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Bohemian Grove 2013 - Evil Below,
Heavy Chemtrails Above

From Deborah Tavares


Sonoma County - Northern California 7-22-13  From


Note From Deborah Tavares...

 The weather forecast is for thunder storms 7/22/13 . . . We can SEE the storm in the making, right now . . . thunder and lightening, WHY?  To cause fires that will continue to burn up neighborhoods (Wildlands Project) used for massive land grabs. . and further collapse of local economies with extreme disaster and recovery costs.  We'll see if we have any fires within the next few days . . .   And of course, the con is "climate change" and threatened events caused by climate change. . Right now in the State of California insurance companies are evaluating insurance premiums and likely will increase premiums due to rising sea levels and other related climate change activities . .  We are witnessing a FRAUD and HOAX being played out upon unsuspecting non-observes as the bankers and the military industrial complex cause mass pollution and weather manipulations . . to maximize profit, create chaos, steal private property, reduce the food supply and economically collapse cities, counties and AMERICA . . and use weaponized weather events for plausible deniability.

Bohemian Grove 2013 - Sign - Posted at the Main Entry


 Signage posted just left (within 10 feet) of the Bohemian Grove Main Entry . . .

 Bohemian Grove - 2013 - Main Entry . .






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