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Boycott The Radioactive
2020 Olympics Of Death

By Yoichi Shimatsu

It does not take 20/20 vision to realize that the corrupt Japanese government has bribed the International Olympic Committee  to make the suicidal decision to send young athletes into the radioactive fallout from Fukushima. The decision in Buenos Aires to award Tokyo as host city of the 2020 Games did not arise from a lack of choices between Istanbul and Madrid, but was a knowing decision that is incomprehensible except for the factor of bribery. To risk the lives of young people and their supporters is more than an ethical lapse, it is a crime of manslaughter to the cruelest degree.
The bidding for the Games were rigged from the start by a quintet of disreputable character and dubious association, including former capital governor Shintaro Ishihara, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Education Minister Hakubun Shimomura and Japan Olympic Chairman Tsunekazu Takeda, scion and successor to a heinous war criminal. Their industrial partner, is Fujio Cho, honorary chairman of Toyota Motor Company and chief of the Japan Sports Association
During their promotion campaign for the Games of Death, these five Japanese officials spun outright lies claiming that there are zero leaks of radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear plant.
In a letter to delegates from national committees, JOC chief Takeda falsely claimed: “The radiation level in Tokyo is the same as London, New York and Paris, like the major cities in the world. It’s absolutely safe.” Excuse me, Your Excellency, the SPEEDI radiation monitoring system shows the Oku-Tama watershed, which is Tokyo’s drinking water source, is massively contaminated.
At this grandstand speech in the Argentine capital, Abe boldly stated a big lie: "Let me assure you the situation is under control. It has never done and will never do any damage to Tokyo." Sir, with your permission, may we point out that Japan’s government had to revise its own radiation safety limit for food because nearly all foodstuffs produced in Japan are contaminated? Can it also be added that the every effort of the Japanese government to contain the radiation leaks over the past 30 months has failed?
There is only one possible explanation for the unthinking support for Tokyo of the IOC majority and that is bribery, as was proven in earlier Olympic bids of Sydney and Salt Lake City. The total sum spent on wining and dining by the related Japanese organizations, or of briefcases passed under the table, has never been disclosed to the media or the public. It is well-known in Japan that secret slush funds are routinely used for winning such big-ticket events. Japan is again corrupting the international community with its usual checkbook diplomacy. In exchange, Olympic Committee delegates agreed to ignore the uncontrollable releases of radiation into the the Pacific Ocean, the jet stream and the clouds that drift over Tokyo.
If the decision to hold Games in Tokyo is not reversed, then the world will watch their finest young athletes marching into the ovens of Fukushima. If that is unacceptable to parents and coaches, then there is no alternative except to boycott the 2020 Games of Death, and that morality-based action should include refusing to purchases the products or services of every corporate sponsor, starting with Toyota Motors.
Upper Crust Criminals
This gang of five has nothing to do with sports prowess. None is an athlete like distance champion Sebastian Coe, who headed the London games. Japanese sports are controlled by a marriage of convenience between the aristocracy, big business and the underworld. The same alliance that operates the nation’s horse races, and its attendant gambling, is built on the same social contract between privilege and crime, and we are speaking here of war crimes.
Aristocracy in Japan was discredited in the aftermath of World War II by their vainglorious pursuit of military rank and utter disregard for victims. As a descendant of undiluted lineage from the powerful fief lord who founded the Imperial Navy, I have been repeatedly invited to a gathering of the “no-title” club, a social set that craves privilege, disdains democracy and is rife with gossip about incestuous affairs.
Finally conceding to attend a soiree at a posh bar, I was met by high-born ladies who swooned over rumors of my occasional horse-riding, but they froze when learning that my pastime was inspired by Hollywood’s singing cowboys like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry rather than by ancestors charging on steeds to lop off the heads of enemies. Blood thirst, on a level of a vampire coven, is the key to understanding the aristocratic mind. Cowboys are as low as one can go in terms of wages, rank and working conditions but they do have an element of freedom, and that is the vast difference between the riding myths in America and Japan.
I declined any further plunge into these foul depths after discovering the drinks bill was picked up by the Unification Church, popularly known as the Moonies. The upper echelon of those die-hard messianic fanatics believe themselves to be a global master race of horse riders destined to rule over, that is, ride roughshod, over the peasantr. If these fantasies were not so dangerous in the real world, this babble would be just wishful thinking from incompetent fools.
Shadow of the Dark Ages
The European nobility, too, is tainted by their adulation of the Dark Ages and tales of knighthood. The Moonies certainly have their clutches on these brain-addled morally bankrupt socialites of the West. The Unification Church is a major supporter of equestrian sports in the Olympics, a long outdated custom even as Cervantes ridicule these feudal ideals in “Don Quixote” in the 17th century. North and South Americans have the good sense not to demand rodeos or gaucho contests in the global games.
The modern Olympics are dominated openly and secretly by the fraternity of noblemen, who provide camouflage for their financiers from organized crime and the arms industry. The three dark forces, who exalt the physical over the intellect and morality, are bound by a common passion for weaponry, that is, for slaughter and carnage. Since most are puny of body, having never put in a hard day’s work, these natural-born conquerors require accessories like war steeds or helicopter gunships, as in the case of Prince Harry. In real man-to-man combat, these spoiled rascals have no chance against a lumberjack or poor-boy boxer from the other side of town.
Contamination and Filth
A quick look at each of these Olympic fixers and Fukushima deniers is order, beginning with former Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara. Long before the wheeling and dealing in Buenos Aires, Tokyo’s bid was tarnished by media allegations that Shintaro Ishihara has siphoned off Olympic-bid donations to finance his boat trips to the disputed Senkaku-Diaoyu islands for planned construction of helipads and a dock for warships. His deep pockets, filled by notorious elements in the Ginza nightlife district (who also provide the manpower for his foreign-policy adventurism) has meant immunity from Tokyo prosecutors, police and fellow politicians. Donations for Olympic, in short, were used by the far right to foment yet another war of aggression by Japan against China.
Second in line is Shinzo Abe, the prime minister who aims to rearm Japan with conventional weapons and nuclear warheads for coming global conflicts and is now itching to get Japanese soldiers into the Syrian intervention. Closely associated with the Unification Church and the Aum Shinrikyo arms-trafficking sect, Abe is the grandson of former Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi, who held the finance portfolio for the wartime puppet state of Manchukuo. Kishi financed the creation of Japan’s atomic bomb at Konan (Hungnam) island, in colonial Korea, leaving a legacy to his grandson, who is an avid proponent of Japan’s nuclear program.
Third on the list is Hakubun Shimomura, a political retainer of Abe who heads Japan’s education authority. His message to girls and women in school and on sports squads is succinct: "It is true that there were (wartime) comfort women. I believe some parents may have sold their daughters. But it does not mean the Japanese army was involved.” Ever wonder what someone like Li Na or Serena Williams has to say about that?
Fourth comes Fujio Cho of Toyota Motors, whose many titles include Knight of the British Empire, France’s Legion d’Honneur and Japan’s Order of the Rising Sun.
(“Honorary” best describes a man with no real job who manages to rise mysteriously up the ranks of industry, which has the burden of supporting the messy leftovers of hazy upper-crust trysts. To understand this sub-class of parasites, one needs to realize that Tokyo is a city of mistresses, and up to a dozen years ago fashionable Omotesando was the place to park a well-dressed kept woman.)
Last and not least, there is Tsunekaza Takeda, chairman of the Japan Olympic Committee. Among the world’s most hide-bound political systems, Japan is capable of transforming its national Olympic Committee into a dynastic fiefdom of a militarist branch of the Imperial Family ­ undoubtedly, to the discomfort of its current benign and peace-minded Emperor. Although now a member of the “non-titled” aristocracy, Tsunekazu Takeda inherited the Japan Olympic Committee chairmanship from his father, who was a member of a secondary branch of the Royals and a wartime military officer.
During the Sino-Japanese War, his father Prince Takeda supervised the Army’s infamous biowarfare group, Unit 731 when bubonic plague was spread by warplanes over Chinese cities and prisoners were subjected to nerve gas experiments. The “sporting prince” road in the equestrian events at the Berlin Olympics and was a lifelong enthusiast of horse-racing, which in Japan is dominated by gambling syndicates. Biowarfare against entire cities and the Olympics, how can anyone bridge that moral gap?
Handmaiden to Fascism
The Games are supposed to be based on individual merit, regardless of the contestant’s origin. It is breathtaking to see a girl or boy appearing out of nowhere and against all odds to win a medal. That represents the very spirit of the modern and ancient games: that one is judged on what he or she achieves, not on where one might be from. If sports are going to be fair, there can be no entitlements or privileges. The starting line is the same for all comers.
The Olympic movement is in reality corrupted, being as much an adjunct of aristocracy as aristocrats are to fascism. Games that by their high cost require conditions of social privilege, like equestrian events, should be eliminated from the roster. Other than the ancient martial sports from a barbaric era, contests that exalt the arms industry such as marksmanship should also be nixed. As the last sporting arena that claims to have some remaining barriers to commercialism, the Olympics needs to restore the sanctity of physical endeavor, if not as a sacrifice to the Hellenic pantheon then to the highest ideals of a global civilization.
Inviting the athletes of the future, their families and spectators to a radiation-drenched territory, where a corrupt government has failed miserably to contain an ongoing disaster, is a criminal action tantamount to manslaughter and even premeditated murder. The Olympic Committee has betrayed the public trust, and should be completely purged and reorganized or the Games terminated.
Meanwhile, the only recourse for athletes, parents, friends and supporters is to boycott the radioactive 2020 Olympics of Death and its corporate sponsors.
Yoichi Shimatsu, a science writer based in Hong Kong, is former editor of the Japan Times Weekly in Tokyo.



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