past…”

This morning on RT this clip illustrates just how far off the mark Obamanation is when it comes to the literal heap of lies he claims he represents whenever it comes to all things Russian.

Obama @ 6min 25 sec said: “If he (Putin) continues on the path he is on violating International law. Providing heavy arms to the separatists in Ukraine: Violating an agreement he agreed to just a few weeks ago, the Minsk Agreement, the isolation that Russia is experiencing will continue.”

k: Except that everything Obama attributes to Putin represents everything that Obama and the West have already done throughout the illegally create Ukrainian wars. The creation of the current Ukrainian leadership was funded by the USI NATO and Israel. The heavy armaments are being sent by those same benefactors to Kiev, and the violations of the Minsk treaty have been clearly shown to be coming from Kiev and not from Russia. The result of the last two conferences, held this week, clearly show that Russia is the accepted power in the world over the lying words of false-praise which Obama is seeking to praise himself with, while he has been publicly downgraded by the massive new trade deals struck at these last two international meetings.

Obama: “It is not our preference to see Russia isolated the way it is. We would prefer a Russia that is fully integrated with the Global Economy: That is thriving on behalf of its people, that can once again engage with us in cooperative efforts around global challenges.” The comment ends @ 7min 10sec

k: “Russia and Putin are doing well; in fact they are far better off than either USI or the EU, under the current illegal sanctions which were put on them by both USI and EU.

What Obama would prefer is a Russia that will bow down to USI and Israel, which will not happen as the old USSR is dead and gone forever. The Russian people are going beyond being engaged, they are in fact still sending humanitarian relief to the war ravaged Eastern provinces of Ukraine, while they try to get the West to come back to the table to talk peace instead of war. Meanwhile Kiev has used the latest ‘ceasefire’ to spend money they don’t have to rearm and reposition their mercenary thugs for their next attack upon people that were once part of the population of Ukraine—which Kiev is determined to genocide.

As far as Global challenges go, the recent opening of the new global BRICS bank, together with China, the introduction of Russian gold backed money and the expansion of global markets worldwide via the BRICS association which will do exactly what Obama would love to say that he can do—when nothing of the kind is even possible any longer.

After that last week it was America and the West that took all the hits for failing to perform and not Russia or Putin—so all that Obamanation could do was to continue to lie about every everything he attributed to Russia.

Obama needs to be arrested immediately

And tried for Treason as well as Crimes Against Humanity.

This image below portrays what I mentioned earlier today as well as yesterday, when it comes to the condition of the world today: When this is seen against the backdrop of the nuclear contamination of the world—which is of course being ignored…

Apparently David Dees and I are on the same page, again.


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