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Boycott, Boycott, Boycott!

By Jim Kirwan

One size never fits all situations. Boycotts without Sanctions and criminal charges are never as effective, but we have to start somewhere if global-chaos is to be averted. ‘Sanity’ amid this continuing bloodbath begins to look a lot like this lone protestor trying to throw back a single smoke bomb in the continuing riots in Ferguson Missouri.

Yesterday George Galloway decided to make a stand for Boycotting Israel—internationally.

…“This is a great demonstration today, I thought I was going to have to miss it because the BBC and Skype, told me and told my family and everyone else in the country that I was going to be arrested! …I might even face imprisonment for the crime of calling for an absolute boycott on Israel ­ everything to do with Israel and these crimes against the Palestinian people.

I’ll tell you that I haven’t been ‘arrested’. I haven’t been imprisoned. In fact the police haven’t even telephoned me. But let me tell them and the prosecuting authorities, beyond them: And the government law ministers, beyond them.

Nothing will make me happier than to meet you in court and to put Israel on trial ~ of course I don’t have the power to ban anybody for anything. …What I want to say is this: ‘ninety-five percent, 95%, of Israeli’s supported this war in Gaza and just four percent of them opposed it.

So we say this, every single one of the four percent is welcome to Bradford: The ninety-five percent are not welcome in Bradford!

Every speaker has the force of the truth and many of the speakers even talked ‘nothing but the truth’. But none of the speakers yet spoke the whole truth. And here’s the whole truth:

The entire state of Israel is a completely illegitimate enterprise that is founded on somebody else’s land. …So it’s simple: So far as what they call ‘Israel’ is concerned ­ no recognition, no normalization just boycotts, boycotts, boycotts!”

Israel is completely illegitimate ­ 3min VIDEO

The same thing could be said about the United States and its claims against the peoples of the world which USI is trying to shove down the throats of all the people in Ferguson and every other place in the world where ordinary people are being assaulted, tasered, beaten and murdered in the name of the police-state-violence which is the primary cause of all the unrest, the crimes committed, as well as all the vast destruction that is being done to every community that seeks to live in a society where the rights of all the people are being violated.

This is part of what has just been contracted to “police” the public in Amerrika—while at the same time none of the so-called forces who represent the state are willing to confront the public without their guns, which we paid for, to end the violence and to come to negotiated settlements which will result in criminal charges against the gangs of government thugs and the fake-police across this country.

Incidently, Americans paid millions to train every one of the goons who are now renting their services to the forces of evil that want us all dead.

At the very least the forces which hired them to kill the public ought to repay the public, in cash, for the money we spent to create these disgusting cowards in the first place…

If this continues the public will end up blowing these cretin’s away when they finally get to have the street fight they’ve been hungering for; since Israel planted the idea and trained our police agencies in all the ways there are to murder the public in broad daylight and get away with it!

And for this as well, Israel must be Boycotted, Censored, Sanctioned and kicked out of the human race ­ permanently!

What kind of a civilized society does this to its children?


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