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BP Again & Again & Again


By Jim Kirwan


What has been done to the world now has been captured for the moment

by what continues to happen in Fukushima. But the massive death and

destruction of the life that we allowed BP to do to the Gulf-of-Mexico and

to the oceans of the world in 2006 has been forgotten...”

k - Not to mention the contamination of the Gulf Stream which took the

pollution all the way to Europe and beyond.

Deepwater Horizon's Legacy

Yesterday this report resurfaced to explain how BP profited again from their

initial destruction of the Gulf-of Mexico, and the Gulf-Stream

US PIRG: Majority of BP’s Deepwater Horizon Settlement Tax-Deductible


That took me all the way back to how long ago this all started for the now totally dead United States. Kennedy was murdered in November of 1963. By the time of the Democratic political convention in 1968 the Police-State was in full roar on the streets of Chicago: Where reporters were beaten bloody by thug-cops that were sent in by 'Daley' the criminal-mayor of Chicago, That happened on the streets and inside the convention, center and it was all televised to a stunned nation. That was the end of Free Speech throughout America, because political censorship had finally trumped the US Constitution, in practice and virtually no one publicly complained.

But what Americans have totally forgotten about are all those other political people that were also slaughtered to insure that Americans would never question anything about their leadership-ever again. This was all done by killing Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and a raft of other political leaders from all points of the political compass. Right up to and including John F. Kennedy Jr. just to remind everyone that the bad-ass Old World-Cons, that now work for the New World Order, cannot be challenged in this world any longer... Unless of course we all grow some testicles and crush them one by one wherever they stand at any given moment.

Meanwhile, the population has graduated from “The Lone-Wolf Syndrome” to the much more viable False-Flag-Series of Events, as that seems to work much better for massive terror-events, than the fake Lone-wolf gunmen, that were all the rage from Kennedy all the way to the full court press unleashed with the Color-Revolutions throughout the Middle East.

From 1966 until now I've been trying to convince the planet of the crimes that brought us from where we were in 1964 all the way to 2015. But as yet there have not been any serious efforts to challenge the Outlaws, on any front, from filthy politicians to criminal cops ­ the game is rigged and has been for almost fifty years already.

I remember when Standard Oil was broken up, and when Ma Bell was shut down. In all cases when the too-big to fail were broken up, they produced multiple copies of their old selves, and all of the newer versions always ended up being larger than the original. If there was any Justice, then BP should have been charged with their crimes and their corporate charter should have been liquidated, for trying to kill the planet. Every person with shares in BP should have been arrested and then the world could have gone after the banks and all the other outlaws, but of course nothing even remotely like that has ever happened.

Instead what we have is the continuing stalemate everywhere ­ except when it comes to Russia inside Syria. Today Britain has decided to bomb Syria, regardless of the fact that it's TOTALLY ILLEGAL, without an invitation, And so it goes... Nothing will change until more nations join with Russia to smash this U.S. Israeli war machine: Until there's nothing left of either one of them...

Oklahoma Politics

For those who might be wondering ­ it's been 48 years since the death of JFK and the introduction by LBJ of the censorship image (above) which brought us the War on Poverty, The Great Society, and the Model Cities program which everyone can see now in Detroit. Along the way we've also had Nixon's War on Drugs and Reagan's War on Immigration combined with his introduction of Death Squads, that have morphed into private mercenary armies that now litter the world with criminality unending. Then there are the over 50 million illegal animals and most of the criminals from Mexican jails that have now arrived here, where they cannot be returned, but where they are instead totally supported and protected by the criminally oriented Democratic party that has officially declared that it is now their job' to wipe America off face of all the maps of the world'

U.S. Left Joins Angela Merkel

Bearing in mind the size of the width of the tracks, It begins to look like

It's becoming a very lonely road ahead for




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