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Blood Moon Rising


By Jim Kirwan



Despite exorbitant executive salaries, record earnings on Wall Street and a surging dollar, an increasing number of forecasters are warning the feel-good data is severely skewered - a bit like a new coat of paint that used-car dealerships use to conceal the fact that a car's engine is shot. Indeed, many experts are giving the rickety US-made jalopy just months before the big collapse begins.

Gerald Celente, the founder of Trends Research, who predicted the “panic of 2008,” says the economic earthquake will send reverberations around the world.

“You’re going to see a global stock market crash,” Celente told King World News. “There’s going to be panic on the streets from Wall Street to Shanghai, to the UK down to Brazil.”

“You’re going to see one market after another begin to collapse.”

Bad Moon rising: Americans bracing for September shocker

The public in America has become addicted to being permanent observers from inside the global stadium, of the continuing global collapse that’s been brewing since we entered the New Millennium.

It’s been fifteen years since the global nightmare began and all that Amerikans have managed to do is to learn how to videotape their captors, yet they have still not figured out how to do anything about the behavior of fascist police that continue to kill, torture and rape civilians at a phenomenal rate—that has not produced either arrests or punishment for those murders, false-imprisonment without charges, or any of the other major crimes they routinely commit against the public.

The proof of the extent to which this obscenity has grown comes in the fact that none of the criminals running for office have even mentioned the fact that we no longer have any laws that protect the public from the maniacal and out-of-control thugs who believe that they are at war with the public they’re supposed to be protecting…

On top of all this are the facts that the public refuses to interfere with their bare hands to stop any of these practices, never mind with the weapons needed to counter the armed police that present the very real danger of death to anyone they decide to assault, attack or imprison ­ “just because they can.”

Americans have a right to defend themselves from potential dangers. And half a dozen armed thugs with rage in their eyes, amounts to a real threat to any life they decide to threaten—yet it is supposedly illegal to use personal weapons to defend yourself from these armed criminals, because they’re impersonating real police. They wear the uniform, but they just can’t wait to inflict real pain and possibly death whenever they are called to “investigate” anything.

What most Americans fail to realize is that the police do not have to protect us, in fact they will be the first to tell you: “That’s not my job!” But what the police fail to honor is that it is our job to keep ourselves alive ­ and if that means using weapons to force the cops to back down then that should be legal, because you are not obligated to allow the police to even put their hands on you, unless you’ve been arrested for some specific reason.

One other fact has been made clear in communities where people are allowed to carry their weapon openly, in public: In those instances the cops suddenly develop an entirely different attitude, when they find that the people they want to brutalize are armed with the same weapons as they want to use against those innocent civilians.

The time is coming with the rising of that coming collapse, when these fake police dressed in “Jump Boots”, as if they are combat-paratroopers in a war zone when they confront someone like this man who was wearing a prosthetic leg and who was on crutches before they threw him to the ground. If this keeps up then people need to go to where these barbarians live and make them the subject of their wrath, until this behavior stops.

What the hell did the fake-mayor of San Francisco have to say about this or any of the oh-so-politically-correct members of the LGBTQ oriented Board of Supervisors, that oversee this corporately owned city that used to be a world-class place? Now it’s just another rainbow flag pretending to be American, but it’s become nothing but a showcase for everything that’s WRONG with America today.

14 San Francisco cops gang up on homeless man ‘armed’ with crutches (VIDEO)

I’m an old man, about to be 76, but if anything like that were to ‘happen to me then whoever is involved will definitely loose some parts of themselves, for putting their hands on me. So far that has not happened to me, but it happens to hundreds of thousands in this country every year and that has to change.


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