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The Burning Flag Of All Nations


By Jim Kirwan


The Burning Flag of All Nations carries all the colors of the human race,

Surrounded by the thin green line of what’s left of the earth,

In the dirty blue of the skies above the contaminated

But radiated blue of the oceans

Detail from Again & Again, © Kirwan 1974 & 1977


What most of us have come to realize today is that if we don’t stop the actions of CONQUEST, above, then we’ll have to deal with the consequences that always arrive, once WAR, FAMINE and DEATH begin to take over our lives. I was wandering around in that universal puzzle tonight when I stumbled on something that might actually help more of us to deal with life today.

That ‘ah-ha’ came in the form of a 2004 film called “CRASH”. “It takes place in a post-Sept. 11 Los Angeles, where tensions erupt when the lives of people from all walks of life converge during a 36-hour period.” It’s a phenomenally interesting film, especially in light of Ferguson, Missouri, and hundreds other cities in America, not to mention all the nations in the world that have suddenly found themselves invaded with people that are not native to their countries.

What struck me like an on-coming freight train was the all too simple fact that people seem to view the world like a poorly made black & white movie; where everyone is clearly labeled as either good or bad, in a sort of black & white way. I know that’s because the Bankers and Oligarchs have been running this show both forwards and backwards since they decided to own the ‘projection booth’, where the false-flag productions are ‘put-together’. But most of us tend to forget the Kazarian-Mafia, and their stooges in USI, Israel, NATO, the UN and of course the EU.

The basic behavior of most of the populations now, have been taught to not give a damn about anyone but themselves: Which is what tends to lead people into that ‘black & white version of life that these outlaws want to force people to live in.

But the world has never been about being black or white, right or wrong, masculine or feminine: It’s always been about that in-between color of gray which is where the truth usually lives.

What’s happened is that we allowed the government to take control over every aspect of every so-called life: And in that process we not only lost our freedom and our self-respect, we also lost our ability to think through any situation to find out what is true and distinguish that, from what is not.

The parasites who think they own this place actually believe that they’ve succeeded in killing our ability to choose to live a real life; as opposed to the artificial dictatorial façade that has become the norm of today, in far too many places around this planet. What this film underlines in subtle and intricate ways is the amazingly complex patterns within this life when it comes down to any individual’s personal choices. It also underlines the fact that nothing usually happens as we might think it will, because life is neither predictable nor is any life ever RISK free: So all of us have problems, even without knowing that we’re living in a total police-state, at the moment.

If we could begin to see the lives we’re living through a kaleidoscopic scope such as the one portrayed so well in “CRASH” ­ then we just might begin to more clearly understand just how we’ve been captured, as well as what we must do to throw away that scratchy aging reel of black and white film and start living our individual lives in a full-color world once more?

Once you understand the game they’ve been designing for us to follow, without ever questioning anything: It’s then easy to see how important it is that each of us sheds these parasites, like the maniacal-plague they truly are and get on with our lives.

Because once you grasp the concept that there are always choices to make, and almost never does anything ever come down to something as simple as “right or wrong”. Once you “get-it” you can never go back to living as a programmed simpleton again.

The film’s available in lots of places, why not rent it and think about it, before you run out of time. It’s true that this piece of the puzzle of life is a long way from solving the universal wars, but it could be a personal start for some…



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